Alone in the Universe (Jon Lajoie)

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Jose Aleman : I came here to listen to relaxing, inspirational music... I was not disappointed XD

Incredible Canemian : Truly inspirational. 69/10

:D hitthatchicken : coldplay meets MC vagina

Kane : Is he mimicking the Yellow (by Coldplay) music video? If so, that makes it so much funnier.

Nathan Tutor : This song really helped me through some tough times

Owen Lock : Never heard Masturbate sung so beautifully <3

Agronox DT : Okay so I hope I am not alone in this.. but it took me 2 minutes to realize he was walking in place..

Giorgi Sabashvili : "my genitals are JULIEEEEEEET my hands are rooomeooo" i died :D

lilbrothaizwatchingtoo : This song was very touching to myself.

Emily Crock : Anyone else quote this song in daily conversation?

OmegaMapDesign : I'm gonna play cuntry on the clitar... tonight.

Cat. : "Clittar" Ded...

babalabaloo100 : It's May of 2016 and I still love this song

Ricardo Santos Marques : Can't believe I never noticed this was mocking Coldplay's Yellow! My bad!

sydneycastelfan : Yeah, he just out-Coldplayed Coldplay

JAXCRAPTV : The clitar

TheNefelSaurus : isn't it the place where the chorus guy sang in wtf collective?

Vincent Trudel : Set the speed to 1.5 or 2 and it makes the song sound really happy

Omar Hassan : who is watching this in 2017

Adrián González : "I'm gonna hold my sausage hostage... tonight." I'm crying. XDDDDDDDDDDD

tomlxyz : Kinda looks/sounds like Yellow from Coldplay.

szpila92 : mfw someone acknowledges female masturbation My hero

theroboyouknow : I would argue that this is, lyrically, is one of his most genius works.

Carly317 : It's like an epic mix of "High and Dry" and "Yellow."

Pedro HFA : our genitals are Juliet our hands are romeo

andy walks : 😂it's sad how true this song is

Mando Warrior : 3:36 wait... hes not wearing a watch...

The Mind : with a five finger army i invade yo mamas pussssssaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!

Ryan Dwyer : jerking off in a theatre to marisa tomei is the life

maya aza : you are the best

Nikola Vukmanovic : 0:53 well that escalated quickly

Tyler Raabe : this video alone earned my subscription.

Phillip Siq : I often prefer girls that tickle the camel toe. hehe

mark hustwick : ps have a happy a practice on the clttar loves tonight x

Thomas Palade : we'd all be doing time if it was a crime :))

Sam Bennett : thought provoking stuff.

MrLife4sin : Taco handshake? ahaha

Thugger21 : Lol I thought this was going to be the first serious song this guy made until the chorus kicked in

ILIKE POOP : I'M EATING RIGHT NOW! you almost choked me because I laughed so hard XD

Родион Бабыкин : hello from 2017

whowantsabighug : This sounds like Coldplay.

Gaelan Kindall : LOL

HolisticMedicineMan : Lmao love it !!!!

cameron ImNotGivingMyLastNameToYou : what is this a parody of?

Baptiste Gastaldin : I love the way he goes back to come back runnin in slowmotion to the camera

Dial Up : come back pls

Kylie Hancock : @ Pleasant leach, its called a ventriloquist ;-)

Andrew G.K. : Where have you gone, Jon? I miss you.


Skesku : deep.