8 Countries in 6 Weeks Web Series - Trailer
8 Countries in 6 Weeks Web Series

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After covering 42,071 miles/67,723 kilometers and 8 countries with countless moments of being mistaken as a crazy person talking to a GoPro and an iPhone on the street, I am proud to present to you a 10-minutes trailer of the 34 episodes of my travel series "8 Countries in 6 Weeks" which will debut here on my Travel Channel "Go Out On A LIM" on July 25, 2018. Please check it out and hit subscribe if my travel chronicle interests you. As always, this is Andrew Lim inviting you to Go Out On A LIM :)


Lesli White : Go Andrew go! ✈️ 🍜 🍣 💓

Lou Percello : What a great trailer Andrew. I think you found your next calling. Next time you go, let me know. I'll hold the camera for you. Nice chatting with you today back home in NYC.