will a earth round or will he flat

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channelthegijoeshow : @Sam Bourke Why is u want to go mental hospital? is you a mental man? how is u knows how to do computar mental man? you is very smarter mental man.. this mirakal of God...

Special Agent Fox : Brilliant! Give this man the Nobel Prize!

ok : since when was earth a he? *triggered*

Batt Fink : Gravity does not pull you down. Down does not exist in space. Gravity pulls you to the centre of the earth. Gravity connects all objects in the universe but larger objects have a greater gravitational pull- this is why you stick to the earth. HOWEVER-- gravitational pull also diminishes over distance. This is why you don't stick to Jupiter instead of Earth. Because the earth is the largest thing on the earth, everything that falls to the ground is just being drawn to the largest, closest thing. As particles accumulate from all directions to form a planet, it ends up being a sphere. So The Earth, my friend? He will a round.

Sanjana Shrivastava : Iski English sun kr meri eyes me heart attack aagya 😝😝😂😂

Ali Plays : Like if memeulous sent u

Grayson Carter : I think I'm just about high enough to understand this. 

Robert McLaughlin : A new scientific breakthrough was found

m.a. khizar : Albert!!!! Albert!!!! Albert Einstein!!!!!!! He took rebirth again!!!!!????!!!! OMG!!!!!!! Give a noble prize to this man😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Prem Joshi : Dude Earth is a planet! Not Lego! If the Earth is flat!, make a video of you going to the very end and for god's sake taking a leap straight down to your death! PS : Please don't breed if you somehow manage to survive.

Itz Sable : memeulous

n u e : but the real question if die where he go? does they space or do they heaven

Ismail Nisar : 2:41 "Ullta" means upside down Thank me later

Aditya Gond : Newton was your student?

Orlel eise : Thanks for this. I was a bit unclear on whether we were squash or juice, but you explained it really clearly. Please, accept my like as thanks.

Turdburglar : Hey frend what tink of american moons lanading?

жежгеои ыфйщ : Thank you once again for a very informative, fun, and useful video. Before watching this, I thought the world was round. However, thanks to your logical and easy to understand explanation, I now know the truth. Once again, thank you for taking time out of your day to educate us ignorant people on YouTube.

clap clap : will a earth round or will he flat

Luca Bastiaanse : knowledge

NAVEEN GUPTA : Why don't u publish your research papers. U got a valid point buddy.Just keep working hard u will soon get a Nobel prize in physics.

wasim akram : who are here from rawknee show.....

Diamond V Dallas : English ruled india for 100 years This guy is Punishment to English for eternity. 😂😂 Pay Back Red Coats

Silly Ender : Either it's a *high level sarcasm* or he is a *bucklehead*

Satyam Karmahe : Abe wo gravity hai fevicol nhi jo wo 'sticking forces' hai in your language! Earth ko tune he bana diya! Miracle bro! And your yo is just awesome!! Tu kabhi America mat jaana aur agar jao to kisi se baat mt krna. Jinko joke samajh me aaya like kro

oxyo : gud film, the cancaroo in ostralia dos not fale so earth he flat

Gaming with mudit : Dude do you know about your English or is your channel just a joke?

MixMax : You are so smart

Kermit the frog : Eart flat he no circle. I proof it he flat no circle

Siddharth Nandi : Is this guy fr lmao

Gaming for all : Description Will a earth will a round or will he a flats? today I am eksplaned. used for a sientifik gravity farmula. we are lern in a school that he will a rounds like a balls. but all a rilijen will god will told us a he will a strait like a plan. So who will truth? It will god.!

Ascalio : I never knew thant earth has a gender

Magnus Aalstad : He looks so happy when he starts talking about the South Pole

MethsBack : Ok, that's one mystery solved. But now for the real important question. How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real

ROCKY TECH : Is this person saying English or the mixture of all languages?Is he doing the advertisement of Fevicol? Gravity is not sticking shit it is a force which pulls us

YASH VERMA : This is how flat Earth society explain their theory

HARSH PARADKAR : Gravitational force always acts downwards.. So if you stand on south pole same will happen Gravity will act downwards.. And you are standing inverted so gravity will act accordingly.. SO THIS IS FALSE

Apavlakos : the earth is not self-consoucous?

Macky Gee : Fantastic. Has confused me for many years. Thank you for knowledge.

Abhishek Singh Soam : I think newton and einstine would like to have lesson from you

Dbora 009 : Please someone take this man to the South pole

shd Technical : Bhuk bdsk.... Burbaak insaan....

Concept. : This is a very important scientifically topic


Shadow Warrior : Kon hai ye ? Kha se aate hai aise log? Kon lata hai inko yha

SUBSCRIBE if you are human. : I think after watching this video I shall be able to understand animal's language.

SUBSCRIBE if you are human. : This man speaks best English but according to him he speaks goodest English.

ashu tosh : अरे बेटीचोद .... Kaali thooth ke hindi hgta h ya english ka hi gu kha rkha.

Zachary Hilsman : Beautiful. The most educational video I've seen yet. Do you teach schools? Come on, don't lie, you're an Oxford professor, aren't you? I'm asking any and every teacher I know to watch this and show it to their class.

Nawajagaran Saccos : I am confused that which language he had spoken?😂😂

Tanish Gupta : I just feel like laughing after hearing his speech 🤣