Jesus loves all masturbators who masturbate 🙏

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Jesus Christ : Be sure to use coupon code "AMEN" to get 50% off your first purchase! Praise be!

hmm yes interesting. : Thank You Jesus. I will never be ashamed again. I might even go public 🤗

Google User : I wonder if any of those people had friends or family see them with that and the conversation went: Person: Oh my lord, did you really buy a sex toy??? Them: No Person: Oh really? How'd you get it then? Them: Jesus gave it to me

TubesOfSweetcorn : Just imagine going in public and seeing Jesus advertising dildos to strangers.

Chilles : Christian friends : Masterbaiting and Self pleasure is a sin Me : *Shows this video*

music meow : "your body is a temple, So only shove the highest quality products WAY up in there"

JedDraws : is it opposites day, jesus?

Jordan Brown : What's the difference between Jesus and a picture of Jesus? It only takes one nail to hang the picture.

Justin Y's Stand : Christian parents be spanking their children for fapping. They do not understand God's true will.

Galileo Galilei : even jesus needs to hit that 10 min mark, gotta keep em revenue. lmao

A. Cheri : _The real res-erection_ *crickets*

Croissant : Lmao borrowed his friends fleshlight

Dan Smith : this has to be one of the best spons ever bless jc my man!

tera : finally jesus approves of something i do

Lyric : Wow, if jesus was like this in the bible, i would go to church LITERALLY every day

Hi! My name’s Catrina! : My gay-ass can only hope that Jesus is this cool XD

Amelia Okumura : The guy who borrowed his friends fleshlight was definitely high hahaha

Swiggity swoner i have a boner : Jesus gets demonitized


Geheime Person : Don't make fun of Jesus he's not some kind of hippie he's our lord and savior. >:(

OTNOVSKY : jesus knows what's up

Kerissa Brown : what if he is the real jesus....

Elijah : Top 10 anime betrayals

HobodudeMC : “I just bust a nut right in the sink”

IAteUrDonut : I'm sorry but did he just say he used a friend's flashlight?! 4:06 How... I mean thats, that's... Wow

Ab4normal : I’m not religious but you make me love Jesus

Roykoopaofficial : Who else saw the old people look at them XD (at 4:58) like if you did.

Better Go : Isn’t masturbation a si— Nevermind. Jesus declines.

MclovinFins : I knew Jesus was horny asf

honeyy howell : whAT A MAN I LOVE HIM

Pastel Pigicorn : Who borrows their friend’s fleshlight?

Nathan Figueroa : This is a great idea! *I’m going to impersonate Muhammad and see how long it takes me to be murdered.*

Meme Sage : I'm on that side of YouTube again.

Ronnie Sarmiento : Love you, Jesus!

Marcus Jensen : Wait... You can return the items if you don't like them? LMAO

Omega66 : Who borrows a fleshlight?!

Amelia Okumura : Honestly, you make me laugh so damn much.

DiAtlas428 - The Movement : How the hell did i get here from Pyrocynical?

Spring Hellams : The hour is late. Don't be one of them who will be standing there when that moment comes- the moment most scoff at- wanting one more chance because you squandered all your chances and denied the one true Jesus(Yahushua) and chose this world instead. Every person will be without excuse. Don't miss it. The hour is so very late. Call on the name of Jesus while He still may be found.

Salomé Guzman : Jesus asking Jehovah’s witnesses about masturbation is the best thing i’ve seen in ny life

Casey Jefferson : I found this glorious channel from Trisha’s ‘last mukbang’


Nolan Horn : I masturbated to this Thank you Jesus

Dark Joker814 : I about lost it when he said “sponsored by adamandeve” like I just was thinking about he executives at adamandeve thinking “hey, Let’s sponsor Jesus on YouTube”

Ashley Taylor : I almost feel guilty for how much I enjoyed Jesus discussing masterbation while giving out sex toys.

Jam Deluxe : jesus has become chaotic neutral

Peter Bello : ain't that the place gta 5 is located

Devin D : lol i almost didnt click cuz i thought u were gonna shame ppl for doing it. nice surprise

CanWeKillTech : This video makes me want to become christian.

fafnir the dragon : i wonder when you go to heaven will you be jesus step brother or twin