Wonder Lantern - The Orange Minion restoration

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Marco Antonio : "In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might Beware my power--Green Lanter.... Oh wait. What's mine is mine and mine and mine. And mine and mine and mine! Not yours!"

Abdulaziz Salam : 10:07 Yeah exactly! Great video as always 👍👍

Benjamin D Minor : If they made this today it would be out of wheelie bin plastic what a shame we live in a world where nothing is quality.

Farmatore 324 : The silence in yours videos is relaxing

paultrial : 26:58 romanian spotted!

SHUBHAM PRAMANIK : Pretty Good Job So Far. :D

Age of Doom : Great, beautifull!! Now get a XML Led and a 18650 pack battery

MidnightVisions : This is a mining lantern, and I'm surprised you an still buy batteries for it. They cost roughly 20 euros in France, 60 euros on Germany. A flat o-ring gasket for the glass should have been available from a machine supply. Nicely done.

ZOMBIE FOX GAME : Maybe the inside should be silver so it reflects the light to the red light I have similar light to this and inside is chromed.

Abbas Karanaz : your gloves in this video is really safety and secure.

EA Jam : Great gloves

Yavriel Sechelle : R.D. Roald Dahl's Wonder lantern.

Breadfruit Juice : YouTube needs to stop with the damn mattress commercials. I swear, you look at ONE mattress and it's all day with these people. Awesome video by the way :-)

soothsayer1 : should have used LED bulb

Sam Le Gal : Really good job 👍🏻

FloW WolF : Lucky they had taken the battery out before it sat. Awesome.

Stuart G. Australia. : I so badly wanted to put that through my sand blaster for you, it would have gotten into all the nooks and crannies and given the surface a good “key” for the paint. It may have been easier to just use an “O” ring for the lens gasket. You can get them in a square profile as well. Great work. Love theses videos as they inspire more people to do restorations. As to the colour? It’s your lamp so you can paint it whatever colour you want! Look forward to seeing your next job.

HotRodderRecycler : Sometimes a gasket is nothing more then a crushed O ring.

Rentta : This could have been really interesting restomod using led's and li-ion or lipo batteries. Anyhow great job :)

SOFYSoOo : How do you figure out the way to disassembly every single part man :D ?

Tamer Alsebaee : Greet job But i think it is better to use led than old bulb

0peppers : Felicitari. Ai facut o treaba buna. :)

Kpopahjussi63 : But how will RD recognize it now that you took his name off? LOL.

Mister X : Nagyon kell hogy türelem legyen hoza

smiley satanson : i would love to have that

Tom Langley : I have one exactly like this in almost excellent condition bought from a GoodWill store in Florida for a mear $3. Research indicates this is a French RailRoad Lantern from the 1910s.

TroubleMcTrouble : sure it may not be as bright as the modern LED ones, but I love it. It's got a warmth to the light the modern ones don't have and it's beautiful to look at. PLUS you've saved something from being scrapped and resurrected it back to it's original use. 11/10 from me! :)

Александр Barbados_BY : Ничего сверх естественного ты не сделал. Что взял целый фонарь почистил и покрасил (и то коряво)? Может для вас европейцев безруких это реставрация, то для русских это дети уже делают. В чем у тебя были тут трудности? Мозгов прокладку вырубить у тебя не хватило (ножницами за камерой вырезал), даже герметик намазал на стекло что его черный цвет виден. Сверху под черной ручкой видно что ты заклеивал малярным скотчем. Реставрация это когда соблюдение всех деталей! Просто лажа, по вашему это фэйк. Подделка. Ну хоть баллончиком с краской научился пользоваться. Просто смех, а не работа.... Большой и жирный минус. Это только детям до 5 лет показывать.

MAX - BIKE FR : Un français dans la restauration cool ; )

Rhetorical Oracle : The 1950s were at the door.

Franz Otto : eine sehr gute Arbeit, das richtige Video zu meinem Geburtstag: danke ☺☺☺ a very good job, the right video for my birthday: thank you ☺☺☺

Gran Autismo : Ahhh they don’t make em like they used to. All plastic and cheap alluminum now.

michael wyles : I like it just how it was made to be, Like you restored it just in a color of your choice. Excellent Sir.

بلال النوري : This Light sea nice is this assume this classic light sea 👌👌👌👌👌

Alex Brown : Patch gloves to save planet GREAT! Use aerosol paint NOT GREAT!

Gerardo Hoffmann : Why you don't keep the original color?

Marcel Holle : What is the overall weight of the lamp including battery? btw: Awesome work!

R : That is a submarine emergency lantern.

Вадим Кузнецов : ...а не проще/ли перед покраской отпескоструить корпус,а😉..?

g2macs : I bet whoever had to use this thing had one arm longer than the other.....may as well lug around a car battery.

accckiy : What in names of gods that battery?!

Vax Buster : LED conversion?

EA Jam : Where do you get all these old rusty stuff ??

Tyler Snyder : Great work. Now this may sound like harrassy but I would have put an LED bulb in it, but I understand if you just want the old time appeal. They make LED's to convert standard incandescent lights and I'm sure they make one that would fit this.

AirCheef Wolf : Sooooooo you‘re german ?

Tallal Bin Tahir : guy has some serious OCD lol

Ovidiu Sora : hei esti roman

I Fixed : Hey ;) why you hide your subscribers amount?

Marilyn Bermudez : Nice job the lamp works well.

On Your Face : what's with the red thing at the back.