Jet Heat (2B) - Includes Midair Collision and Landing of #37 and #13 - 9-14-2018 Reno Air Races 2018

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Bob Bastion : Jet racing? Where has this sport been all my life? Man, I love America.

David Hoffman : Wow! I didn't know there was jet engine powered aircraft racing. Piston engine yes, but not jets. Very interesting. Obviously no real aviation racing fan wants to see any contact, but this incident certainly demonstrated the amazing flying skills involved. Glad both pilots are safe so that they may fly again. Thanks for posting. Learned something new.

Anamnesia : I guess we've finally found the *_Old Bold Pilot_* !!! 😵

LonMoer : Rubbin' is racin'

Leonardo Willi : Wow! Good flying! Thankful for the outcome. Of note, who knew racing jets were more durable than an F1 car? F1 cars touch like that in a race and it blows apart.

Brian D : ailerons and kidneys....only need one, apparently. Yikes. Impressive to see the robustness of the Russian design and pilot skill to back it up.

roger201288 : Now this is podracing

Javier Lopez : Outstanding flying , 👍🙏🏻✈️ tough aircraft , glad everyone is OK

Donald Parlett jr : He survived that incredible. As a pilot myself that's as good as winning first place! Nice flying

Voodoo one : There is a lot more damage to that plane than appears. Dam good flying.

Techy Las : Breath taking to watch 😮 glad they got down safely. Love to visit the races from the UK it's on my list. Thanks for posting, great video and some great lessons.

762x51nato : Incredible footage. The announcers are great, particularly the lady. God was with those pilots that day. Great flying by everyone.

Mark Patton : Not a sport for the poor. This makes polo look cheap.

Rubiconnn : Imagine showing this to someone from 150 years ago. They would be shitting bricks.

sillyone52062 : I guess Bearcats and Mustangs weren't fast enough.

Matt Ripley : I’ve seen much worse in Flight Simulator X..... get over it.

ItsMeHammie : When formula one is not expensive enough.

Aero360Aviation : Wow, glad he is ok! Scary stuff.

Gavin1130 : Damn, glad no one was hurt and I really need to get out more, I didn't know they race planes, LOL! I knew about airshows and the different games done in the US and internationally with the military. Pretty cool, but I wonder if it's one of those odd sports that watching it on tv is better then watching it live because you can actually see everything! Then again the sights and sounds are a big part of the experience, and your tv can't give you that part of the experience.

SkyroofNova72 : Balls of tungsten!

MEC 470 : Jets, shmets. Give me the sound of a piston engine any day.

Alann Hod : It's so much easier to dribble diarrhea out of your mouth and ass than to actually know what you're talking about as these announcers demonstrate.

Milosz Ostrow : Aw, it's nuthin' That'll buff out.

Militans Deo : Well speed is your friend when you have parts of your aircraft such as ailerons or spoilers depart so you can continue to fly as demonstrated by these two pilots. Good flying nice job.

Mike Crake : Glad all ended well.

Hadley Scott McIntyre : Man I loved the goodyear racers of the late 40's into the 50's

Oscar Thorpe : not quite the heavy duty thud of a big piston engine. awesome racing all the same

steve1978ger : oh, wow. that is nuts.

Yakav8r55m : That was some serious shit your flightsuit action going on there! The pilot should have exited the aircraft and fired up a smoke like true Russian pilot....that would be classic THUG-life video material.

5 Loco : Wow, that female announcer is terrible. How many times did she say "I don't know"

RCnerd74 : Fortunately not another tragedy like they had in 2013 with galloping ghost...

L Vee : why is there no cockpit camera!?

Frank Columbo : Nascar may not do 480...but give Top Fuelers the full 1/4 mile again and you would see it.

Andrew Scott : #13's fault, needed to be high, outside to pass. Shocked how fast #13 overtook #37 before the midair, think #13 was too. That landing was scary to watch, right main set down in the rocks. Great job getting it down. Wingtip caught others Wingroot? That was so close. She's right, did a good job.

2Phast4Rocket : Wow that was a very close call.

airraptor : he almost hit the other guy in the pull up...

Ripcord : Thank God for this sport. I for one have an IQ that is far too advanced and high to ever be entertained by a sport that involves a ball. I will leave those childish Sports to the Lesser evolved races of humans. Thanks for the upload definitely one of the most entertaining Clips I've seen on YouTube in a long time.

UnitSe7en : So many L-39's. I need to get a towel and change my pants brb

Fun R/C Projects : Wow

Garry Kennedy : Hope they wore brown pants that day!

capofigo : Woooooo

William Henderson : Man that was some superb airmanship from both pilots to bring both jets back safely. I was watching from the stands when it happened!

ben tackett : Air NASCAR!

PhantomMark : That damage was a lot more significant than it seemed to start with !! great outcome thankfully !

DJSbros : They both could have easily died there.

VolDep45 : Great flying by #37. He was fighting the resulting roll all the way to the ground.

Warsign01 : Crazy!

Thondup Andrugtsang : Even the rudder had some damage.

DonoRu06 : Good bit of pilotage. Lot's of instinct to immediately pull up to get altitude and bleed airspeed to get the plane as clean as possible to set up for landing...a great job!

Ian M : holy f***! scary and amazing!