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This promotion video was shot in 1995 by Kurt Skoog. The old footage is taken from a film shot in the 1920:s, in Hoven Droven´s home town of Östersund! The song is taken from Hoven Drovens debut album "Hia Hia".


Christina D.A.D : Jens Comen! Say no moore! : )

茉鈴小石 : Andy Panda ov Cherryfield,  Maine  says "Howd'Y and Hi!"

Catula2 : ...I have not heard a trumpet solo that ANGRY since "Bad Dog No Biscuits" from Cowboy Bebop. :D

Pekka Isoluoma : musiken ska byggas utav köttet

Joel Blom : And we love rammstien

ANewLoud : Correction: it is not "volkenmetalmusik", it is folk music with elements of rock. Folkmetal is something else.

Joel Blom : You should listen to Finntroll. Finnish band that sings in swedish.

[DELETED] : You Sir. could not be more right.

Prunesqualer : Although there are undoubtedly rock and jazz influences here, I’m fine with calling it “Scandinavian folk music”. It’s bloody good, whatever we choose to label it.

[DELETED] : This isn't jazz. Its Scandinavian folk music.

Anders Hedde Hedlund : Grymt bra!!!

Prunesqualer : Jazz Lives. Cheers guys.

The Geat : Clarinet?

patrockfree : Jättebra, Sehr Gut, Amazing

rudolphrictor : This is fucking amazing.

Zingo33 : Hoven Droven är folkmusik, rock, jazz og heavy metal all in one.

Daniel Rinander : Jag älskar Köttpolskan á la Hoven Droven. Moderniserad gammaldags polska via heavy metal! XD

Folkisia : przebój, proszę Państwa!!! 5/5

Szach Matt : Ten numer wymiata ;]

STCCLover : Gryning-stereo på-Emmas underbara röst sköljer över mej.Garmarna är som Hoven Droven,mina favoriter.

STCCLover : Raggare-fast har alltid älskat det genuina. 5 tummar upp för mer sån här musik.

Mick Ohrberg : Man harregud vö de sväng! Edanne e rektu'n steinhårl påålsk de. Å så nordns ini sabeln.

Salmon Arm ROOTS&BLUES Festival : This is a really great video!! I Cant wait to see Hoven Droven live at the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival this Summer!

timpipe : Loov Daat Svedischen volkenmetalmusik!

OrbAshi : hoven droven is your friend !!!

glowwormgas : love,love

Cyro Puccioni : Hoven Droven makes my party soundtracks sisce 2001! They are AWESOME! Hoven Droven, come to Brazil!

Jan Söderqvist : Astungt! Norrland där skall jag leva där skall jag dö

Chaos218 : ahaha ni är så jävla hårda!

Ptole p : Hoven Droven is the best band ever! I gotta buy a CD with this song, i can't live without it =) Thanks for uploading this!

Akeyboy : HOVEN DROVEN RULZ MAAAN \m/ >o< \m/

gaston becerra : skol