Playing Metal on The Streets For $$$ | w/ LIVE AUDIO | Street Metal

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RiffShop : Yes, this is Re-upload. We actually managed to salvage the live in audio which we'd thought we'd lost (on freakin iCloud no less) and mixed it in together with the camera live audio and the backing track and got a much more authentic experience! Also, for those asking, the song is Baptism of Clay by my band Cyborg Octopus.

lucifercaitiff : If you did this on Hollywood Blvd you'd have gotten more than $17. Hell you'd probably get a headliner spot at the Viper room. I would have personally handed you a $10, not only because I love metal, but because that's a really original idea. I work in downtown LA and go to shows at least once a month in Hollywood...I've seen countless street performers. Never once seen them playing metal.

keluarga bule minang : Didn't know cyborg octopus... Dude! This song is sick!

Panda : The dude playing air guitar on his baby is the real hero here.

Alfonso Rivera : I would love to see more of these random acts of metal on the streets!

Emerson : I wish I was there so I could be head banging like a maniac on a public street and no one would call the cops on me

HECKproductions : thats 34$ per hour not to shabby

Mikey James : You are a god among gods sir

Tjspaulding : That was tight. I would have tipped.

Fetamean : As soon as this video started I thought, "Wow. This guy is fucking good, but I bet he'll make like 17 dollars at best." Spoiler alert. 17 fucking dollars.

Steve Blanka : Asian dudes pull the best metal stinkfaces

xSociety : I would have dropped a $20 no question. \m/

Saboth : In this world of Keshas and Drakes, the waves of metal music stunned an entire city, who was not ready for the onslaught. Vibrations of pure power cracked the cement, glass fell from the skyscrapers. Babies sprouted horns and forked tails, womens' clothing transformed into chain mail bikinis. Men grew into giants of muscle as battle-axes appeared in their hands. Dark spires erupted from the city streets. Eternal dark clouds blotted out the sun.

Mario Robles : someone send this to Jared Dines pls lol

Julian Cavaleri : And now camera audio only

Brock Rallis : Probably would empty my wallet if I heard metal on the streets.

gamehead91 : did anyone notice the dancing bear in the background? Oh btw i would totally toss you a five, you got great skills my friend.

Alexander Montie : Dude you are so, so, so entertaining to watch. You have to be one of the most interesting guitarists I've ever seen. Can you please upload more videos of yourself just rocking out in public?

Juls Barz : that is real talent, performing outside is real hard cause of critique and judgement of people but that dude nailed it ignoring the pressure and just continued on performing that is real TALENT!!!

taniniver : so...? you nailed it. Here in my town musicians play whole night in bars for 4 $...

Bene : Like your tone. I was there, great show, was in the front row moshing, got hit on head by passing bicyclist .

Berk Ozyesilbas : But does it djent ?


JMM : What's with the dislikes? This is brilliant.

Ardi iPhone : Do you accept paypal ?

Casey Huffman : Who is this dude? I must find him lol. This age needs a new style of tenacious d YESSSS!!!!!!!

Kuro Truesdale : He got real income from us viewer,not from those people on street

marialovesmusicalot : have you done a video on how to growl? well...I doubt you can teach that in one video aha

Muhammad Khan : Got paid more than minimum wage

HeadBang365 : If I was there and had a $20 or even a $50, I would definitely be giving it to you for that awesome performance. Keep on rockin'!

Dani : but the question is, how many coin did thou get?

redgreenblue12356 : Last time I was in San Francisco, I was in a lil store asking for directions and the dude who gave them to me was wearing a metal T. So we started talking and he wrote his band name on a small piece of paper...I'll be dammed it was cyborg octopus! Never looked it up lolz...the universe is funny.

Jared McAllister : Can we get more of this?!

Mortimyer : metal face is key

Michael Clements : This is so awesome. You rock

Vince Haylem : Dude!!! You need to put on a gentlemen’s suit and look classy af.. then bust out some hardcore metal ahaha . I wonder if there’s a band like that hmm...

mo ca : Too good

M12GProductions : That's more than I make in an hour!

bad.rasta : next time bring your 100W tubehead instead..would be far more impressive for the viewers :P

Member Berry : I tried to find out where this is. In the beginning there's a bus # 9 from San Bruno to Cow Palace. Googled and found out it's in San Francisco. Then there's something called Hakkasan in the background. Googled again and found out it's a restaurant which is located at 1 Kearny St. Then Google Maps shows me there's a crossroad with Lotta's Fountain just next to in. That's the fountain we see in the background on this video:

Wakroii Full Streams : dude try metalcore on the street

Logan Newbanks : this was cool and i knew the music sounded familiar. cyborg octopus rules. gg man.

Steven Licatesi : In SF? Daaaaaamb I would of stopped by and rocked out. \m/ Funny as always bro! Lmao

Tom myesha : I like him

More Reverb pls : Hey! we played with his band in Long Beach! haha

JB2 : so about 34$ an hour? not including peak or meek times, or location variables. not too shabby.

xXBrokenSilence616Xx : made more than what average people make in an hour lol xD

Gavin B : This is the greatest thing i've seen all day. This has to become a thing

Ov Wall : Well, it is San Fran soooo... :V Imagine in another state or country LOL

MrIceman967 : Shit that's $34 hr, not too shabby