Big Hot Dog Infomercial

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Freako : Why isn't this guy singing Ska?

DemRiffs : My right ear enjoyed this video.

gnome child : i actually smelled my fingesr

Brandon summerlin : you know what the smell like? smell your fingers right now *cameraman laughs*

Makoto Naegi : this is my favorite informercial for all the wrong reasons

magneato : this is so important to my wellbeing 7 years of vegetarianism mean nothing to me now

LeatherIceCream : wait WHAT? Split second picture of a guy kissing a pig!?

Simaginary Friend : This ad looks like it's full of baloney to me.

cowlord98 : "tiny hot dogs come in packages of 6" throws 10 pack on the table

Curran McKenzie : I'm not gonna lie, he sold me on it. Now I want a Big Hot Dog.

Heisenburgers : 1:08 - 1:14 what are you implying sir

PaleoSteno : This guy kinda sounds like Angry Joe


Malsavias S : So, bologna?

SirDutty : how much for the sideburns?

Exarian : "economical" These things cost as much per pound as a choice cut of steak. They are anything BUT economical.

Elizabeth Cuccia : My left ear loved that infomercial almost as much as I did xD

AwfulLuz : my right ear enjoyed this large wiener

bees knees : I hate to admit this, but it's actually a pretty good idea

Watermeloneranger : 'Small hotdogs come in a packet of 6 ; WHAT THE HECK'. has a packet of 10 hotdogs on the counter

Patrick O'Ryan : My left ear committed suicide due to feeling lonely.

Let The Ocean Take Me : I thought my headphones weren't working anymore because the left ear doesnt work>.> i hate you But i like the video

David Halliwell : Japan will benefit for this

MrChocolateDinosaur : Starburns?

Congressman McDouchebag : Currently at the hospital. Not recommended for anal.

Jeger Kul : My right ear enjoyed this very much.

Flailmorpho : Sigmund Freud is rolling in his grave so fast I think he could power at least 5 small countries

Sevvy : (I'm pretty certain it's called "bologna")

Cuddle Muffinz : That was a ten pack of hotdogs

xmancomments : This isn't an infomercial. This is an experience.

Titan2001 : Only my right ear got hot dogs. My Left ear is still stuck with little ones.

Lord Gold Throneroom : Isn't that just a bologna?

OmegaExalted : _girth_

Harajukafist : I hate him so much.

Earndil Slartibartfast : My right ear enjoyed this video.

The Maudorator : this is great and all but who the hell orders hotdogs online

Matt Buecker : sorry George I can only hear you in one ear

Jordi Murillo : STAR BURNS.

TheJas20 : This is exactly like a Rick & Morty outter dimension TV sketch

aquaticpixel : girth

Draugyr : This is bologna.

Erika Soriano : I love how you can hear someone laugh at 1:12

TJ Sauce : *G I R T H I N T E N S I F I E S*

Иван Куликов : How in the world did I end up here?

Speedbreaker the Street Racer : Big Hot Dogs... 1:50 AKA the burger...

thes0up : MY EARS

breadbutt : fried bologna. great.

Rockshire M. : Bless you Disco Heat

thexulterius : My left ear is lonely

Chris : @0:59. Are you sure you did your math right there Einstein?