Jet Heat (2B) - Includes Midair Collision and Landing of #37 and #13 - 9-14-2018 Reno Air Races 2018
Midair collision during heat 2b of the jet class race at the Reno Air Races in Reno NV

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Jet Heat (2B) - Includes Midair Collision and Landing of #37 and #13 - 9-14-2018 Reno Air Races 2018 Credit to RARA National Championship Air Races / Reno Air Race Association In the Unlimited class: Brant Seghetti – Blondie Brent Hisey – Miss America Curt Brown – Sawbones Dan Vance – Speedball Alice Dennis Sanders – Eagle’s Wings Graeme Frew – Full Noise Jim “JD” Dale – Pretty Polly JP Thibodeau – Crusader Joel Swager – Dreadnought Mark Watt – 924G Michael Pfleger – Lady B Mike Brown – Goldfinger Rob Gordon – Lady Jo Sherman Smoot – Argonaut Tom Nightingale – Bunny Pace Plane: Steve Hinton – T33-Pace Alternate Pace: Kevin Eldridge Safety: Robert Patterson – Wee Willy Alternate Pilots: Joe Thibodeau Mark Moodie In the Jet class: Alexandre Eckmann – Race 37 Bob McCormack – Athena Charlie Camilleri – Blue Ice J. Kevin Roll – Miss Independence Jeff Turney – Robin 1 Jim Beyer – Poky Joe Gano – Sluggo Lachie Onslow – Drop Bear Larry Labriola – Sarance Nathan Harnagel – Realty Czech Pete Stavrides – American Patriot Peter A. Zaccagnino – Just Lucky Rick Vandam – American Spirit Scott Farnsworth – Dash Force One Vicky Benzing – Darkstar II Zachary McNeill – Invictus Pace Plane: Jay Obernolte – The Mistress Alternate Pilots: Doug Matthews Michael Pfleger Michael Stieger In the Sport class: Abe Gaskins – Under Dog Andrew Findlay – One Moment Bob Mills – Mojo Chiwami Takagi-Read – Legacy Dan West – Whiskey Tango Dave Morss – Martins Legacy David Robinson – Desert Lightning David Sterling – No Name Elliot Seguin – Wasabinought Ernie O. Sutter – Jus Pass’n Thru George Catalano – Bigger Dingo James Stringer – Rocket Six Jason Rovey – Sport 76 Jeff Lavelle – Race 39 Jessy Panzer – Cruse Missile Jim Rust – Race 24 John Flanagan – Greenstreak Karl Grove – GA 1 Kirk Murphy – Papa’s Ride Lee Ulrich – General Lee Louis Gabriel – Blind Luck Marc Frederickson – Tenacity Mathias Haid – Clas Thunder I Matt Beaubien – Low Motion Neil Wischer – Triple 8 Olivier Langeard – Zebulon Paul Downing – Sport 36 Peter A. Zaccagnino – Coming In Hot Peter Balmer – Swiss Thunder Scott Prewitt – Phantom Rocket Sean Vanhatten – Havoc Skylor Piper – Miss Ruby S. Tom McNerney – Unleashed Tommy Ishii – Yellow Fever Vicky Benzing – Lucky Too Vince Walker – Modo Mio Pace Planes: Bob Mills – El Toro Rick Vandam – Phoenix Alternate Pace Pilots: Kevin Eldredge Mark Johnson Michael Stieger Alternate Pilots: Dan Ballin Jay Adams In the T-6 class: Bill Muszala – Miss Ellaneous Chris LeFave – Bare Essentials Chris Rushing – Barons Revenge Dennis Buehn – Midnight Miss III Eric Woelbing – Miss TNT Gene McNeely – Baby Boomer Greg McNeely – Undecided John Lohmar – Radial Velocity Lee Oman – Eros Michael Pfleger – Miss Informed Nick S. Macy – Six-Cat Pete Stavrides – Gotcha! Ralph J. Rina – Miss Humboldt Hunny Vic McMann – Gunslinger Vitaly Pecherskyy – Abracadabra William Walker III – Big Red Pace Plane: Rick Siegfried – T6 Pace Alternate Pilots: Joey “Gordo” Sanders Kevin Sutterfield Mike Scott Rob Sanberg In the Formula One class: Anders Trygg – Miss Eve Casey Erickson – ACME Special Jason Barksdale – Tony the Tiger Jerry Marshall – Tumbleweed Jim Jordan – Miss Min Joseph Clark – Sonic Zoom Justin Meaders – Limitless Justin Phillipson – No Strings Attached Justin Phillipson – Sleeper Kent Jackson – Once More Lio V. Mougel – Hysteria Lowell Slatter – Fraed Naught Matthew Coughlin – Judy Merce Marti – Heat Stroke Paul Newman – Fast and Easy Philip Goforth – Annie Rob Michie – Sassy Sangoma Ross Killin – The Kraken Ryszard Zadow – Last Lap Player Scott Holmes – Outlaw Steve Senegal – Endeavor Steve Temple – Outrageous Steve Tumlin – Feisty Alternate Pilot: Swaid Rahn In the Biplane class: Alan Hoover – There Be Dragons Andrew Buehler – Mistress Andrew Buehler – Phantom Anthony Oshinuga – Black Hawk Casey Erickson – The Batplane Eric Zine – Yellow Fever Jeffrey Lo – Miss Dianne Jeff Rose – Second Hand John A. D’Alessandris – RB Special Marie-Claire Laberge – The Yellow Bomber Robert Austen – FReaKY Sam Swift – Smokin’ Hot Scott McDonald – Christen EagleTommy Suell – PlaneJunkies “Tony” Minoru Higa – Tango Tango Alternate Pilots: Brian Hoover Kevin Harper Scott Thomson RARA, Reno Air Races, Reno Air Races 2018, Reno Air Races Formula One, Reno Formula One, Air Racing, airplane, plane, aerospace, national championship air races, piper, cessna, cirrus, bombardier, embraer, boeing, lockheed, dpair corp, eaa, air venture, red bull air races, comac, raytheon, northrop grumman, nasa, aerobatic planes, voodoo, dreadnaught, experimental plane, race planes, biplane, monoplane, raptor aircraft, long eze, cassult, biplane, honda jet


