Hacker Breaks Down 26 Hacking Scenes From Movies & TV | WIRED

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jotabeas22 : I want the thumbs of whoever edited the video. Awful. All that interruption is pretty much adding length and noises - both unneeded. Crappy.

Carolyne Geng : I believe one of the producers? directors? on Mr. Robot has a background in cybersecurity, so they take it to heart to make every scene as realistic as TV will allow them. Very interesting stuff.

Cancer Police : The editor seems like that one douchebag in class that does unfunny voiceovers/commentary during presentations and thinks he's a comedic genius

Jeff : Hes not a real hacker, he is not wearing a hat and a black hoodie

Fire Tiger : WANna DoWnLoAD SoME RAM!?

The Hated One : The editor is doing a great disservice to what this guy is talking about.

arlien : Oh my God. Please. Stop. With. The. Constant. Interruption.

Nick Zardiashvili : Wait, is this guy actually suggesting that contrary to the Hollywood trend one's ability to hack does not depend on one's speed of typing?!

jagmo : For convenience: Swordfish (2001) 00:15 The Italian Job (2003) 00:53 Chuck, S5 E5, "Chuck Versus the Hack Off" (12/09/2011) 01:38 Skyfall (2012) 02:29 Hackers (1995) 03:27 Wargames (1983) 04:34 Tron: Legacy (2010) 05:21 Mr. Robot, "eps1.2_d3bug.mkv" (07/08/2015) 06:04 NCIS, S14 E20, "A Bowl of Cherries" (04/04/2017) 06:55 Untraceable (2008) 07:16 CSI: CYBER, S1 E10, "Click Your Poison" (05/06/2015) 08:19 The Net (1995) 09:04 Castle, S8 E8, "Mr. & Mrs. Castle" (11/23/2015) 09:55 The Matrix Reloaded (2003) 10:52 Iron Man 2 (2010) 11:53 Weird Science (1985) 12:32 Live Free or Die Hard (2007) 13:20 Snowden (2016) 13:50 The Social Network (2010) 14:24 Transformers (2007) 15:11 Under Siege 2 (1995) 15:55 Blackhat (2015) 16:23 Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) 17:18 Criminal Minds, S3 E9, "Penelope" (11/21/2007) 18:11 Sneakers (1992) 19:26 Algorithm (2014) 20:07

LookHereImHacking : please don't ever edit like this again, it's super annoying to listen to him and having the clips interrupt him.

TD : Let's face it; we all came here to hear him say that Mr. Robot is doing a decent job.

Regular Dude : Alright editor, we get it... you are really good at ruining decent content. Weird flex, but okay.

woody dr : YOU DIDN'T ENHANCE THE IMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack Blades : "Console or terminal" editor sticks in a HTML text file.

SJ Tutorials : some of these hacking scenes are very painful to watch.

mahchymk93 : Meanwhile graphics are showing HTML code for "console interface" FML

gewinnste : His reaction to NCIS is gold 6:57

ketan 0 : Well That means He Can Delete T-series

Johnny『Spoonageddon』 : Wow, they actually got one of the greatest guys who could talk about these hacking scenes and then they edited it in such a horrible way. 8:34 - 9:02 for example is absolutely horrendous editing. Just show the clip, let Samy explain it and then head to the next movie clip, it's not hard.

Epic Gentleman. : When i use cmd my teacher thinks im hacking

Ashton Öates : I really wish they hadn't kept interrupting him with this little 2 second clips that had absolutely nothing to do with what he was saying every 30 seconds, that drove me crazy

Major Gnuisance : 16:40 It could've been an actual PDF with an arbitrary code execution exploit for whatever reader the victim used to view it and a keylogger as the payload.

Leo : He didnt talk about downloading ram so can I really download ram?

Loafy Productions : These edits are exhausting

Brandon Creighton : He doesn't even mention in the NCIS clip that 2 people are using the same keyboard? lol

RageRakizta : What is Freddie Mercury doing here? Why is he a hacker now?

LBOE : word word *movie clip* word *movie clip* word word word word *movie clip* word *movie clip* word *movie clip* word word *movie clip* word word word *movie clip*... LET THE MAN SPEAK

Dipendra Kharal : Lmfao He hacked with HTML thats how hackers hack nasa 0:42

JN Photography : Mr Robot is the best thing on this list

Sandra Carli : I liked his smile when something was not accurate at all :-D

Aldy Waani : how about paranormal expert breakdown demonic horror movie scenes ..

Christopher Hendrix : Lord knows I can't compete with Samy on ANY hacking level, but he should get the definition of phreaking right. Phreaking ISN'T "hacking over the phone lines or dial-up." Phreaking refers to hacking the old analog phone system switches and to some extent, digital systems using long distance extenders (although true phreaks will argue that hacking long distance codes, and making calls over 3rd party PBX systems isn't phreaking) all for the purpose of making long distance calls for free. Originally, a series of "boxes" which were just electronics hooked into the phone line or sounds played through the mouthpiece, were made and given color codes. Black boxes, blue boxes, green/red boxes(pay phones), etc. I feel like Samy just isn't old enough to have expereienced this for himself so he's a little foggy on the subject. Awesome dude with mad skills though. In Wargames, phreaking IS alluded to when he says there are ways around getting charged for long distance calls.

ThrasherTheKid : He talks so calmly, Im at peace.

Freya : I saw rami, I clicked... I bet yall did too

Woufaffle : Just another comment expressing how terrible the editing is in this video. Don't underestimate your audience. We do have an attention span longer than 10 seconds.

Rcbif : Awful editing. Whoever did this needs to be ashamed .

ElleThePotato : you should hack t-series and delete it.

• Loser • : everyone who watched this video is about to get hacked by this man.

chrissx Media : SAMY IS MY HERO wtf that one after min 9 said wolfenstein 3d in one of the window titles

Marshal General : How and where can i learn hacking

Zinther Z : samy kamkar discovered the flaws in visa cards, php and many more stuff. he is an internet legend

Smine : I only clicked here cos the thumbnail showed the until dawn dude lol I also found the title interesting

BR0K3N GL455 : samy is my hero

RetardedGayness : I think that bit with the dogs or cats, even though real hackers wont normally do that, it could be a attempt to throw someone off as mistaking them for a "Scriptkiddy" so they underestimate the hacker, if that makes any sense?

Mr. I Get Girls : Ah Remember the good old days when we were still fighting with swords and shields bow and arrows Fire and slaves. Good times

BOOST GAMING : I bet tony stark had kali linux on that phone

Maria Mercedes : Came here because of pewdiepie

Aaron Kelly : He's got hacking down, but hacking something over an analog modem connection != phreaking. Not even a little.

Drew Blanche : Somebody really 'hacked' this video..

Doom2Guy : I am so glad the NCIS clip is included, it's gloriously stupid