Eggplant In VRchat Talks About His Hopes

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Syrmor : As of this morning, Chovek is currently in the hospital for coughing the blood. He is doing ok though because he is the STRONGEST eggplant.

Drumsy : Legends say that if you are in trouble, scream his name and Chovek the eggplant will descend from his Bulgarian throne and lend you a firm, strong hand. 🍆 Praise Chovek 🍆

Justin Y. : That man isn't an eggplant. He is the fifth pillar man.

Lydian Melody : This is beautiful and heartbreaking. Chovek if you see this, you have thousands of strangers who are rooting for you. Get well. Take care of yourself. It’s hard but I promise, you are worth the fight. 💕

swaglord : This short film is split into a couple of different sections. The first section of this short film appears to be an objective analysis of the final stages of hypercapitalistic societies. The following section is more of a narrative progression of our subject describing their existential dread for the future of a dying state. There are a few pieces of subtext and imagery to take note of on the opening scenes. For example, there is a scene with corrupt police officers chasing down a young person for simply filming their presence. Corrupt police officers are a dime a dozen, but they are particularly prevalent in areas that follow hypercapitalistic tendencies and lack of proper democratic oversight. The audience is also provided with several scenes of slowly dying urban areas, overcast skies, and dark nights to ensure a gloomy atmosphere for the short film. The use such an allegedly based-in-reality realm such as Bulgaria also provides a setting to examine the externalities of capitalism, such as intense poverty and the following side-effects of such. We see troubling practices such as higher violence, and the commodification of women in the form of bridal markets (of which does not need further explanation). One particular instance of higher violence directly linked to capitalism is provided by our subject towards the beginning of this short film. Our purple creature describes how someone attempts to steal their yogurt and the necessity to inflict reciprocal punishment upon that person. The yogurt thief may have held a genuine need for yogurt, but so did our purple creature. This is a criticism of the scarcity fallacy purported by many proponents of capitalism. The main subject also provides the audience with other anecdotes of the inherently violent nature of the region. These anecdotes are often set to the scene of impoverished urban areas -- something that capitalism has incessantly birthed. Following these violent stories, our main subject discusses his desire to change and his sadness he holds for his dying homeland. This is not un-similar to the early mindsets of revolutionaries who bring their countries to greatness. We see the first few steps -- perhaps the electrical pulses being fired to the nerves in the legs -- of someone who is changing themselves for the better. We are often told that in order to change our environment we must first change ourselves. With a realm as gloomy as Bulgaria, I believe that the goodness of changing ones self for the better will inevitably lead to the betterment of their environment collectively. This is shared by a song crafted by Tool. From Tool's "10,000 Days" album, Vicarious shares a similar message about how people will inevitably better themselves by following in the footsteps of others. This is particularly highlighted in the chorus: "Cause I need to watch things die /From a distance / Vicariously, I live while the whole world dies / You all need it too - don't lie " The "things" that the narrator needs to see die are the ways of the past that are no longer working. We see that the narrator needs to watch these things die from a considerable distance -- presumably the distance is created by societal progress. This progress, the narrator of the song states, will result in the life of others regardless of how much they deny these changes. The curious fantasy realm of Bulgaria has always perplexed me since its flawed inception in the history books. However, it appears as if the concept of "Bulgaria" is dying, which I believe is also an analogy for the final stages of terminal capitalism. It seems as if Syrmor is slowly returning back to his political roots. I expect to see them provide more provocative short films in the future.

Sushi Wolf : "Why didn't you go to the police?" "It's Bulgaria"

garasu no hanazono : he protecc he attacc but most importantly he get his yogurt bacc

Heiko : Damn Syrmor, your portraits of these internet strangers are just incredible. Even after just these few minutes i really feel i got to know Chovek. How do you even get someone to open up to you like that with deeply personal thoughts? Most of your videos have such profound and heavy stuff in them but i still always end up with this warm and hopeful feeling and just compassion for the person. In a way your videos always remind me of "Humans Of New York" You really have talent and im rooting for you to go far with this :)

2pAlfonso : Interesting video, blending both VR Chat and RL footage. It makes it more real in a way. More connected to the person you're talking to.

Lela Kurayami : I love Chovek... he is so pure. He'll fight for his Yogurt He'll fight to stop vandalism He'll fight for his leg being stabbed. I hope he can get help for his alcoholism and that he can achieve his dream somehow. I wish him the best of luck and I'll pray for his success in life that he finds true happiness. -he's like an adult Jordan-

Cemil PCMR : I've realised I cannot talk to people irl, but also don't have VRchat to talk to people. After some time not communicating hurts your soul. Anyone who's reading this, please talk with your friends and enjoy the moments you spend with them. While you still can.

