Intraventricular Brain Tumor Resection

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Dhobbs : This is the most impressive thing I've ever seen. It's wild that you're able to tell what's tumor vs healthy tissue, while removing it. Great work

LeonidasSthlm : Great job.

Jedi Gill Gaming : This is an amazing video.. thanks for showing the world a bit of what you do for work. I do have a few questions if you don't mind answering them. 1. How is this tool (Pincers) able to cut.. It almost seems like when you put the two parts together they burn whatever material is in between. 2. How resistant is the brain, after these surgeries.. I guess I'm imaging that if you press on the wrong part of the brain.. as your trying to remove it.. there might be some memory loss or personality change. But given how much you cut and squeeze and move things around the brain seems quite resistant to these shock forces. 3. Finally are you using a machine to steady your hands or is this just all free hand? Thanks in advance.

Bob Pijnenburg : *insert "It is not exactly rocket science" joke*

Nexson Ujan : Can the tumor can be remove all?

marty riggs : That was astonishing. Thank you, Doctor, for your amazing intelligence and skill.

FilthyFascist : Thank you this was extremely interesting and educational

Of Course : Very educational, thanks dood

Subversio : This is absolutely amazing. Thank you for what you do sir.