Forging a Sword - part three: heat treatment

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Micah Philson : 4:39 Wait wait wait wait wait... you're telling me that this entire time, you haven't had the *_plague?!_* Well, you may as well have just bought a katana online for all the medievality of this blade you're making now!

ThaBadayuss : Seems like you have some deep unresolved issues with Katie...

123 456 : Nice to see him using ye olde angle grinder 😂 4:38 And ye olde blowtorch 10:48

Micah Philson : 12:28 That was by far the least confident and heroic "hurray" I've ever heard. Are you sure you're happy about these results, Lindy?

123 456 : Watching Tom catch the blade on his hammer a few times when it slid around was both worrying and impressive

Michael Miller : "was distractingly good looking, and I left it in too long" I bet you did. I bet. you. did.

Uncle Traveling Matt : Nice to see the lindybeige knitted jumper use while forging.

snakesocks : I thought the blue glow to the sword meant that there were Orcs nearby?!

Wanderer628 : Katie, destroyer of dreams.

gonecoastal4 : Good to see the Brits are arming themselves.

The Armored Idiot : Is it named Arnander after said distractingly attractive woman?

Caramel Johnson : Did you ask Katie to help heat treat your sword?

master blob : 0:03 close your eyes and imagine this being said in a different context...

AcidJiles : Damn you Katie!

Overkillius : I prefer to cook my swords in grape-seed oil

Oskar Pyke : Katie has robbed us of the 8th Wonder of the World.

Der Transgender-Prophet Mohammed : This blade will taste frenchmen blood very soon!!

MrGozzah : Swords is no basis for a system of government! Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony!

DoomDwarf_347 : Wait so the sword Arnander is a direct reference to the distractingly attractive Katie Arnander who ruined your first attempt at a sword.

Aled Evans : 8:02 That's what she said

Oliver Barnes : Hah, I laugh at your puny sword. I forged a Bren gun, the best machinegun in the world and infinitely better than the spandau

karapuzo1 : I don't even remember what happened last week but Lindy remembers what happened 30-ish years ago.

ZeOverman : "What do you mean "was" distractingly good looking?" -Katie

Imperator Salt Formerly LMS 5588 : Lindy made this sword to ride up to Katie on horseback and shouts “HOW DO YOU LIKE MY SWORD NOW”

Pedro Vanderlei : how can you forge a sword when you don't even have the plague?! whew, damn posers

Fenristhegreat : Swords before broads Lindy...

MatJan86 : Pics of Katie or it didn't happen

David Messer : Shouldn't you quench your sword in the blood of you enemy?

Matthew Smith : I tried to follow this guide and now my socks are on fire :(

Józef Bem : You pulled out too late.


Dimitar Vidolov : These sword videos are really interesting! Great work!

SlideRulePirate : And when the steam cleared..... she'd gone.

Maarten van Rossem Lezingen : Why didn't knights have blue/purple-ish swords? Wouldn't they think it looked cool? Wasn't blue an expensive color back then?

Roset828 : Katie Arnander, the maker of the bowl which became Lloyd's first helmet!

Zizka Zenit : Anyone else notice that basically every time Lloyd talks about a woman, he’s complaining?

Rei The Raider : 2:28 you say almost all the molecules have moved, and I just thought it was interesting that Vsauce's fixed points video goes over this exact situation. at least one point inside the sword hasn't changed positions due to Brouwer's fixed point theorem. Great video though.

Kaftan Barlast : he's SQUANCHING it!! Eeeewww!

Eyal Serussi : 11:38 watch out, there might be orcs nearby...

A Man : Heat treatment instructions unclear, testies burnt in forge again.

Rennis Tora : I've wondered this but, whenever I watch or read about modern smithing it's always "use oil not water because it'll get too brittle" but like, then what the hell did old time smiths do when they only had water? I'm guessing it involves more steps so most would never bother doing that way anymore?

zlozlozlo : "Katie was distractingly good looking, and I left it in for too long." Oh my god. How did I not notice that the first time?

Jakub Narębski : Actually you can blue a sword. Some British sabers have blueing combined with gilding to make a very beautiful blade (seen somewhere on scholagladiatoria channel). The Knight Errant has a video about bluing, though it is about armor, not swords.

Eylook Vul Heimiik : the depth of this has actually been really useful. I've been getting into blacksmithing and wanted to learn how to make swords and knives, both for myself and because people pay small fortunes for custom made knives or swords

holymanlogin : Newcastle Fried Swords. NFSW for short.

rasnac : It seems like you still have a crush for Katie, Lloyd. ;)

ihcfn ihcfn : Really, really, want to see a comment from Katie Arnander on this video! 😀

Max Mustermann : Small tip: I assume you have some sort of LAV mic that you feed directly into the camera and a Shotgun mic that you also feed directly into the camera using a splitter. You should always separate those two channels in Post and make them mono each, otherwise we will hear your voice on our right ear and the shotgun mic on our left.

GuitarsRockForever : If I ever need a good looking sword breaker (the sort of short sword to trap opponent blade), I know what I will name her.

Dr Toboggan : 40 views 66 likes?