Leo P - Sax Star (Official Video)

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ZHL242 : Yo this is the dopest thing I've ever seen Also boy that fanny pack outfit is...something

Gui Tupinamba : Very nice to see Leo P playing with his new band Too Many Drugs

George Woolley : Evil Leo confirmed as next avengers villain

lilhazzie : Oh so this is what it's like inside Leo's head.

NJP695 : “Yo Leo I brought a whole wardrobe full of wacky costumes from Party City. Which one do you want for the music video?” Leo: *Yes.*

Kryptie : Theres something wrong with this video. I Dont see a single bari

Eric Krupa : First...I have been a fan for a while. But, wtf? It’s a well produced and very clean video but, it’s like a 4 minute intro with no actual beast mode jam.

lownothigh : When does Evil Leo start his solo career

Tristan Decker : Where's the uncensored version dropping 👀👀👀

TashaSaurus : Love the groove, but miss that Baritone Sax something chronic. The magic just isn't there with this one...

Thomashisacount : Honestly, musically it gets interesting from 4:54, such a shame!

GD Dyno : Atheists explain

Cameron Self : Credits music is more inspired than the rest of the track :/

MemeInGaming : what is his wardrobe like

yogshogoth8808 : dope! can't decide which leo i like best. gotta collect them all i guess. =P

J Thorman : Leo is my favorite musician and fashionista. Like damn, those saxophones are fire but those outfits are hot! Seriously such good taste with everything.

Hannah Wales! : If you want to realize you don’t have style watch Leo p...

Yusef Abuissa : Tenor is a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

Shmijda : I'm a huge fan of Leo but I did watch this twice both with the video and then only audio. I think given how talented Leo is, its fair to judge him based on the audio only, and in this regard I found this song very dull musically. Leo i know you can do better!

Dia Dino : Leo please put on some pants

Jelita Andini : The title should be Sax Symbol. Because daaamn... Your sax must be pregnant over & over again 😁

AESTHETIC AsTrOnAuTa : 0.75% for some real funky stuff

Gang of GreenHorns : Met and talked to Leo P's parents recently and they told me to look out for this. Some other stuff is yet to come apparently. They said, "White Lava" was something else he was working on for this month. Idk if its already out on some other platform though. Love this song.

Nightlife 9 : Leo P is like the personification of Party

Tchoupi : 1.25 or 1.5 speed is better

ciel neun : Leo P is like the personalization of the message: "You've reached the end of the Internet, please stay!"

lime : Some people are commenting on the dullness of the music and I agree it is rather dull but I get the feeling the visuals were the main focus and the sax compliments it without trying to steal the show

DatMediaGuy : Speaking as someone who's watched you from your subway days, it's really cool to see you develop and come into your own as an artist. You're an inspiration, keep it up!

Gordon Bennett : Disappointing. Doesn't showcase his talent in anyway. Produced for the masses.....with the best bits removed in case the masses don't buy in.

James Robson : The thought of leo naked haunts my nightmares.

김현준 : Cocain again

Kandi Brodhagen : oh my <3 Where does that tiger tail go? ;)

Jordan Blakely : THIS! We need more of *this*! What just happened? I need to see that again.

GuuzakaTube : I can only imagine the amount of "behind the scenes" hours it must have taken to get this done. 🕒

Motya Mer : What is going on. Am I tripping balls on oxygen?

The Bari Child : What goes on in my head on a daily basis

Sarah Z : Evil Leo 👌🏽

haru takura : Gosh I swear... Leo you’re the only saxophone player that can be super talented, weird and hot in the same time❤️ (btw love the video,it’s awesome!)

Давид Муратов : cool !!!

Subparanon : I think I get this guy. He doesn't take himself too seriously and likes to poke fun a little. Like a sax star video with mostly star, and not a lot of sax. Knowing what he's capable of, I think it's a statement about people getting caught up in celebrity instead of talent. The sad part is, you could put anybody with a look, in a video like this, put an instrument in their hands, and have play the most derivative, generic, dance music a person could imagine, and have people who like image over substance eat it up and upvote it to superstardom. I don't know this guy, but I want to believe he's self aware enough to kind of mock the whole thing.

B.a.T. : Okay Leo your tattoos are cool, but at least something could be on either than a phanny pack. Like the vid tho.

SaLtYtOwTrUcK : Everybody is talking about evil Leo what about naked leo

Thomas Ricci : Speed 1,25× my head is hurting

Smoky Donuts : Let's not jump the shark Leo.

Hilarious Me : Having sax!!!!

J Thorman : Bubblegum Boy and Desperado are my favorites. Evil Leo is a big mood though.

Game Hour : This is got to be the funny shit I have seen this month, keep it leo

Morgan McFadden : guys you should watch this in .75 really sexy but kinda repetitive

MATEOTRONIC. : Lucky chops 😭😭😭

Yusef Abuissa : How am I supposed to pay attention to all the nuanced choreography when there's such a provocative leo taking all my attention! Desperado is truly an alluring mysterious character... Wonderful vid wonderful bop.