Leo P - Sax Star (Official Video)

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ZHL242 : Yo this is the dopest thing I've ever seen Also boy that fanny pack outfit is...something

Gui Tupinamba : Very nice to see Leo P playing with his new band Too Many Drugs

George Woolley : Evil Leo confirmed as next avengers villain

Kryptie : Theres something wrong with this video. I Dont see a single bari

Eric Krupa : First...I have been a fan for a while. But, wtf? It’s a well produced and very clean video but, it’s like a 4 minute intro with no actual beast mode jam.

lilhazzie : Oh so this is what it's like inside Leo's head.

lownothigh : When does Evil Leo start his solo career

Cameron Self : Credits music is more inspired than the rest of the track :/

GD Dyno : Atheists explain

Thomashisacount : Honestly, musically it gets interesting from 4:54, such a shame!

Tristan Decker : Where's the uncensored version dropping 👀👀👀

TashaSaurus : Love the groove, but miss that Baritone Sax something chronic. The magic just isn't there with this one...

yogshogoth8808 : dope! can't decide which leo i like best. gotta collect them all i guess. =P

J Thorman : Leo is my favorite musician and fashionista. Like damn, those saxophones are fire but those outfits are hot! Seriously such good taste with everything.

MemeInGaming : what is his wardrobe like

Hannah Wales! : If you want to realize you don’t have style watch Leo p...

Yusef Abuissa : Tenor is a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

Dia Dino : Leo please put on some pants

NJP695 : “Yo Leo I brought a whole wardrobe full of wacky costumes from Party City. Which one do you want for the music video?” Leo: *Yes.*

AESTHETIC AsTrOnAuTa : 0.75% for some real funky stuff

Jelita Andini : The title should be Sax Symbol. Because daaamn... Your sax must be pregnant over & over again 😁

Tchoupi : 1.25 or 1.5 speed is better

Shmijda : I'm a huge fan of Leo but I did watch this twice both with the video and then only audio. I think given how talented Leo is, its fair to judge him based on the audio only, and in this regard I found this song very dull musically. Leo i know you can do better!

James Robson : The thought of leo naked haunts my nightmares.

Gordon Bennett : Disappointing. Doesn't showcase his talent in anyway. Produced for the masses.....with the best bits removed in case the masses don't buy in.

haru takura : Gosh I swear... Leo you’re the only saxophone player that can be super talented, weird and hot in the same time❤️ (btw love the video,it’s awesome!)

Jordan Blakely : THIS! We need more of *this*! What just happened? I need to see that again.

Subparanon : I think I get this guy. He doesn't take himself too seriously and likes to poke fun a little. Like a sax star video with mostly star, and not a lot of sax. Knowing what he's capable of, I think it's a statement about people getting caught up in celebrity instead of talent. The sad part is, you could put anybody with a look, in a video like this, put an instrument in their hands, and have play the most derivative, generic, dance music a person could imagine, and have people who like image over substance eat it up and upvote it to superstardom. I don't know this guy, but I want to believe he's self aware enough to kind of mock the whole thing.

Little Ember : This better not mean youe leaving too many zooz :,( but i loved the song

김현준 : Cocain again

Morgan McFadden : guys you should watch this in .75 really sexy but kinda repetitive

John.0 : A god amongst men bro

Kandi Brodhagen : oh my <3 Where does that tiger tail go? ;)

B.a.T. : Okay Leo your tattoos are cool, but at least something could be on either than a phanny pack. Like the vid tho.

Motya Mer : What is going on. Am I tripping balls on oxygen?

Game Hour : This is got to be the funny shit I have seen this month, keep it leo

Thomas Ricci : Speed 1,25× my head is hurting

うすいこうじ : ちゃんとバカっぽくて大好き!バンド(too many zoo zoo)も大好き!👍👍👍

My name Is great : I’ve been a fan ever since the bcc performance I just loved the way you play

Yusef Abuissa : How am I supposed to pay attention to all the nuanced choreography when there's such a provocative leo taking all my attention! Desperado is truly an alluring mysterious character... Wonderful vid wonderful bop.

Nightlife 9 : Leo P is like the personification of Party

Clan's name was Yuki : So Leo turns much more into Moon Hooch when he plays his solo stuff

Dylan Cisneros : This reminds me of "EWI" by Moon Hooch

Smoky Donuts : Let's not jump the shark Leo.

J Thorman : Bubblegum Boy and Desperado are my favorites. Evil Leo is a big mood though.

James T. : Boring as hell

J Thorman : I'mma bout to loop this for a few hours. Also, I don't know how to feel about pretty-much-naked Leo.

J Thorman : Also this song sounds funny but still cool at a slower speed

Folmo- 0228 : どのLeoも好きだよ。かっこいいよ!

Ahoi Husar : Again again, don't stop this groove.... DANCE🕺