Hadley Scott McIntyre : Man I loved the goodyear racers of the late 40's into the 50's

David Hoffman : Wow! I didn't know there was jet engine powered aircraft racing. Piston engine yes, but not jets. Very interesting. Obviously no real aviation racing fan wants to see any contact, but this incident certainly demonstrated the amazing flying skills involved. Glad both pilots are safe so that they may fly again. Thanks for posting. Learned something new.

Bob Bastion : Jet racing? Where has this sport been all my life? Man, I love America.

emacs john : there is a flying magnifying glass upper left corner of the sky.

roger201288 : Now this is podracing

Jeff Mattel : Still waiting for the footage where the pilot runs over to the other pilot and beats the crap out of him.

MaverickM1 : Chuck Norris won the race with a glider...

Anamnesia : I guess we've finally found the *_Old Bold Pilot_* !!! 😵

wakeupnow : I saw a Cougar at the end right ? What about the other planes ???? My dada was a Navy Pilot in Argentina, I grew up playing in a Cougars and Sky hawks cockpit

The5th Musketeer : So..... How far into the race do they do their first in-flight refuelling pitstop? 🤔

LonMoer : Rubbin' is racin'

Leonardo Willi : Wow! Good flying! Thankful for the outcome. Of note, who knew racing jets were more durable than an F1 car? F1 cars touch like that in a race and it blows apart.

MyCatInABox : SERIOUS pucker factor of 12...

Yasser Masood : Exceptional piloting skills. The guy had lost one is wrong damaged elevator and rudder but still managed to learn and it's off to him.

talon55130 : Definitely a 9.9 on the pucker factor scale.

deadboy600 : What's the matter? Rubbing is racing. Oh, wait, that's NASCAR.

Techy Las : Breath taking to watch 😮 glad they got down safely. Love to visit the races from the UK it's on my list. Thanks for posting, great video and some great lessons.

brettt777 : I know the pilot, Alex Eckman. He's a friend and a customer of the company I work for. He is a great pilot (obviously). He'll be back at reno this year with a different jet (L-39MS).

LIGO : WOW! How tha' hell did I miss this one? Glad both were OK!! Thank God!

VolDep45 : Great flying by #37. He was fighting the resulting roll all the way to the ground.

Jack : He just had to land a little extra fast to keep up control.

Milosz Ostrow : Aw, it's nuthin' That'll buff out.

Donald Parlett jr : He survived that incredible. As a pilot myself that's as good as winning first place! Nice flying

Daniel Cottone : Very intense moments I'm glad everybody was okay

Giant Killer : Highway to the DANGER ZONE... Great flying

David K : I was down with the rest of Section 3 getting ready to hold the huge American flag for the National Anthem when this race was going. Crazy

RCnerd74 : Fortunately not another tragedy like they had in 2013 with galloping ghost...

Javier Lopez : Outstanding flying , 👍🙏🏻✈️ tough aircraft , glad everyone is OK

David Lee : Would like to have seen the damage on the other plane as well.

Matt Ripley : their balls touched... omgggg.... I can’t breathe... what a breathtaking maneuver!!!! 🤣

MerroDeathRR : GTAV jet racing? lol

Dwight Brown : Sorry, I found it Czech L39.

Mike Cruickshanks : Benny and his jets, very cool.

Ricardo Huerta : Gorilla tape can fix that...

tsmgguy : Race 37 sustained damage to the rudder root too, visible during the roll-out at 9:50.

Whirlybird : Now THIS is Podracing!

Canadian KRISPY Bacon : #13 bought the beer that night😮

Rusty Climber : One Golden Brick! Coming up!! Talk about chit yer pants... Damn he got good skills. He went straight for elevation! By feel! He recovered to elevation BY TOUCH!

alishanmao : wow, he made it back safely. thats good piloting there

SCCreations : 7:41 (Looks like a replay), if the first 2 seconds of 'music' sent you here.

Voodoo one : There is a lot more damage to that plane than appears. Dam good flying.

MotoMech : So if they are running low on fuel, do they have mid-air refueling? You know, for like a "pit-stop" :)

Herb H : That pilot did a great job of gaining altitude and bringing her in safely, nerves of steel..

Haywood Giablomi : I'd like to see one of those planes taxi around Indy at 200 mph.

Branon Fontaine : Are these raced still held out in Red Rock, up 395?

royalordinance : Is there a more beautiful place than Reno, or Nevada?? Hmmm?

Dave Thompson : L-39s are incredibly robust and very stable in flight. They are Soviet jet trainers and designed to put up with a lot of abuse. Still, that's a lot of leading edge damage, in addition to the loss of the wingtip and trailing edge flap. Wow. Nice landing, captain.

Multa : Chamionship Air Races? Really? No-one noticed that?

Cole Smith : These people understand emergency protocols but have no clue how relative velocity works??? (10:30)