Jesus loves all masturbators who masturbate 🙏

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Jesus Christ : Be sure to use coupon code "AMEN" to get 50% off your first purchase! Praise be!

JedDraws : is it opposites day, jesus?

hmm yes interesting. : Thank You Jesus. I will never be ashamed again. I might even go public 🤗

Billie : Lmao borrowed his friends fleshlight

OTNOVSKY : jesus knows what's up

Pastel Pigicorn : Who borrows their friend’s fleshlight?

Meme Sage : I'm on that side of YouTube again.

Google User : I wonder if any of those people had friends or family see them with that and the conversation went: Person: Oh my lord, did you really buy a sex toy??? Them: No Person: Oh really? How'd you get it then? Them: Jesus gave it to me

Molly Moorhead : getting this notification was confusing

simon : The only Jesus I'll ever love

fiorexxfiore : wtf jesus

Ab4normal : I’m not religious but you make me love Jesus

Energy Vanquish : Praise the lord...TACHANKA

Donald Duck : I don’t know how to feel about this

bored cat : Notification: Jesus Christ Me: Oh that's great!— "Jesus loves all masturbators" Me: *chokes* He what? It's great that our Lord is fine with it though, and that he won't shame you for it. The title just wasn't what I was expecting.

Ronnie Sarmiento : Love you, Jesus!

Ashley Taylor : I almost feel guilty for how much I enjoyed Jesus discussing masterbation while giving out sex toys.

Hobi is my city : Masturbation is amazing

Team Jetsetter : I'm SHOOK . Jesus is such a skinny legend

Asakku 616 : This man is a straight savage like fr legendary af

Dan Smith : this has to be one of the best spons ever bless jc my man!

gamestory : Masturbate! For the Lord gaveth us two hands, so that thus thee cannesth browse with thy one hand and pleasure thy member with the other.

Lucas and Ten Can take my soul : the first people. agh jehovah witnesses. i am one, but i hate my religion so much.

Vinyx Gaming : *Christians* :''Jesus is alive right now, the second coming of christ has already come, damn i wonder what he's doing now''

DolanDotTV : Thanks for clearing this up jesus!!


Elieas Thinking : i am rather happy with such a man as this to exist

Julian Adame : Jesus is a blogging professional.

moo hoo : Trisha Paytas WHO


The-jolie-bean : dude

Lucifer's son : *Sponsored by Adam and Eve*

tera : finally jesus approves of something i do

Aids : 🙏

hollEigH pAtRicE : ....Jesus Christ

Arashi Kitty : I like that the boxes sometimes are way too big for the people to carry in their pocket

Jordan Brown : What's the difference between Jesus and a picture of Jesus? It only takes one nail to hang the picture.

petter griffin : Here before Justin Y!

Geheime Person : Don't make fun of Jesus he's not some kind of hippie he's our lord and savior. >:(


Mylifewouldsuckwithoutphan : HALLELUJAH AMEN 👏

Jenayah : I love you Jesus😩👌🤟✝️

Amelia Okumura : The guy who borrowed his friends fleshlight was definitely high hahaha

Boe Boe : 9:01 😂

Khemesaea : *I don't believe in Jesus Christ*

sleepysoda. : this is a blessing

Sammie Cave : Me: *sees* Me: *clicks before YouTube flagges it*

RommKomm : Wtf

TeardropTea : 🙏🏼

Male Gonzalez : lmao