will a earth round or will he flat

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channelthegijoeshow : @Sam Bourke Why is u want to go mental hospital? is you a mental man? how is u knows how to do computar mental man? you is very smarter mental man.. this mirakal of God...

Special Agent Fox : Brilliant! Give this man the Nobel Prize!

Grayson Carter : I think I'm just about high enough to understand this. 

n u e : but the real question if die where he go? does they space or do they heaven

Ali Plays : Like if memeulous sent u

ok : since when was earth a he? *triggered*

MethsBack : Ok, that's one mystery solved. But now for the real important question. How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real

Macky Gee : Fantastic. Has confused me for many years. Thank you for knowledge.

Zachary Hilsman : Beautiful. The most educational video I've seen yet. Do you teach schools? Come on, don't lie, you're an Oxford professor, aren't you? I'm asking any and every teacher I know to watch this and show it to their class.


Batt Fink : Gravity does not pull you down. Down does not exist in space. Gravity pulls you to the centre of the earth. Gravity connects all objects in the universe but larger objects have a greater gravitational pull- this is why you stick to the earth. HOWEVER-- gravitational pull also diminishes over distance. This is why you don't stick to Jupiter instead of Earth. Because the earth is the largest thing on the earth, everything that falls to the ground is just being drawn to the largest, closest thing. As particles accumulate from all directions to form a planet, it ends up being a sphere. So The Earth, my friend? He will a round.

Itz Sable : memeulous

Robert McLaughlin : A new scientific breakthrough was found

Luca Bastiaanse : knowledge

BizzLeVrai : it is a joke. A parody.  also who is flat?

Turdburglar : Hey frend what tink of american moons lanading?

clap clap : will a earth round or will he flat

Orlel eise : Thanks for this. I was a bit unclear on whether we were squash or juice, but you explained it really clearly. Please, accept my like as thanks.

T. Markus Gellert : Flat Earth Society in a nutshell.

CSplayer116 : thx alot my friend i learn many !!!!

Prem Joshi : Dude Earth is a planet! Not Lego! If the Earth is flat!, make a video of you going to the very end and for god's sake taking a leap straight down to your death! PS : Please don't breed if you somehow manage to survive.

Gerel Gruber : I sincerely hope this is some kind of joke

жежгеои ыфйщ : Thank you once again for a very informative, fun, and useful video. Before watching this, I thought the world was round. However, thanks to your logical and easy to understand explanation, I now know the truth. Once again, thank you for taking time out of your day to educate us ignorant people on YouTube.

Ismail Nisar : 2:41 "Ullta" means upside down Thank me later

germanicus fink : Dude, are you a scientist??

KokaKolaKan : i call moon, he not there...

BlockHeadGuy : gud film, the cancaroo in ostralia dos not fale so earth he flat

Sam B : I could go to a mental hospital and ask people information on the great schizm of 1111 and receive a more coherent dialogue than this.

Blastranaut : Eart flat he no circle. I proof it he flat no circle


John Daker : You My friend are a hero to us all godbless

Mcspleezly :3 : thx fam made me nut my pantihoew

Milan Stojanović : Sooo will all we flat ! ( ̄^ ̄)尸

Magnus Aalstad : He looks so happy when he starts talking about the South Pole

Aim4Lyrics : *Science channel he ya comedy channel he*

legendary titans : Earth is round fool

Piyush Suthar : Give him a job in a university as a professor... 😑😑😑😑

Aim4Lyrics : I was thinking bb is the best comedy channel in india until I meet this guy

Djan Banai : bill nye got shit compared to this man

A1XLY : "dis is kraviti he pul the man down he no fly awei"

Siddharth Nandi : Is this guy fr lmao

K0ANA : when you go to the south pole you'll fly to space, genius.....👌👌👌👌👌👌

Jenson baker : It's round because of gravity but to us it's flat like if you think he is dumb

YourAverageJoe66 : Fool parson! Earth has own gravity so man in a South Pole will still stay on a Earth instead of fall off!

Conquest 32 : It god who mak earth round but flat earth if mental man mak bad tings

Centiy : Much help, this helped me on my space test I shall now get a job at nasa.

camo : He makes that hand gesture at the beginning as a representation of how much he learned from science class XDDD

Ajarmean0933 : Easrht will 5 dimention

Joseph Stalin : you are my favorite youtuber now. thank you for opening my eyes

Roelf Meeuwissen : Biggest Questions in life