Unusual Power Inside - Huge Lantern Restoration
I turned this ugly and forgotten lantern in to a very beautiful piece of art i say

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Subscribe for weekly content! Today i present you this amazing Wonder Lantern. These Wonder lanterns were very popular with the general public during the Second World War and some State services were also used. What made these lanterns popular is its appreciable battery life, 50 hours of continuous operation. I chose this orange because it is very visible and very vivid. I do not know if it seems to you but it looks like a Minion from cartoons :)) If you like this restoration please share and subscribe Disclaimer: I am no professional. I am completely self taught and would appreciate any feedback, advice or constructive criticism and suggestions . #restoration #lamp #vintage


Farmatore 324 : The silence in yours videos is relaxing

Kpopahjussi63 : But how will RD recognize it now that you took his name off? LOL.

Benjamin D Minor : If they made this today it would be out of wheelie bin plastic what a shame we live in a world where nothing is quality.

Shawn Shawn : No sandblast? :( I love sandblast I love the paint tho <3

paultrial : 26:58 romanian spotted!

EA. jam : Great gloves

Marco Antonio : "In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might Beware my power--Green Lanter.... Oh wait. What's mine is mine and mine and mine. And mine and mine and mine! Not yours!"

MidnightVisions : This is a mining lantern, and I'm surprised you an still buy batteries for it. They cost roughly 20 euros in France, 60 euros on Germany. A flat o-ring gasket for the glass should have been available from a machine supply. Nicely done.

Abbas Karanaz : your gloves in this video is really safety and secure.

Mihail Ro : 27:00 "sa incercam becul de rezerva" Esti roman? :))) Why the subtitle is in romanian at 27:00?

SHUBHAM PRAMANIK : Pretty Good Job So Far. :D

Ian Brown : "And that's how we save the planet..." Begins priming with aerosol canned spray paint. LULZ.

ZOMBIE FOX GAME : Maybe the inside should be silver so it reflects the light to the red light I have similar light to this and inside is chromed.

Hallking78 : Your doorbell....... I wouldn't expect anything less

Stuart G. Australia. : I so badly wanted to put that through my sand blaster for you, it would have gotten into all the nooks and crannies and given the surface a good “key” for the paint. It may have been easier to just use an “O” ring for the lens gasket. You can get them in a square profile as well. Great work. Love theses videos as they inspire more people to do restorations. As to the colour? It’s your lamp so you can paint it whatever colour you want! Look forward to seeing your next job.

Michael Pitaniello : Gloves are great, since you asked. Wish more people on youtube would pick up a pair for their power equipment...

Joseph Cote : I will certainly defer to originality, but I always thought having the debossed lettering in a different color looked really good.

Makross82 : Vintage French Wonder Railway Lamp, Agral Portable Lantern....I Think ;-)

Breadfruit Juice : YouTube needs to stop with the damn mattress commercials. I swear, you look at ONE mattress and it's all day with these people. Awesome video by the way :-)

Тимур Габдуллин : Like a always. Before I listened relaxing music, but now a watch your video for relax, great job!

Unique Restorations : Cool restoration. Nice attention to detail. Look forward to your next project.

Franz Otto : eine sehr gute Arbeit, das richtige Video zu meinem Geburtstag: danke ☺☺☺ a very good job, the right video for my birthday: thank you ☺☺☺

Simon Rival : Dude, wearing gloves on that kind of machine is a super fast way to lose a finger or hand.

Willame Assunção : Ficou muito bom. Parabéns!!! Brazil

FloW WolF : Lucky they had taken the battery out before it sat. Awesome.

yereverluvinuncleber : You can replace that lamp with series of about 20 LEDs. Small camping lanterns selling for approx. £3.50 on ebay have the LEDs mounted on a circular flat circuit board that fits exactly within the diameter of the glass and the reflecter underneath. You can upgrade the light and still retain the original bulb underneath with no visual change to the lamp nor any destruction to the body. The power output and battery longevity are increased by a factor of 10.

Oscar Contreras : well done amigo!! I guess You should not have painted the inside, the back light does not cast too much light from the mainligth !! a chrome paint should work! saludos desde mexico!

creativeanimelover 34 : Those are some nice red large gloves

Angel Martinez : I live near an airport too

michael wyles : I like it just how it was made to be, Like you restored it just in a color of your choice. Excellent Sir.

بلال النوري : This Light sea nice is this assume this classic light sea 👌👌👌👌👌

Age of Doom : Great, beautifull!! Now get a XML Led and a 18650 pack battery

manoj jain : Perfect

Abdulaziz Salam : 10:07 Yeah exactly! Great video as always 👍👍

asimo sss : Another great restoration!!! :) It would be really interesting if you could find any videos of the original items you restore being sold or used back when they were first made ... :)

David Lavender : Defiantly love the way the rust and the grime falls during that time laps

alyss-gh0st : Your doorbell sounds like a landline telephone ringing, lol

Alex VT : You know why I love you becouse is all hard item restoration and perfect that why I love you

Samrendra Kumar : Do you live in Airport 😂😂

Radu Simonica : Ha! I was sure that you are Romanian! From the 1st video I watched. There was something about how you do things that made me belive this! So, keep up the good work! You are great! Ps: you have a new subscriber now.

alex gol : Тёплый свет старого фонаря! Круто!!! Warm ligt of old lamp! Cool!!!

Tyler Snyder : Great work. Now this may sound like harrassy but I would have put an LED bulb in it, but I understand if you just want the old time appeal. They make LED's to convert standard incandescent lights and I'm sure they make one that would fit this.

Stu : You can't remove the oxidation from aluminum... as soon as it is exposed to air it oxidizes.

Andrew Fisher : You find the most interesting stuff to restore. I really like your videos.

Bruce Boschek : Beautiful workmanship. Thank you.

Fred Creole Native : C'est malin, maintenant, m'en faut une!!! :D EXCELLENTISSIME!!! Merci pour le partage!!

Adam Clarke : Another great restoration. I was looking at the red lens, and I have a tip for you if you want to make them look new. I carefully wet sand them with 2000 grit wet and dry paper, and then I polish them with a really good quality aluminium polish. They come up like new. I've even done this on clear plastic lenses as well as coloured ones, and they are perfect. Just a thought for you in the future, if you're interested.

alfredbbp : super nice!!!!

Luís Antônio Marrega : Parabéns a lanterna ganhou vida nova. Abraço! Rio de Janeiro Brasil