What do you want? You want some money?

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hmm yes interesting. : all hail the crawfish

Knorkrax : This is how Mr. Krabs got his first penny.

Mad Soldier : holy shit next thing you know they're gonna hold knives like that and fight us

Bob Dole : You gotta let him go after that. Respect.

TheEpicNate315 : This is peak mankind

KoenBezeg : 🙏Papa Bless🙏

Berd : me

Angus Hugman : What happened in ur life to get u to the point of throwing money at a crawfish lol


Justin D : Mr. Krabs?

Donte and Friends : Imagine if he threw it back

Erl Lar : And people thought I was crazy when I said I had the reflexes of a crawfish!

kanye best dressed west : Did I discover tomorrow's meme today?

julio garcia : between this and the crab that did the "slit throat" gesture I think we should be worried about a crustacean uprising

Fraser Barnaby : I like how his first assumption is that the crayfish wants some money

Joro Gaming : Literally a penny pincher

Jon Emmick : this guys voice is incredible

Dewey76207 : this is what youtube is for

MainSoul : As a bio major in uni that interacts with crayfish every now and then this makes me laugh a hell of a lot harder than it should.

Tindiil : Yeah. This is going viral. Tomorrow people will be doing the "crayfish penny challenge".

Thou's Archives : See you at viral city, koen

Otto von Chesterfield, Esquire : Money isn't all he wants, he's comin for you next.

One Pixel at a Time : Nothing else in life is going to top this.

TropicalDream : mmmm money money money money money money mmmmm money money money money

Blake Pullin : Start uploading bruh, you're about to be on Ellen with that crawbabby

Kevin C. : MR KRABS

Okay : 1 second processes before he reliese he caught the coin.

john spartan117 : thug life

Kawaii Taki : My reflex is officially slower than a crawfish

m ümlaut : take it! *takes it*

DJ Rees : Inb4 this becomes viral

ScathanTheApprover : Captain Disillusion. You are requested here...because this is so amazing that it seems too amazing to be real!

Lacombe57 : They have a reputation. You can't take your wallet out anywhere near them.

Johnathan Jones : Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?

Korborr : this crawfish is incredible

axi0n : *laughs in Mr. Krabs*

Psycho Killah : when u fail to catch a ball just remember that this crawfish caught a damn penny .

Jeffrey C : r/unexpectedthuglife

Burritocat : This is possibly the coolest thing ive ever seen in my life

Assman Blastman : A rare Jewish crayfish. Oy vey.

Psycho Killah : next thing you know that creature makes a debut album and becomes famous .just like most people who got famous cause of a video.

Pollution X : You're Louie CK

epic communist : When Mr. Krabs gets back his first dime

Joshua Miller : This is what YouTube is for

Luke Youtuber : is this a crawfish? dam

George Shibley : Oh SNAP

Doug Daniels : This calls for CaptainDisillusion...!!!

Retr.0 : My name is Connor im the android sent by cyberlife

Lupus Lumber : *aRe yOu FeEliNg iT nOw MiStEr KrAbs*

Psi Low : This is great an' all, but it begs the question: why are you throwing coinage at shellfish?