Rise Against - Hero of War (In a bunker in Afghanistan)

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Anti-HyperLink : I'm Canadian, but your work has probably helped me out too, so thank you. I hate war, not soldiers. I respect, but pity you guys. Thank you for fighting so the rest of us don't have to. You're what I write about in my books. You're what I want to be. You're who I emulate in my characters (except more fantasy like because it's a fantasy novel). It's heartbreaking that war takes those believed to be the most fit and if it doesn't kill them, it injures them physically, mentally, emotionally, all of that. War is a cure for wellness. Which is a movie I'm unfamiliar with. Again, you're wonderful for doing what you do so others don't. If only it stayed that way.

Drwuwho : Soldiers stationed and singing this song. I have no words, it's simple perfection.

Lunatic Fringe : I hope you boys all returned home safely. God bless.

Leon Weidinger : Hope they survived..

TG_Yoda PlayS : I've got tears in my eyes omf this is emotional af

Damir Radoncic : This version is so much better than the original since the singers don't have to emulate their feelings with respect to the words being sang. The second time the chorus is being sang, it should be sang in a sarcastic way but they sing it in a proud way - indicating that they identify with the song in a different way than was intended by the songwriter. When they came to the part about beating a man and pissing in his hands, some chose not to sing or did not sing it with the same conviction as they sang the previous part - hopefully indicating a comprehension of remorse. Again, this version is so much more beautiful and multi facetted than the original one, thank you. Greetings from a swedish pacifist.

Markie from the hills of Pennsylvania. : This is awesome. God bless these guys.

Chao Men : Come on Rise Against! these guys need at least a comment come see this!

Comfortably Numb : this needs more views

David Muñoz : you guys are the real hero of war. god bless you

MarkoJ : clips of this should be in the original music video, honestly

kyle muller : God Bless them, coming from a Marine who has never deployed to the Middle East. Hope they all came home.

Nicki Schneiders : They are so proud while they Sing this Song that's is so amazing

Louise Dumbo : It is much better as The Original, because i Feel The Emotionslose in this Video much better. This vid needs more views .god bless in you

bih park : This made me cry so much.

LEON HAN Taiwan : damn I cried for these, it's so sad

NizzleNotes : I wrote my novel to this song. This video here captures exactly what I wanted to portray with absolute perfection. Thank you all for everything you've done for us back home. I hope one day I have the opportunity to repay you.

Kevin batista : I've listened to this soo many times

Deotic Supreme : Cosas que te hacen pensar en el verdadero significado de la vida y saber si hemos tomado el rumbo correcto :'v

Radiant Rose : God bless you all 💓

Tyler Anderson : HEROS OF WAR! I ran the MWR, I ran the KP, We took our clothes, Then took a shower, Again and Again

HumBog : Best thing ever

Alexander Cornel : Wow, this song, sung by real soldiers gives me the goose bumps, I made a cover too, I think there should be more songs out there like this one!

Onkel Olli : I can’t stop watching this video, amazing

Hauke Saatz : i feel like they don't get they are a part of the problem this song is about

Baschan86 : i think most people here didn't understand >.>

Tyler Anderson : factoid: you are in the bunker by the LZ and never left the FOB

Agustín Encina : Te Best song

stuffbydonny : wow so beautiful! 1000 times better than the original! tears are rolling down my cheeks 🤲🏻

Dor Peretz : Good job guys ! Keep it up <3 Israel support you !!

Seung185 : R.I.P My heart... ;-( I'M NoT CRYiNG YOu ARE...!!! I'M JuST...SwEATiNG OUT OF mY EYeS...!!!

xd Crisp Boi : I’m crying.

Abdülsamed BİNİCİ : Askere bak amk nasil nargile tutturuyo 2 anason 2 elmali 1 nane rez

The WatchMan : I haven't cried like this since i was 10 years old oh god

Luffy Monkey D. : Verga, me llego él sentimiento 😥...


TheDrEamSpEcTral : I don't get all your comments. This video is clearly meant to be ironic. Have you listen to the song? It's against war and how there is not much to be proud of. Yet all these guys enlisted. I think y'all read too much into it.

Timon Brance : 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Devil_771 : amazing cover guys! I love it. ♥️ this showed a great team, friends, a honor for our country 🇺🇸♥️

Leonie 2005 : I cried

Mentario Allen : get your guitar in tune, rest is really nice :)

Linkin 69 : Hell yeah this is so awesome

Arayeb Masood : I’m also Canadian, thank you so much for your service, and great cover;

Jonathan Michael : ❤️

Eugênio Oliveira : Esses caras são os verdadeiros heróis de guerra! 👏

bih park : Imagine if they all died.

Aim : So good!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I LOVE IT!

Panchenko Michael : god bless this brave guys .From Russia

TG_Yoda PlayS : God bless

Silvaniland W : This is truly a sign of love and that u are all proud of what yall have done