Coheed and Cambria: Old Flames [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Cassie Stephenson : I was a young flame when Coheed was on the radio. I bet my kids will be laughing when I leave them home with pizza to see Coheed in my 40s.

Throttle Kitty : When you are a space bank robber but the only thing you can think about is your dream.. *_OF BEING A DANCER_*

Thezuule : Still waiting patiently for Claudio to realize a movie franchise is a brilliant idea. The world could use a brilliant rock musical imo.

Chris Harvey : Did the exact same dance when I was being robbed at the gas station

Jorganti : So damn catchy. Bothers me that such a talented band like this doesn't get the attention they deserve, meanwhile a crappy mumble rapper doing half ass lines can get millions of views within a day or two. Oh well, Coheed has been around for a while, they still got it, and it looks like there are no signs of slowing down. Quality content as always.

Bamboo Acrobat : Theory: Claudio isn't really recognized by any of the other characters in the video. He's not playing himself, but the Writer.

Sonya Meager : I have dreams as big as Claudios hair ❤

Jonathan Heither : I cannot wait for tomorrow. One Among the Fence!

Jonjo Kelly : Lyrics Hey, what became of my head? The beats in my heart, the jokes that I said I guess all these false starts Of a puzzle you can't finish 'cause you're missing the best parts Don't you feel I'm bringing you home? Out of this pit where I left you alone in This horrible mess that I made But I guess that's what you get when you're not paying attention So baby, welcome back to the man you've been missing Baby, welcome back to confusing, perplexing We all go up in flames, going out in style And Heaven help us if they'd ever let us rest for just a little while, yeah We all go up in flames, going out in style Am I out of my head to think the world could start believing me when I am dead? I was a mess of a man With washed up excuses, I know, I know Part of the confusion is me We both agree that I wasn't the man you needed me to be But, oh, how I changed and oh, how I've grown Could she believe me when I've got nothing to show? My everything, she needs to see The choice is hers to believe in me So baby, I'm back and I'm not gonna stop Baby, I'm back and I'm not gonna stop We all go up in flames, going out in style And Heaven help us if they'd ever let us rest for just a little while, yeah We all go up in flames, going out in style Am I out of my head to think the world could start believing me when I am I am dead? You and me, we're not enemies, I'm begging If anything, oh, we are, we are In harmony, sing with me, I plead Oh, if I can make things right then this will be our night The world against you and I We all go up in flames, go out in style We all go up in flames, going out in style And Heaven help us if they'd ever let us rest for just a little while, yeah We all go up in flames, going out in style Am I out of my head to think the world could start believing me when I am dead? I said, na

Kevin Klimo : "Baby welcome back to the man you've been missing" is Claudio welcoming us back to The Amory Wars storyline. HYPE HAS REACHED CRITICAL MASS!

Ilustrado : Cancelling all my plans tomorrow. It's COHEED SEASON!

dmbrandon! : This is the BESTTTTTTTTTT

Greed7-13 : Gotta be honest here, if I were robbing a bank and all my hostages started doing a very amazingly choreographed dance, I'd be pretty confused. I'd probably shoot one and get them to stop dancing, but man that would be a weird story to tell in prison, right? "Robbed a bank once and all my hostages started dancing in sync with each other for no reason."

poeticlicensetokill : Claudio be like "EVERYBODY GET DOWN...... FOR A DANCE BREAK!"

Jaclynn Hall : Isn't that how you dance to Coheed?

Keegan Miller : Zach @ 0:58 Josh @ 1:12 Travis @ 3:12 edit: can't wait til TOMORROW

Ilustrado : Claudio's face is priceless here! Can't wait for all the C&C Memes...

Danny : “Are you ready?” “As the day we met.” “You’re adorable.”

EpicEmilyy. Original! : Can we all just agree that Coheed and Cambria is the most amazing band. 🖤🖤


TheMeteoDragoon : I’m a simple fellow I see coheed video I click.

A La : Ok we all seriously have to memorize this dance and do it at their shows

Jody Smith : When they play this at the next show I think everyone should break into a dance like that🤣

Doxemanticorn : Claudio's face in the thumbnail again

DS 3 : Can’t wait for every song to have its own mini movie and watch them all together!!

David Vigneux : I really like the artistic direction you guys took with this one; never stop evolving! Also... that made me go *OH! That's how that happened!* Thanks for sharing!

mikopop : lol look at that mormon magic underwear.

Matafer : Looks like they re-cast Creature, Colossus, and Sister Spider. Love the video tho!

Matthew Mevis : So... he thinks she’s dead... god I cannot WAIT for tomorrow!

Jason Troglin : My brother showed me you guy's he's been gone for about six years now seeing you guy's was one of his best shows I didn't get to go to the show I was sick but yalls show was his favorite one he had ever been to I hope you guy's come back to Nashville or Chattanooga Tennessee I would love to see you guy's 🤙💙🤘✌️

Bryan Foster : This album is going to be amazing. I can't wait. This reminds me of the GA1 release build up. ONE AMONG THE FENCE!

GiggaGMikeE : No album will ever beat The Afterman (Ascension and Descension) and no song will ever beat The Crowing or Sentry The Defiant, but I've been loving everything this band has been putting out and this song(and album) are no exception. My dream is still to see them in concert.

Enri Amaya : Wait just a few links,.... Clau-dio..... Clau D.i.o. Dio! CLAUDIO IS TURNING INTO DIO! Holy Unheavenly Dark Rainbow Smoke, Batman, the fiction meets the real once again!

Kelly Rowell : The only reason that girl's hair is done up like a unicorn's is so that it doesn't conflict with the awesomeness of Claudio's!

Jüdäs : Ah yes...the classic bank robbery where you force hostages to flash dance as you lead graciously. Claudio sure follows the normal style! 😕

captloki13 : Don't you just hate when you try to rob a bank (?) but your hostages started dancing like some flash mob and your boss started singing with a voice of an angel?

Carlos Chavez : Tomorrow is the day Fellow Children Among The Fence

Shawn Dixon : Still the best! Never stop making music! :D

Mike Baudistel : Was the video inspired by The OA?

S2N LORDFIST : I did not know what to expect. All I can say is that I needed this. The amount of dorkiness with Claudio is Priceless. Tomorrow is going to be a great day! See you out on the fences my peeps!! One Among The Fence

A R : My kids love singing the Na Na’s on this song! My wife and I ordered the box set and I’m so pumped to get our Creature mask, I really wish there was a Sister Spider mask that my wife could wear along with me

Irish Jake : This video reminds me of their old bass player... who um... well.. look it up.

MosEisleyBlues : Anyone else looking for a little bit of a taste?

Kestrel Cole : When I was a sophomore (10 years ago, Good Lord), my buddy Max posted the link to the "A Favor House Atlantic" music video on his Facebook wall. I was intrigued and clicked. That choice right there has led to 10 years thus far of absolute excitement for anything this band produces. Still going strong. SO STOKED FOR THE REST OF THIS RECORD!


Courtney S. : Bad ass! I love how you guys are always switching it up. Much love. 💜💜💜

Don Cav : C and C always bring the 'different'.. Love the premise. Not their best song of course, but fun and visually entertaining. Relevant if nothing else. Good band though when they really BRING IT!

Carlyle Wilde : I'm just gonna take tomorrow off. Sorry boss.

Naufal Abidin : man, i will not die until i see coheed and cambria live.

Venkman007 : 427 people went down in flames.