Hacker Breaks Down 26 Hacking Scenes From Movies & TV | WIRED

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TD : Let's face it; we all came here to hear him say that Mr. Robot is doing a decent job.

Zinther Z : samy kamkar discovered the flaws in visa cards, php and many more stuff. he is an internet legend

SuperPantMan : This guy is extremely knowledgeable and Wired should really stop with the 'funny' little edits during his explanations

Doom2Guy : I am so glad the NCIS clip is included, it's gloriously stupid

Pranav Pathak : Here is a piece of advice: FIRE YOUR EDITOR!

The Hated One : The editor is doing a great disservice to what this guy is talking about.

Singleplayers : I just love when he smiles as a scene passes by. It's like "what were they thinking?"

NostalgiNorden : Can someone please hack the editing of this video?

Frost : You know what hackers did when Police showed up at their house? They ransomware safe

idioticmadison : for those of you who only watched this because you saw Mr.. Robot in the thumbnail, the clip starts at 6:04

jotabeas22 : I want the thumbs of whoever edited the video. Awful. All that interruption is pretty much adding length and noises - both unneeded. Crappy.

Fire Tiger : WANna DoWnLoAD SoME RAM!?

Cedric Lothritz : This video would have been a lot more interesting if it wasn't for the abundance of annoying "commentary" clips interspersed throughout his explanations.

stfu. • : Am I the only one unbothered with the editing?

Nate Rogers : Please do meth smoker analyzes tweakers in movies.

Aldy Waani : how about paranormal expert breakdown demonic horror movie scenes ..

Cancer Police : The editor seems like that one douchebag in class that does unfunny voiceovers/commentary during presentations and thinks he's a comedic genius

Stoney Woney : This is exhausting to watch. Bad editing.

Sean Place : According to TV and Hollywood, all computers make shrill beep noises.

Johnny『Spoonageddon』 : Wow, they actually got one of the greatest guys who could talk about these hacking scenes and then they edited it in such a horrible way. 8:34 - 9:02 for example is absolutely horrendous editing. Just show the clip, let Samy explain it and then head to the next movie clip, it's not hard.

Rcbif : Awful editing. Whoever did this needs to be ashamed .

LookHereImHacking : please don't ever edit like this again, it's super annoying to listen to him and having the clips interrupt him.

Sam Evans : The Matrix was way ahead of it's time!

Phantom Rides : First time am not complaining about Youtube Recommendations

Carolina : he's handsome.

Ashton Öates : I really wish they hadn't kept interrupting him with this little 2 second clips that had absolutely nothing to do with what he was saying every 30 seconds, that drove me crazy

Mike Snapper : Let's make a GUI in visual basic to track the killer's IP address

Alex callahan : .I'm closer. I'm farther. I'm closer. Im farther. I'm closer. I'm farther.I'm closer. I'm farther. I'm closer. Im farther. I'm closer. I'm farther.I'm closer. I'm farther. I'm closer. Im farther. I'm closer. I'm farther.I'm closer. I'm farther. I'm closer. Im farther. I'm closer. I'm farther

Max : But most of all, Samy is my hero!

Scott Aitken : As someone who is generally quite experienced with programming, I wince every time I see one of these kind of scenes.

RageRakizta : What is Freddie Mercury doing here? Why is he a hacker now?

Carl : *now do watchdogs*

Katherine Gloria : I saw Mr Robot and i click

Jokke216 : That "gigabyte of ram" clip killed me xD

Michael Moore : It's good to see more of Samy. An absolute living legend. Incredibly talented and clever. This editor really did him and everyone watching this an enormous disservice.

mahchymk93 : Meanwhile graphics are showing HTML code for "console interface" FML

Andreas Toth : About sshnuke in the Matrix, my thoughts on it was that just because it's not an existing command does not mean it couldn't be a custom script or binary written by the hacker to automate the process. I actually thought that to be the logical conclusion to sshnuke, and not that it's a flaw.

I_Do_Things_Sometimes : What is this editor on

Thomas Rowberry : I know it's been said in the comments but this became hard to watch. The information we're being given is great and yet it's constantly ruined by the editing. If people are clicking on the video they're interested in what Kamkar has to say, not the additional fluff.

Ivan Wheelwright : A great one that was missed was the original Jurassic Park - the little girl saying "oh this is a linux system" awhile a 3D wireframe of the complex animates...

arlien : Oh my God. Please. Stop. With. The. Constant. Interruption.

That Boxing Dude : I can hack his face with a left hook

ninuxy : Samy... I remember him back in IRC days (2000's). He gave me some kickass ideas on Regex when I was in school. Awesome guy.

SJ Tutorials : some of these hacking scenes are very painful to watch.

???????? : This guy has no idea what he's talking about. Everyone knows all you need to hack is to type quickly with strobe lighting and rave music.

Zandor Felok : The NCIS episodes that include hacking always give me a great laugh.

Baran : 8:58 "if you're viewing the source code you're pretty much viewing everything" this is wrong on so many levels lol. the most basic example would be php on a web server

Xing Tu : clearly these hollywood guys have never installed gentoo

Debo Datta : did you guys really not do Silicon Valley...

Völundr Frey : The editing is absolutely terrible.