Futurama Amazon - Death by snu snu

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Germán Muhlenberg : If you want to die by Snu Snu check out my free ebook "Seduction Simplified" on Amazon here: https://goo.gl/lZ7Lvc

Commie Doggo : It time snu snu

TJ Hooker : This is one of the funniest things ever in this show

People Evil : What are you gay? Ha ha ha

Tom DeVito : Can't we just cuddle?!

Edos512 : By the most beautiful women of amazonia, then the large women, then the petite women, then the large women again xD

Vospader21 : I remember watching this at 10 years old and having no clue what snu snu was.

Mc Skip : Lol we need rest the spirit is willing but the flesh is spongey and bruised

The Playinghand Show : Who else wants to die like this?

Salty Seeker : Better than being put into a lava pit as sacrifice . Lucky them.

TheFallofTheEleventh : Femputer: *‘Femputer sentences them....TO DEATH!’* Guys: *’GASPS’* Femputer: *’BY SNU SNU!’* Guys: *’YEAHHHH! WOOOOOO!’* 😂😂😂😂

fuckyou guugle : switch the genders and this gets creepy af

Ursidae : Best death sentence ever =P

_flashback_ : so rape? wonder if they would have aired it if the genders were reversed

Cold Flame : That doesn’t sound like a bad way to go

Venom : Amazonians are thicc

Luis Patino : The flesh is spongey and bruised... 😂😂😂

SuperGomez59 : Steve Trevor was cheated from this method of death.

Bry L : When you bang a crossfit chick.

Tony Hodgin : Did you see the women get back in line

mrsora16 : Lol kip got it the worst he has to go through all three of the groups plus the big women again

DeadlyBrianX : Lost it after "A little tighter.."

IcedEarthaholic : This episode always makes me bust a gut. Thank you Futurama for adding this euphemism to our lexicon.

Charliecomet82 : "But I'd always really hoped!"

Autumn Hart : Fry: Can't we just cuddle😂😂😂

L K : "What they for?" Innovating: Philosophy, art, scientific advancement, architecture, civilization, *the vibrator....* ...no biggie 😂😂😂 haha

hazim hazavi : Then the Large Women,Then the Petite Women...Then the Large Women again!

Clarissa Morgenstern : *The most attractive guy got it the worst. He got more snu snu then anyone*

Inflameddrip 180 : They died by crushed pelvises

Bolt : when i see this i think this is raping.

DW4Ever91 : Bea Arthur in Her Last Role. What a Great Way to Go Out!

nicole baby : Bea Arthur?!

Rain Hunter : I never thought I'd die this way but I always really hoped

Ashley Smith : DEATH!!!! BY SNU SNU!!!!!!

Tony Hodgin : I made my dad and step-Mom watch this the other day. All my father could do is roll his eyes, my step-Mom thought it was funny

popcorn kidd the first ✔️verified ™️ : 1:31 fry voice cracked saying ooh

A Ionescu : Can't we just cuddle what men say to save there lives

Mucusmayhem 111 : Death by Snu Snu, doesn't sound to harsh a death. Cannabilistic Snu Snu, eaten whilst being Snu Snued. Dignified death.

Jack Bizzell : Funniest part was when Fry goes "noooooo" and Zap groans.

DJ DOC DRAGON : Is this a good way to go?

MrRolyat98 : I knew I recognized Femputer’s voice. Dorothy Zbornak from Golden Girls!

Peter David Documentaries : If I'm gonna go, THAT'S the way I want to go

Tom Thedutchguy : femputer stays one of Bea Arthur's greatest roles

Jericho2000 : Lmao when Fry and Braff high five at 0:36

i couldnt think of a username : I want to die by snu snu

rising raisings : Feminist heaven

Bobobo Bobobobo : Can't we just cuddle? The spirit is willing? Lololol

GreyHound 340 : poor Kif😂

Stephan Zievinger : Good goodness

Operator BG : It time Snu Snu