Jesus loves all masturbators who masturbate 🙏

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hmm yes interesting. : Thank You Jesus. I will never be ashamed again. I might even go public 🤗

angpug1 : "I borrowed my friends" "I borrowed my friend's" Very important apostrophe

Angel : A tourist comes to the US and sees this💀

not sumner : 4:05 i used my sister

Corrupted : Best sponsoring ever

JedDraws : is it opposites day, jesus?

YannTheMan : Did i just watch a 10min sex toy ad hosted by Jesus?..

Glitchy Glitch : "Hey honey, I met Jesus outside and he gave me a dildo"


That Tricky Trickster : I'm Christian, and i believe in God deeply. But tbh, I think the big guy upstairs is probably laughing His ass off when He watched you do this XD

Eddlicious : This would've been funnier with euphemisms. "My child, when was the last time thou sinned with the snake?"

Zo3_the_ wierd : I feel like Jesus and deadpool would be best friends

D A N N Y : I refuse to believe that this guy isn't the real Jesus

Wonton the Walnut : *awkwardly walks home holding a fleshlight*

Croissant : Lmao borrowed his friends fleshlight

GimmeDaLoot : I mean I’m a decent baiter but I wouldn’t call myself a master-baiter...

Johnny Meringues : The first video I seen from this channel today was a heart felt plea by the guy asking for money to fight a custody battle against his religious wife. The next video up was the same man dressed as Jesus selling sex toys...

Sling and Stone : You'll regret this one day

Let be : LOL the Jehovah's witnesses. You're too funny Jesus XD

Dark devil Demon : I would never see the day jesus supported masturbation *a tear of joy comes to my eye* this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen...

Whole Food Plant-Based Man : This is *definitely* the _weird side of YouTube_

MustyRook72 the medic main : youtube age restricted this video YOUTUBE IS NOT CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!!!!

Samuel Martin : "The Holy Ghost isn't gonna give you a handy though, right?" -Jesus Christ

Hackerman : Look at the guy to the left of the screen at 4:57


Adust Gaming : Borrowed a Fleshlight? Wtf

Felix the Cat : I think Jesus actually was a hippy who totally embraced peoples sexuality idk

OTNOVSKY : jesus knows what's up

Cheng Zhou : 4:37 weird flex but okay

Aristotle Quintana : Lol the first guys where jheovas witnesses they don’t do anything sexual cause it’s a cult

Whats That? : The Second Cumming

Johnis2slik4u 123 : Why the hell did I watch a 10 min ad about masterbating from jesus

Penelko The Neko 2 : I never thought i would hear jesus recommending me sex toys

Jabba The Slut : Imagine finding out someday this bloke is actually Jesus

Foreskin Taker of souls : 4:54 ”i do dangerwanks all the time”

Andrew Prahst : *clears throat* The bible does not say anything masturbation.

Ivy The Russian : Thank you Jesus. I can masturbate and be blessed now.

almostevil 665 : this guy is the best its awfull what his ex is doing too him

mari millennium : Blasphemy

Gus JaKa : I don't know how to react to this

Stella Octangula : Who borrows their friend’s fleshlight?

Billie’s avocados : His since of humor is great!

Mifune Takumi : Hey, is it okay to subscribe to you even if I'm a Muslim?

Preston Coyle : This is not gonna go up well in court dude...

ItzGameOverPH :D : I Searched For *Jesus* Stuff And I Found This.

TubesOfSweetcorn : Just imagine going in public and seeing Jesus advertising dildos to strangers.

ØwØ : That's nice to know i'm going to heaven btw glad you think this isn't a sin because you are right, its natural anyways all humans are bound to do is sometime because of their hormones it's nothing to be ashamed of either.

Lil Dank : I wish I could have been there to get a toy

Weird Cream : LMAO dude said he borrowed a friends fleshlight

Charlie Nelson : I wonder how well thisll go down in court