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Fawkes Pryde : I dare say fellow YouTube viewers, it is next to impossible to find videos of quality quite like this one. Nowadays, people's content is bland and boring. They just don't seem to keep my attention and doesn't speak to me, not like this man does. He truly leaves an impact on your life and in your heart. With riveting and inspiring quotes like his, I expect him to go far.

Burny | Happys Edits | TF2 : holy shit bleach joke in 2009??

WeasleFire : The closed captions are the best.

beinyourguard : Pro tip: turn on subtitles

James10899 : howtobasic's cousin

NegaZxyz : Holy shit. Without any milk.

Glen Childers : This is still one of the greatest videos on youtube

Moonfire121 : Thank you, subtitles. Without you I would have never figured out what he was trying to say.


Salty Derps : Ah, Young Gordon Freeman! haha... too bad you lost your voice that day... *Sadface*

BadIdeas101 : I love that there's subtitles to this

Culture Goblin : Wait, shit, you made this? I've gone internet full circle. Learned about this channel from watching voidburger, but I remember this video going the rounds back in high school.

Surkee : Subtitles were really helpful!

stonehenge man : this is an internet classic now.


Batman : Cooking with Undyne simulator 2015.

Red : cooking with undyne

salami : Anime is real.

Bradley Naismith : We have found the next Gordon Ramsay.

Seth Orner : I watched this since 2010, Six years later now people keeps talking about Undertale, Plus UNDERTALE FANS KEEPS RUINING THE FUN!!!!

Explosive : I wonder how many people came to this video just because of the UNDERTALE video. P.S. Turn on subtitles!

Dave Asher : What would I ever do without those subtitles...

Danny Caracciolo : *Insert Fallout 4 Reaction Comment here*

Destroyah5000 : This is how to make rice by following the RULES OF NATURE!

Maddog3060 : I've had this in my favorites folder for years, and I come back to it now and again. It always brings a smile to my face, and makes me happy even when I'm feeling down. The sheer surreal insanity of it is so amusing to my taste in humor that I can't help but laugh and feel joy at seeing it every once in a while. Thank ye, sir.

Vash001 : And this is how Khorne Berserkers eat their breakfast. 

sunbow : dragon ball z be like

chief keef amv : Turn on captions

noizuofficialhatepage : This is the proper rice technique.

LocalDisk : 6:66 how do you... what

Burning-Fox : Those captions are beautiful.

OmegaExalted : I can't wait for Regular Ordinary Rice.

ReecePlaysDrums : this was my favourite video in 2009

DarkMario : Years later and its still funny!

Kris Rubino : 0:33 well dang.

TooRouxlsForKaards : This fills me with determination.

Brobusciplier : I lost it at the microwave xD

Flygon Knight 87 : This shit still funny after five years

Corpse Grinder : THE CAPTIONS

Liza Glenn : And then he died from food poisoning

Melvin8D : This is how to basic on steroids.

CORE!Frisk : Am I the only one that watched this for the first time before undertale existed?

superchief86 : Yep, still hilarious after all these years.

who uploads rips at 3 in the morning? : undyne's spirit animal

Adam McKibben : This is my favorite video on this entire site.

Joshua Rocha : My cooking be like:

Seth Finley : Why is there captions for this lmao

Oscar Gómez : *Dragon Ball in real life.*

SCP7007 : This comment will be filled up with UNDERTALE's things.

Kenny mcormic : this is also how i cook my rice