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Making McDonalds Original 15 Hamburger From 1955

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For today's food challenge, I tried to make McDonald's original 15¢ burger from 1955.


The holy sanoh : Why does this have so little views

zyklik : You can't see the beef in the 2018 ones.

Evett Singh : This is a really nice video that deserves more views

Brady Snook : BTW 15 cents in 1955 was 1.41 today. EDIT: FIRST!!

Scary Shit : This deserves more views

Oasis : I'm suprised you have so little subs.. you guys should have more.

Trevor McNeal : If only they took this much care to make a burger. Then I may eat one

THE F.B.I. : First comment baby!!!

Rel lee : Omg im hungry

Trite Garbage : Just so you know, the current McDonald's burger/cheeseburger actually still uses dehydrated onion. What was on the burger you bought was dehyd. Also, SOP is one pickle for hamburgers and cheeseburgers so they probably just forgot to be honest. I'm curious as to why you put the toppings on the bottom of the burger instead of the top. Is that how it used to be done?

David Albaiceta Fernandez : also you put the condiments in the base and not in the crown.... thats how mcd call the bottom and top slice of the bun

たはたは : It’s night and I’m hangreyuy

LegoVideosRock : Huh. First. Neat?

Jon Lopez : Why don't many people watched yall Issa good channel

Anson Quach : Your voice is so soothing

Al Freeman : McDonalds still uses dehydrated onions and they use a mechanical clamshell grill to cook both sides at once

Biophosphorodellecrystalluminicent Archetype : Didn't they use Lard instead if oil for the hamburger?

Soapyx : First

Javier Olveda : Nice video

neXusLuis : 1st

Alberto Meza : Ayy

GabeTimes1 : Justin Y better not say "It Just Works" in the comments

D. F. : Use a brush to apply the egg wash-not a spoon.

Marc Balderas : .

Neceros : One should never press a patty while its cooking. It pushes the juice out.