Bobby Lee Tells Joey Diaz Why He Can't Perform in Austin, Texas

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From Episode #350 of The Church of What's Happening Now Podcast with Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt and guest Bobby Lee .

Comments from Youtube

IAM ChickenSalad : " I didnt like it, it was salty" Thank you Joe Rogan for introducing these animals into my life

Carl Rice : Holy shit! if this guy says he didn't do something, at this point I'll believe it. Every time.

Kieran Mcewan : It's weird to see Joey Diaz speechless

Joel Smith : 90% of people have secrets just as crazy as these but they'll never tell anyone and they're the ones that judge honest people.

DangerMouSe : Fun Dip is a hell of a drug...

Kingston Trace : This turned dark real quick. I wasn't ready for that.

Rayo Visual : To be fair, fun dip candy is the bomb

John Connor : What an honest dude. I always liked him on MadTV.

Infotainment : Dude got balls to be this open lol

Seth Sharon : Bobby Lee 1 - Society 0

ReaperLegion : The down syndrome guy made me choke on my soup

MsRandomPro : Some ppl grows up with better childhoods then others, and some, much darker then others. More power to you Bobby.

Zachary Banasiak : I feel joey is trying so hard not to laugh because bobby is being serious lol

Cian Cleary : Good man, Bobby. Takes BALLLLLLSSSSS to admit to that stuff LMAO

DG Vlogs : Bobby Lee has to be the most open and honest comedian out there. No shame

TheTaterTotP80 : Why did he mention the Limo driver being White?

TURBO Pepper : Change title: Bobby Lee admits he was molested as a child

TRAP MUSIC NOW. : This fool jerked off a down syndrome guy while getting blasted in the butt for some Fun Dip candy. Hahaha

Harry Marquez : Good grief bobby lee

Mikky Hunter : *_But, what would you do for a Klondike bar?_*

Max Meier : Not that it would be unimaginable that Bobby did it, but I do believe him.

Christopher Barleta : I'll admit to a life regret...clicking on this video. From now on, i'll have the mental image of little Bobby Lee getting diddled by the guy from True Detectives.😕

Sam : bobby lee is one of a kind...

Willa Herrera : Fun Dip is a helluva DRUG!

J San : I would of just stuck with the original story.

Snaggle Toothed : How does he know the limo driver was white?

dave marnell : Sounds exactly like the type of guy that would have done that.


NeuroHack : It was his Cousin. Incest. That’s why he doesn’t admit it here. He admitted it on Norm MacDonalds show though.

Nautilus1972 : This guy says a lot of gay stuff ...

Tyrant : For the love of God Bobby I believe you, just stop telling me these stories.

PhillipLeeVisionary : “The dip candy, the one with the stick” Aw yeh makes total sense now.

Jay Jones : How would he have known the limo driver was white? Checkmate Atheists.

Maliken : 0:29 "did you?" " . . . . . " LOL

Colton B : I could only imagine BL on trial for a crime he didn't commit... "Urinating inside a Jamba Juice last thursday at 3pm? Hell naw! That's the same time that I was down on 31st and Crenshaw snorting coke and getting some head from 2 trannies. How am I sure about the time? Cause I do it every week! Yeah, then after that, I head down to the elementary school and expose myself to all the little childrens..."

Jacob Maldonado : I always wandered if Bobby lee had a form of down sydrome

tmac20031 : This explains a lot about Bobby Lee, Jesus😨

sieve5 : Jesus christ bobby I'm so sorry that happend to you

SHAKE : I had to watch this two times to reconfirm what I heard.

Sonny Brown : Damn, that got dark real quick.

Marty Harty Arty : "3 summers? You must've loved that dip candy." Missed opportunity. Someone should have said "He must've loved dip candy too" 👉🏻👁 Fingered his browneye.

KokaKolaKan : The limo guy probably confused Bobby Lee with David Cross. Case closed.

JelloFluoride : Bobby Lee is an enigma. Very talented guy.

Paul Martinez : New Respect: 4 Booby Lee - God bless.

oldirtyshinobi : 3:09 fuggn Lee!😂

FALCONPUNCH : My fav chuckles came from that mad tv show. That show was sooooooo super funny. I loved bobby playing the blind karate master. I think my fav skits were that one chick that played a coked up Whitney

Chema Alonzo : damn im in austin wondering why bobby lee hasnt come through.

Supracabra : Bobby with the classy Metallica shirt on. Legend.

Alexander McCabe : "Did you" i feel Joey Diaz would so he had to ask