Ed Sheeran Slept on Jamie Foxx’s Couch for SIX WEEKS! | The Graham Norton Show

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DearMakeUpDiary : Jamie's stories = the best! I always crack up with him... he's hilarious!

Sonny Etchell : "Lets see what the kid has" hahaha

Arun Raj T : ed on his couch , kanye in his crib..just Jamie foxx things.

Greta M. : Plot twist: It was Rupert Grint.

ashley sterling : Jamie Foxx, another excellent storyteller

Ada banana. : i wanna attend one of those blackity black parties... seems lit

honest inmotion : "He pops Out, Red Hair and a Ukulele" 😂😂😂

Maxblind20 : Jamie Foxx may well be the greatest storyteller of all time.

TheMovieMyLife : Which younger male artist does Jamie Foxx not have a great story about? Kanye West, Ed Sheeran, who else, I wonder? :-)

Darth Skygamer : So if I meet Jamie Foxx, I will become famous?

DreamAngel123 PFW : Nobody, absolutely nobody tells a story like Jamie Foxx . He draws you in and you are never disappointed.

David Hennebach : "Black black blackety black." xD

gundam116 : You think Jamie fox would be rich enough to have a guest room with a bed

Hi : "... and a ukulele" LooooOooool

Royanne Ramos : "Blackity black"

Mmala Mokone : Tell us about how Elvis Presley made you a peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich uncle Jamie. You seem to have a story about everybody.

Elena Saccon : There's no crowd Ed Sheeran couldn't entertain

Clara S. : Ed Sheeran has literally been crashing celebrity couches and homes for years. first Jamie, then Courteney Cox. He is a true genius

GREEN SPARK : If I gave Dame Judi Dench a high-5, I could die happy.

Naila Kareem : Wow tough crowd. Took him 12 minutes to get a standing ovation.

ramayaruk : Ed sheeran has one of the biggest black co-signs I've ever seen, ESP when u consider that he's a floppy haired British pop singer. That said, game respect game and ed genuinely seems like a really nice and humble dude so maybe it's that surprising afterall

Tony Montana : no one can tell a story like jamie my man foxx

Hassan Whiteside Headband : When you see this video on trending just know that I was the first dislike because I'm heartless

Ada banana. : BLACKITY BLACK

Juels Garcia : Loved that Jamie didn't care what he looked like, he saw talent and so did that room.

George : Jamie foxx and ed Sheeran should do a song together

dafttool : Didn't Ed Sheeran also sleep on Carrie Fisher's couch?

Ahsan Soumik : 0:36 Graham just checking if Jamie Foxx still has that Ed Sheeran one in him. hehe

GoodEvening Sir : I wish there was a video of that Ed Sheeran live show

Тук Сега : Yeah, Jamie, my man, gotta give 'em white folks a chance, man. God bless.

Fresh Mann : champion the artist. You have to love this guys spirit and Samaritan heart. Thanks for helping us discover Ed Sheeran one of my favorite artist period. Yes,im black from the streets.

Fake : Foxx is such a great guy

Raj : Jamie's got the best stories.

danhenricus : Not a ukulele, but a small guitar.. clear difference.

eugimon : my favorite jamie foxx is whenever hes on this show. funny and charming as hell.

Stuntman Dan : now thats a story

ayewassupman : Yall need to listen to that song Indigo Misfit - Blessed Up !

Harris Lidrapranoto : Red is the new black

Blak : ANOTHER thing to thank Jamie for. Such an amazing performer, and he's doing great things behind the scenes too! :D <3

Cokey x13 : 2:27, sounds exactly like Carlton Banks

Gershwin Alessandro Farao : Jamie Foxx has the best industry stories..and that's the God honest truth

Fapnormous : Jamie Foxx, I want to know whose couch you were on before you got famous!

enggaksalah wrong'nt : it's like 8 mile movie but not rap battling

Myriam Michael : Lmao he called a little Martin a ukulele 😂

miggs80 : Had a white man told that same story people would be complaining that his friends were racist for talking like that.

Caffeinated Nation : Really wish I could have seen that scene go down with Sheeran taking command of that room. #Legendary

Wolf : *And Brits think Americans are sub human* smh 😑

Hero57 : Blackedy black..!! What's that? lmao

_2392ahah : When is Jamie going to sleep with me? That's the real question 😏👅

Jason H : Ed's Trap Queen cover with The Roots is worth a watch.