Bobby Lee Tells Joey Diaz Why He Can't Perform in Austin, Texas

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Cian Cleary : Good man, Bobby. Takes BALLLLLLSSSSS to admit to that stuff LMAO

ubvids : Dude got balls to be this open lol

IAM ChickenSalad : " I didnt like it, it was salty" Thank you Joe Rogan for introducing these animals into my life

Joel Smith : 90% of people have secrets just as crazy as these but they'll never tell anyone and they're the ones that judge honest people.

DangerMouSe : Fun Dip is a hell of a drug...

Geo AthAN : bobby lee is the real life mr.chow

Jack RIPPER : no wonder he turned to drugs Jesus Christ

Sonny Brown : Damn, that got dark real quick.

Rayo Visual : To be fair, fun dip candy is the bomb

John Connor : What an honest dude. I always liked him on MadTV.

Carl Rice : Holy shit! if this guy says he didn't do something, at this point I'll believe it. Every time.

Adrian Loading : "i just tasted it a couple times" LOL

gravityphantasm : Damn Steve Aoki let himself go

Sean E Cash : The guy says he's sober, been struggling with addiction and Joeys blowing pot smoke in his face...

Kieran Mcewan : It's weird to see Joey Diaz speechless

MsRandomPro : Some ppl grows up with better childhoods then others, and some, much darker then others. More power to you Bobby.

Steve Rivera : Is Bobby transitioning into a geisha?

Sam : bobby lee is one of a kind...

Sam Sam : Not once did he open his eyes.

Kingston Trace : This turned dark real quick. I wasn't ready for that.

BLVKFLWR : I love how you can clearly hear Joey's breathing .... even when Bobby is talking

winlip2 : Bobby Lee has to be the most open and honest comedian out there. No shame

Sheldon Miller : you can tell he's not on Joe Rogan's show because he's not being constantly interrupted by a mediocre-talent comedian.

Harry Marquez : Good grief bobby lee

Zachary Banasiak : I feel joey is trying so hard not to laugh because bobby is being serious lol

Christopher Barleta : I'll admit to a life regret...clicking on this video. From now on, i'll have the mental image of little Bobby Lee getting diddled by the guy from True Detectives.😕

Seth Sharon : Bobby Lee 1 - Society 0

dave marnell : Sounds exactly like the type of guy that would have done that.

Bunka Fas : Bobby Lee performing standup -"I'm asian" - everybody laughs.

Liam Donaldson : Bobby lee there's some things you just keep to yourself bro

Marius VanDamme : Bobby Lee and David Choe are korean legends.

Willa Herrera : Fun Dip is a helluva DRUG!

Paul Martinez : New Respect: 4 Booby Lee - God bless.

OctoberHourglass : Wtf man... wtf

Granulated : 3 summers in a row.... must've really loved candy !

Andrew Robertson : Even if Bobby swore the truth over his dead grandmother's ashes, there'd still be a 50% chance he was lying.

Kurt Adams : this guy is obviously guilty

Nautilus1972 : This guy says a lot of gay stuff ...

EL GUAPO : What does TMI mean? Please let Bobby know.

sieve5 : Jesus christ bobby I'm so sorry that happend to you

Doug Ryniker : Wow good for you Bobby. High respect man. That's not an easy thing to do when you admit your darkest hours like that. Good for you and I'm glad your sober homie. Keep it real.

Maliken : 0:29 "did you?" " . . . . . " LOL

KokaKolaKan : The limo guy probably confused Bobby Lee with David Cross. Case closed.

Alexander McCabe : "Did you" i feel Joey Diaz would so he had to ask

oldirtyshinobi : 3:09 fuggn Lee!😂

Zicep Yjarik : He did it.


Kris Cerrone : He totally did it.

MissKona2009 : wow. that's heavy Bobby Lee being molested for candy due to his young age. my heart aches for him and his parents.

Salvic X : this explains a lot