Playing Metal on The Streets For $$$ | w/ LIVE AUDIO | Street Metal

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RiffShop : Yes, this is Re-upload. We actually managed to salvage the live in audio which we'd thought we'd lost (on freakin iCloud no less) and mixed it in together with the camera live audio and the backing track and got a much more authentic experience! Also, for those asking, the song is Baptism of Clay by my band Cyborg Octopus.

MaTtRoSiTy : Something about seeing an Asian dude playing death metal style and head banging makes me happy lol

Cloud Lake : That guy with kid at 0:50 Now that is Good Parenting. Metal!🎸✨

MaskedDemon : If someone was playing metal in my town on the street, they would receive my wallet.

TheAceOfSpades : If he made this money on a average/consistent basis he's making roughly 15- 30 $ an hour. People sweat their backs for 10 $ hour 🤔 ... probably make more if you don't start the general public on grindcore.

Carl Mendoza : this guy probably made more money than an actual metal band that just finished a tour

Omar Jimenez : I would've tipped $100, not even joking

Kenneth Joe Beleno : Making money through music is hard but living without following your passion is harder..

zapp montenegro : There is always Asian to take you to the next level

Cricis11700 : This restored my faith in metality!!!!!!

Upcycle Shoes : You think if you were dressed the part you would of made more? Either black leather or traditional asian in sandals with straw hat.

Hamza Kuruçay : Literally just yelling and playing the same chords with a crappy classic guitar makes more money than actual TALENT like this. Sad.

Paul : Surprised someone with long hair didnt headbang outa nowhere.

D Toohey : I refuse to give buskers money cause they don't play like this.

Noufal Aliansyah : An Asian with a black T-shirt and shorts playing heavy metal on the street... Why not?

Panda : The dude playing air guitar on his baby is the real hero here.

psychaotic drumma : I love u🙂 I brushed/washed my teeths to this in the morning. Now my whole mouth is covered in blood🤘

Megan Borchart : Now if it was someone rapping or some lady shaking her ass they would have everyone on the street after them this world we live in is sad

Conservative Skeptic : I think not many people gave money, but those who love metal gave all the cash they had on them !

Steph and Adam : Yaaaasssssssssssss

Marybeth Eby : i woulda started moshing people!!!

ElectricBacon : Well, you didn’t get a lot of money , but you did spread joy and happiness, AND bring people together. And that’s all what matters :)

Zipfian : Honestly, i think you made more money off of your personality than you did with the metal. I love metal and all genres like it however, i'm just throwing that out there :) great work dude!! Never let the dream die. Edit: actually had me laughing out loud

Rude_i_Wredne : Really nice initiative. I haven't seen any metal musician on street for my entire life and I would be intrested in hearing one for sure. Glad you've earned some cash. It might not be much but at least you've made the day for some people. Also I think that if you had played something casual metal fans know (something like Raining Blood by Slayer or Holy Wars by Megadeth), you would have earned much more. Many people wish to hear some street performances of those classics.

KELUARGA BULE MINANG : Didn't know cyborg octopus... Dude! This song is sick!

Brisky 8 : 1:32 *snaps neck* 😂

The Deaner : Nobody tips in SF. Those Bay Area bastards

Emilio Gastelo : I would give this dude so much money

The Noob Gamer : Love those guys who appreciated him and rock

Alfonso Rivera : I would love to see more of these random acts of metal on the streets!

jesse Vortex Sungte : I'm gonna salute this asian guy who into metal who is more fanitic. He is not afraid being metal fan in publicly. There are many asian guys metal fan outhere however is still under the radar disdays. It's a matter of time to diverse in numbers soon. I need more people like him.

Noah Vasquez : 3:50 other Asian guy made me laugh had a face like "He bring dishonor to his family"

William Tower : Wait- you made 17 dollars in a half hour? So- if you kept that up- you would be making 34 dollars an hour!! That's worth it!! Shit- I'll HAPPILY play for that much until the sun went way down- or they kicked me out- lol

Jeanzee : I would try and start a block mosh pit

Steve Blanka : Asian dudes pull the best metal stinkfaces

Евгений Щербаков : Cool !!!! Respect from Kazakhstan !!!! 10$ я бы кинул ))))

Nicholas Bhagatram : let's play finish the lyrics "WE'LL FIND A WAY-" "FALL IN LINE, GLORIFY,-" "FIRE AND CAFFINE, A LOT OF-" "COME ON! DO YOU REALLY WANNA-" This is just an experiment to see how many can get these right. Please don't judge me for only including lyrics from two bands.

Nuck : The fact that he's wearing shorts and playing metal is making me uncomfortable

C.Harris34 : My kind of people

Troftly : We want a part 2😁

weirdmanu : I love metal...but if you move like a stupid I really can't give you money

Matthew Fulton : I would have thrown him a fiver

AC/DC.4.LIFE ! : eVIL WaLks ...

lucifercaitiff : If you did this on Hollywood Blvd you'd have gotten more than $17. Hell you'd probably get a headliner spot at the Viper room. I would have personally handed you a $10, not only because I love metal, but because that's a really original idea. I work in downtown LA and go to shows at least once a month in Hollywood...I've seen countless street performers. Never once seen them playing metal.

BMCHINO • : Make another one please

Ethan Thomas : You would be a millionaire if you sang hip hop

BB Gaming : *people who just passing by* "Not today, satan"

Matei Popescu : ching chong 100

morsa : Заебись, четко! Fucking awesome!

Sam Jeppi : This is amazing