Futurama Amazon - Death by snu snu

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Edos512 : By the most beautiful women of amazonia, then the large women, then the petite women, then the large women again xD

Commie Doggo : It time snu snu

TJ Hooker : This is one of the funniest things ever in this show

Tom DeVito : Can't we just cuddle?!

TheFallofTheEleventh : Femputer: *‘Femputer sentences them....TO DEATH!’* Guys: *’GASPS’* Femputer: *’BY SNU SNU!’* Guys: *’YEAHHHH! WOOOOOO!’* 😂😂😂😂

Vospader21 : I remember watching this at 10 years old and having no clue what snu snu was.

Mc Skip : Lol we need rest the spirit is willing but the flesh is spongey and bruised

Markez Singltary : Better than being put into a lava pit as sacrifice . Lucky them.

The Playinghand Show : Who else wants to die like this?

_flashback_ : so rape? wonder if they would have aired it if the genders were reversed

fuckyou guugle : switch the genders and this gets creepy af

Ursidae : Best death sentence ever =P

Luis Patino : The flesh is spongey and bruised... 😂😂😂

Cold Flame : That doesn’t sound like a bad way to go

SuperGomez59 : Steve Trevor was cheated from this method of death.

mrsora16 : Lol kip got it the worst he has to go through all three of the groups plus the big women again

IcedEarthaholic : This episode always makes me bust a gut. Thank you Futurama for adding this euphemism to our lexicon.

Charliecomet82 : "But I'd always really hoped!"

Autumn Hart : Fry: Can't we just cuddle😂😂😂

Tony Hodgin : Did you see the women get back in line

Venom : Amazonians are thicc

Princess Allura : *The most attractive guy got it the worst. He got more snu snu then anyone*

L K : "What they for?" Innovating: Philosophy, art, scientific advancement, architecture, civilization, *the vibrator....* ...no biggie 😂😂😂 haha

DeadlyBrianX : Lost it after "A little tighter.."

popcorn kidd the first : 1:31 fry voice cracked saying ooh

darlight1600 : when i see this i think this is raping.

Tony Hodgin : I made my dad and step-Mom watch this the other day. All my father could do is roll his eyes, my step-Mom thought it was funny

Mucusmayhem 111 : Death by Snu Snu, doesn't sound to harsh a death. Cannabilistic Snu Snu, eaten whilst being Snu Snued. Dignified death.

Rain Hunter : I never thought I'd die this way but I always really hoped

Bry L : When you bang a crossfit chick.

DJ DOC DRAGON : Is this a good way to go?

A Ionescu : Can't we just cuddle what men say to save there lives

nicole baby : Bea Arthur?!

Deviant : Pretty sure this is classified as rape.

hazim hazavi : Then the Large Women,Then the Petite Women...Then the Large Women again!

Jack Bizzell : Funniest part was when Fry goes "noooooo" and Zap groans.

Inflameddrip 180 : They died by crushed pelvises

DW4Ever91 : Bea Arthur in Her Last Role. What a Great Way to Go Out!

Stephanie Reid : How many women have asked to 'Just Cuddle' and men have basically said "It Time Snu Snu!" and we have to just roll over and take it? Now you know how we feel Fry! At least 'Pretend' your enjoying it like we have to. lol

Operator BG : It time Snu Snu

MrRolyat98 : I knew I recognized Femputer’s voice. Dorothy Zbornak from Golden Girls!

Peter David Documentaries : If I'm gonna go, THAT'S the way I want to go

i couldnt think of a username : I want to die by snu snu

Stephan Zievinger : Good goodness

Its_Inspired : I wish I was dead by snoo snoo

Jonah Kiel : I haven't been snu snued since.. 😏

Orionise : Kiff XD

ღ Fedøra ღ : This was the first episode I watched. It had me cry from laughter. 😂😂

Jericho2000 : Lmao when Fry and Braff high five at 0:36

diego maxx : Viktoria Kay ♥♥♥