Jesus loves all masturbators who masturbate 🙏

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Jesus Christ : Be sure to use coupon code "AMEN" to get 50% off your first purchase! Praise be!

hmm yes interesting. : Thank You Jesus. I will never be ashamed again. I might even go public 🤗

TubesOfSweetcorn : Just imagine going in public and seeing Jesus advertising dildos to strangers.

frickaroni : Jesus has the power to pull sex toys from out of literally nowhere.

Pumpkin Faced Cunt : Her: Honey where did you get that dildo from? Me: Uhhh. Jesus gave it to me. Her: Not again!

Bung The Booce : I didn't expect the second coming to be literal

JedDraws : is it opposites day, jesus?

DarkSwordGuy : 4:12 "i borrowed a friends fleshlight" *WTFFF DUDEEE??*

A. Cheri : _The real res-erection_ *crickets*

Hi! My name’s Catrina! : My gay-ass can only hope that Jesus is this cool XD

Mr. Blox : I was literally atheist before.After i saw this im sudenly relligious

Croissant : Lmao borrowed his friends fleshlight

Aiden Cox : Jesus puts the erection, in res-erection.

insayn1337 : Its No Nut November guys

Etang Bose : Did Jesus just say *DANGER WANK*

FBI Agent 911 : Imagine just walking through the park then suddenly you look back seeing Jesus chasing you screaming out buy my dildos

OTNOVSKY : jesus knows what's up

Geheime Person : Don't make fun of Jesus he's not some kind of hippie he's our lord and savior. >:(

Papkin : Jesus ends no nut November

Super - rinno : Weird flex but ok 4:42

Eon Lee Music : i don't trust people who lie about their masturbation habits

Ozen Awz : *There's a free sex toy in that box over there*

Eliza Schuyler Hamilton : scrolling through the comments to see if any other Christians find this funny and so far I'm the only one😔.

Mr. Cage : The real question is . . . How many times does Jesus do?

ThatGuy : Is it just me or does Jesus sound a bit like Ryan Reynolds?

Pastel Pigicorn : Who borrows their friend’s fleshlight?

The super Doge : I'm a Christian now

LIyre : “Once a week or... maybe like twice a day”

Axolotl Barnum748 : Jesus on earth before death (Colorized)

Miguel Otero : 1:26 Dude.exe has stopped working

Chilles : Christian friends : Masterbaiting and Self pleasure is a sin Me : *Shows this video*

Cheeze Weeze : Bust out the cocoa butter lotion

xd iCee : This actually encouraged masterbation. I'm going through puberty and was questioning a lot of things. (Like if I could break it 😂) Thanks Jesus! Praise be. 🙏

Grease : explain this, atheists

Rated R Cars : Life is literally a blink. You'll be explaining this to the real Jesus Christ very soon. :o)

music meow : "your body is a temple, So only shove the highest quality products WAY up in there"

Eddie Torres : Why is there an official jesus account?

Bloom - Chan : 6:51 that old dude tho lol👏👏👏😂😂😂😂😂

FT _ : No nut november

P E N G U I N 4 2 0 : It’s perfectly 10 Minutes, thank you Jesus

Google User : I wonder if any of those people had friends or family see them with that and the conversation went: Person: Oh my lord, did you really buy a sex toy??? Them: No Person: Oh really? How'd you get it then? Them: Jesus gave it to me

That Tricky Trickster : I'm Christian, and i believe in God deeply. But tbh, I think the big guy upstairs is probably laughing His ass off when He watched you do this XD

fafnir the dragon : i wonder when you go to heaven will you be jesus step brother or twin

Huong Duong : Im a christian and im still enjoying this and somehow not ofended

Walnut : Guess who isn't an atheist anymore

Ab4normal : I’m not religious but you make me love Jesus

The Tupolev Tu-160 : I don't believe in God, but this is funny

Demarion Delaney : Is it just me or does he sound just like Ryan Reynolds?

Rainbow Spork : athiest here, can confirm jesus is best 👌

FeedMe Mentoes : I may not be atheist anymore.