Ed Sheeran Slept on Jamie Foxx’s Couch for SIX WEEKS! | The Graham Norton Show

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DearMakeUpDiary : Jamie's stories = the best! I always crack up with him... he's hilarious!

Sonny Etchell : "Lets see what the kid has" hahaha

ashley sterling : Jamie Foxx, another excellent storyteller

Ada banana. : i wanna attend one of those blackity black parties... seems lit

honest inmotion : "He pops Out, Red Hair and a Ukulele" 😂😂😂

DreamAngel123 PFW : Nobody, absolutely nobody tells a story like Jamie Foxx . He draws you in and you are never disappointed.

GREEN SPARK : If I gave Dame Judi Dench a high-5, I could die happy.

Arun Raj T : ed on his couch , kanye in his crib..just Jamie foxx things.

Hi : "... and a ukulele" LooooOooool

Mmala Mokone : Tell us about how Elvis Presley made you a peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich uncle Jamie. You seem to have a story about everybody.

David Hennebach : "Black black blackety black." xD

Royanne Ramos : "Blackity black"

Elena Saccon : There's no crowd Ed Sheeran couldn't entertain

Clara S. : Ed Sheeran has literally been crashing celebrity couches and homes for years. first Jamie, then Courteney Cox. He is a true genius

Naila Kareem : Wow tough crowd. Took him 12 minutes to get a standing ovation.

Ahsan Soumik : 0:36 Graham just checking if Jamie Foxx still has that Ed Sheeran one in him. hehe

dafttool : Didn't Ed Sheeran also sleep on Carrie Fisher's couch?

Maxblind20 : Jamie Foxx may well be the greatest storyteller of all time.

Тук Сега : Yeah, Jamie, my man, gotta give 'em white folks a chance, man. God bless.

Ada banana. : BLACKITY BLACK

Fake : Foxx is such a great guy

George : Jamie foxx and ed Sheeran should do a song together

Myriam Michael : Lmao he called a little Martin a ukulele 😂

Tony Montana : no one can tell a story like jamie my man foxx

Lovely Genise : jamie is so funny!

Stuntman Dan : now thats a story

danhenricus : Not a ukulele, but a small guitar.. clear difference.

eugimon : my favorite jamie foxx is whenever hes on this show. funny and charming as hell.

Ahmad Shazeb Azhar : Oh dear Jamie, you remind me of X-pac. He was there too, everywhere.

Harris Lidrapranoto : Red is the new black

Sam7861 : “Black black blackadie black black”

miggs80 : Had a white man told that same story people would be complaining that his friends were racist for talking like that.

TheFuck? : He said black so many times that the word has lost its meaning to me.

Hero57 : Blackedy black..!! What's that? lmao

GoodEvening Sir : I wish there was a video of that Ed Sheeran live show

Gershwin Alessandro Farao : Jamie Foxx has the best industry stories..and that's the God honest truth

Jason H : Ed's Trap Queen cover with The Roots is worth a watch.

Aymen Hussain : Judi's gasp at 0:51 was so cute

ramayaruk : Ed sheeran has one of the biggest black co-signs I've ever seen, ESP when u consider that he's a floppy haired British pop singer. That said, game respect game and ed genuinely seems like a really nice and humble dude so maybe it's that surprising afterall

ORANG MIN : it's like 8 mile movie but not rap battling

Juels Garcia : Loved that Jamie didn't care what he looked like, he saw talent and so did that room.

Mirrors Edge Tutorials : 2:27, sounds exactly like Carlton Banks

rivercats58 : cause ed slays, awesome story though damn

KnowledgeGizmo : Blackity, black, black 😂

Ummk : So he made Ed Sheeran famous?

Jomanro : Everyone had to start somewhere and some got their start while being sponsored and/or mentored by superstars that saw them as the diamonds in the rough that they themselves were once upon a time. Great story even more awesome ending.

Phillip W. : Cool story. Jamie fox is aging very well. He looks very good for his age

Stbs Abs : I mean ok I like and listen to Ed Sheeran's music but after the great musicians that the human race has produced and still producing, standing ovation is bit of an exaggeration ?

Haris Nurfadhilah : I wish someone has a recording of that Ed Sheeran performance

Darren Ferguson : story telling is an art and Jamie is like Picasso