Hacker Breaks Down 26 Hacking Scenes From Movies & TV | WIRED

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The Hated One : The editor is doing a great disservice to what this guy is talking about.

Zinther Z : samy kamkar discovered the flaws in visa cards, php and many more stuff. he is an internet legend

Doom2Guy : I am so glad the NCIS clip is included, it's gloriously stupid

SuperPantMan : This guy is extremely knowledgeable and Wired should really stop with the 'funny' little edits during his explanations

Pranav Pathak : Here is a piece of advice: FIRE YOUR EDITOR!

TD : Let's face it; we all came here to hear him say that Mr. Robot is doing a decent job.

NostalgiNorden : Can someone please hack the editing of this video?

Frost : You know what hackers did when Police showed up at their house? They ransomware safe

Singleplayers : I just love when he smiles as a scene passes by. It's like "what were they thinking?"

stfu. • : Am I the only one unbothered with the editing?

jotabeas22 : I want the thumbs of whoever edited the video. Awful. All that interruption is pretty much adding length and noises - both unneeded. Crappy.

Cedric Lothritz : This video would have been a lot more interesting if it wasn't for the abundance of annoying "commentary" clips interspersed throughout his explanations.

idioticmadison : for those of you who only watched this because you saw Mr.. Robot in the thumbnail, the clip starts at 6:04

Nate Rogers : Please do meth smoker analyzes tweakers in movies.

Sean Place : According to TV and Hollywood, all computers make shrill beep noises.

RageRakizta : What is Freddie Mercury doing here? Why is he a hacker now?

Stoney Woney : This is exhausting to watch. Bad editing.

Mike Snapper : Let's make a GUI in visual basic to track the killer's IP address

Sam Evans : The Matrix was way ahead of it's time!

Phantom Rides : First time am not complaining about Youtube Recommendations

Ashton Öates : I really wish they hadn't kept interrupting him with this little 2 second clips that had absolutely nothing to do with what he was saying every 30 seconds, that drove me crazy

Max : But most of all, Samy is my hero!

perkt : I hate vice. but love this video

Carolina : he's handsome.

Scott Aitken : As someone who is generally quite experienced with programming, I wince every time I see one of these kind of scenes.

Aldy Waani : how about paranormal expert breakdown demonic horror movie scenes ..

Ishan : He didnt talk about downloading ram so can I really download ram?

LookHereImHacking : please don't ever edit like this again, it's super annoying to listen to him and having the clips interrupt him.

Jokke216 : That "gigabyte of ram" clip killed me xD

Fire Tiger : WANna DoWnLoAD SoME RAM!?

mahchymk93 : Meanwhile graphics are showing HTML code for "console interface" FML

Alex callahan : .I'm closer. I'm farther. I'm closer. Im farther. I'm closer. I'm farther.I'm closer. I'm farther. I'm closer. Im farther. I'm closer. I'm farther.I'm closer. I'm farther. I'm closer. Im farther. I'm closer. I'm farther.I'm closer. I'm farther. I'm closer. Im farther. I'm closer. I'm farther

Carl : *now do watchdogs*

Tilmann Wollenberg : So... where's the G-Force hacking scene?

Katherine Gloria : I saw Mr Robot and i click

Rcbif : Awful editing. Whoever did this needs to be ashamed .

I_Do_Things_Sometimes : What is this editor on

ketan singh : Well That means He Can Delete T-series

ninuxy : Samy... I remember him back in IRC days (2000's). He gave me some kickass ideas on Regex when I was in school. Awesome guy.

Ivan Wheelwright : A great one that was missed was the original Jurassic Park - the little girl saying "oh this is a linux system" awhile a 3D wireframe of the complex animates...

JustPranjal : I am only here for Mr. Robot & E-Corp 🔥

JL Gam1ng : Man i hope his hacker hacks 50,000 printers to subscrie to pewdiepie just like the hacker who did too

Aaron Kelly : He's got hacking down, but hacking something over an analog modem connection != phreaking. Not even a little.

SJ Tutorials : some of these hacking scenes are very painful to watch.

Völundr Frey : The editing is absolutely terrible.

Casperian : @1:50 Whoa, YouTuber Asian Andy is a Hollywood actor??? 😂😂😂

Cancer Police : The editor seems like that one douchebag in class that does unfunny voiceovers/commentary during presentations and thinks he's a comedic genius

Debo Datta : did you guys really not do Silicon Valley...

C.K. Brooke : I love these videos but they go on too long. Would be more digestible broken up into 2 ten-minute clips. Great videos though.

???????? : This guy has no idea what he's talking about. Everyone knows all you need to hack is to type quickly with strobe lighting and rave music.