Freddie Clarke : Wholesome Edit: Watched video, depressing

Bird Bird : An eggplant is just a thanos pineapple

Caroline Garcia : i thought i would of never sexualized an eggplant but here I am.

TrendGaming : By the way "Chovek" in english means "person"

Inaccurate Prophecy : Body shaming? This man is BEAUTIFUL.

Strawmelon : I hope Chovek finds the life he wants

Caitlin Chan : STAY👏🏼 STRONG👏🏼 CHOVEK👏🏼

Bobbe : Water of death. That was kinda cute! It's actually "eau de vie" literally water of life

Georgi Penkov : Woah Syrmor I like you even more now. Thanks for showing a fellow Bulgarian. All the things he said are true. I am always so happy to see Bulgaria being shown in a good light since the others countries ignore the good things that happen and only show the bad ones. Bulgaria is a beautiful place you should visit it one day!

Oscar Armstrong : The stereotypes of Russia and Bulgaria are scarily true.

Patrick Roy : This is the quality content YouTube needs to recognize.

LordAdrius : As a German citizen I am very happy to announce that all bulgarian eggplants are welcome in Germany.

y o m m y : that's one tough eggplant

Bishop Karas : Chovek can come live with me. Does he like cats?

Darius Jordan : Chovek is one of the strongest people I know. It's only fitting that chovek means person, as chovek is the embodiment of human survivability. All hail chovek, the unkillable eggplant.

Stowy : nope, bulgaria doesn't exist man

MaximillianBot Number 420 : 4:32 Also living in Balkans it sinks right into my heart. Its not just Bulgaria but most of Balkans is collapsing under the repercussions of war and influence of other European nations so sad...

Menkka - A : I hope Chovek gets to leave bulgaria soon.

Sietse Kamp : i always like those shorts movies about people keep it up syrmor :)

Spainiac Gaming : That Man Loves His Yogurt

wyattmax og : hello random person going thru the comments

PedrosTacos // Wuts : Can i give chovek a lifetime supply of yogurt?

FluffyPoopPrincess : Hope you feel better Chovek! You are the strongest of vegetables, the healthiest of foods! Hope you find and catch all your dreams!

AbsolutMal : I didn’t realize that Bulgaria was this way.. I love you syrmor. Your videos are amazing.

Irrelevant YouTuber : Bro this is kinda finna sad luv u Chovek

Gab : 5 mins in and im tearing down aaa Do more videos with chovek please

SpiritLegion : Its wild seeing spoken Bulgarian on a channel I enjoy so much! It threw me off for a sec, but yeah, Person is right, Bulgaria is a depression breeding ground.

A Tad Ghostal : I love the way you capture these very human and for me, relatable, moments with people. It's what made me fall in love with your channel. A lot of times it's bittersweet to me, but as I've grown older I've found bittersweetness to be one of the best tastes in life. Keep it up and I hope you keep finding joy in making these videos.

PowerZox : I though that this was an humour video. Wasn't prepared for such a great documentary like that.

Kevin : really liking these vrchat stories

Spiele Gamer : Hi, I really like your videos and I wanted to tell you that I find it really cool that you make subtitles so that people who do not speak English well can understand that too. Furthermore, you also speak very clean and not so incomprehensible. I think you should have more subscribers. Keep up the good work with the videos.

lomhow1234 : You know I'm going to make the argument that Symor's videos are the most relatable videos on the internet, because these are real people with real ass problems. Thank you Symor

Sam G : I genuinely disagree with anyone who doesn't believe you make the best videos

Jameson Branam : You have a great channel. Not everyone is comfortable letting their feelings out to their friends and feel its easier to let it out to someone they met very recently, especially over the internet. Keep up the good work syrmor.

Cult of Beats : I love your content man. It's not as simple as a compilation of stream highlights or funny moments. You let the people you talk to tell their stories and we get to see into the lives of people we don't normally meet.

Erik Peanutbutter : please make a humans of VRChat an actual series, this is so good

jim : that eggplant picture makes perfect sense now

Xanadu : We need to stop these rampant yogurt thieves, I've been saying this.....

Jules Pomeroy : All I can really think about that story is that it looks freezing as shit in Bulgaria and that it was nice to learn a little more about you, Chovek.