Bill Burr - World War Z

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K MW : world war Z.....Z is for F is for Family

Vixctor13 : The book was amazing. The movie was a pile of shit.

SeeoBeats : That voice break at 2:09 is marvelous

Sith Lord Dread : Somewhere between 68 and 70 killed me!!

PsyCoCinematics : "Come on, people. Do the math."

LIQUID EAGLE : Airplane is nearly 40 years old and still good for a laugh. Leslie Nealson double slap had me dying.

Alex Morgan : Sorry man the book was fking awesome. These studios really piss me off trying to make every movie PG-13. Who the hell didn't watch Robocop as a kid? That was made for adults, which is why kids loved it so much!

FATshadow : Here's to you, Stan Lynch.

Mitch Hop : I hate to be the guy who says this but the book was better.

W : I want a zombie movie with Steve Buscemi as the main hero.

Rexassassin : Bill burr should review deadpool

Lethik : The Walking Dead is TV-MA which is not recommended for people under the age of 17, just like R ratings...

Adolf Hitler : Somewhere between 68 and 70 😂😂😂

John Sullivan : zombie movies need to be rated r, thats just a must. its not a proper zombie movie without excessive amounts of gore.

zyphoid666 : I want more Bill doing the "1920's era radio guy" shtick. He's great at it, especially with his accent.

Jay Rock Jinx : I hate when films have to be PG 13 so kids can go see it. Fucks kids take em to something else although Nolan proved you can make intense comic book movies without gore and cursing but he's Nolan.

gony82 : Now I want a Zombie film with Jim Belushi.

watcheem : World War Z was catastrophic and an insult to the original book. What they should've done is to make a mini-series where each episode is one of the stories in the book. Maybe not all, but the ones who would fit in the TV format.

greywolf 18 : i dont think all super hero movies should be rated R, i think the ones where it fits the character should be rated R

Adam : Walking dead is rated MA the TV equivalent of R...

Jeremy Greenidge : Actually, The Walking Dead was TV-MA (basically Rated R). And I actually still liked WWZ.

kent monroe : spider mans sperm is radioactive enough to kill marry jane.

David Bow Wow : Z for Zombie

Indiee ASMR : I love that he called him Stan Lynch

Evangeliman : The walking dead ain't pg13

DonCapiche : the book was a million times better, full stop!

Антон Горшколепов : World war Z was the worst thing since my son's court appointed lawyer Larry Gruber... Seriously though, i dont think i was so angry waching any other movie. That scene, in Jerusalem, when zombies climb over 300(or higher) foot wall....I had to stand up from my chair and take a walk, it was so shockingly stupid.

Håvard Ramberg : Read the book, don't bother with the film.

Corrie Brown : i don't understand how or why Dunkirk is PG-13 either..

nick turner : Bill burr speaks truth

Grzegorz Dabkiewicz : somewhere between 68 and 70 , freaking hilarious Bill.

Matt Lee : the great comic book writer, Stan Linch...

Euroheat0022 : Yeah WWZ was complete trash. It was a vanity project for Pitt. The book was amazing though

Timmy Waston : can anyone tell me what that clip was from at 2:11?

JtheMan 46 : I think I found my new favorite thing, Bill movie reviews

asdfghjkl : It should have been made into a miniseries that was true to the books.

Word Unheard : 5:58 Stan Lynch? Did Bill Burr confuse Stan Lee and David Lynch with being the same person?

DookieMaine : Stan lynch? lmfao

Horatio Valdés : lol "Stan Lynch"

Maloneys Digest : Kirsten dunst. She's lovely.

Fischstix95 : Stan Lynch

TazeMeBro McCleskey : Download Bill Burr's Podcast if you're watching this.

Stacey Means : "Stan Lynch"! Ha!

John McClane : Bill Burr is the truth.

/\'Cypheir : It was such a good book... And when I saw the movie... I was wondering if the people involved in the film got past the first 10 pages... Biggest let down ever, especially after waiting like 7 years or something for the movie to come out...

xxxAnaconda69 : This whole "let's make every movie PG-13, so we can sell more tickets" is bullshit and it's ruining Hollywood. Certain movies NEED to be rated R or they are going to suck.

Manthony Mantano : Where is the slap scene from

Sam D : ;D this was the moist bootiful video on youtube i hvae seen so far ;D

Englandsbestlover : I thought this film was so unrealistic and pretty shit

śï×ÕfŇîņē : I agree. World War Z was good but not bloody and disgusting enough. It should have been like something out of a Cannibal Corpse album