Viral Video : Huawei P30 Pro ZOOM 50X Feature

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Original Post by Facebook Account "MrBen Lai"


Shella Hederah : Fake, 2 kids playing outside in the playground, are you kidding me?

alohathaxted : Upskirts now all blurry. Thanks Howaiii

ricky : marketing pr bs anyone who thinks this is a big deal should put a lead ball between his eyes

Wan : Stalking to the next level.

Just Nausicâ : Green is losing

Daniel Drader : Turn that phone

BlockChainDP : Waiting for buy in Xiaomi for 150€ xD

Bam Bhole : *cums in totalitarianism*

The5GIO5 : I love random chinese videos

Goro@Welsh corgi : NIKON P900 & P1000 are good.

Papapapada : faaaake

Blade : Insane

RenzVC : it's filmed wit a nikon p900...

Arnes Osmic : This is fake, at 50x zoom the quality degrades and is nowhere like in this video.

Cucone : Nikon P900

William Limarjo : Huawei truly spies on you.

spiegel : Whoa! That's insane. Imagine the hot chicks you could film from so far away.