Playing Metal on The Streets For $$$ | w/ LIVE AUDIO | Street Metal

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RiffShop : Yes, this is Re-upload. We actually managed to salvage the live in audio which we'd thought we'd lost (on freakin iCloud no less) and mixed it in together with the camera live audio and the backing track and got a much more authentic experience! Also, for those asking, the song is Baptism of Clay by my band Cyborg Octopus.

keluarga bule minang : Didn't know cyborg octopus... Dude! This song is sick!

Cyler Sullivan : Boi you got too much stage presence, you’re scaring people away from the tip jar.

MaTtRoSiTy : Something about seeing an Asian dude playing death metal style and head banging makes me happy lol

Master Yoda : Although I'm more of a classic rock man, I have the upmost respect for metal and metal guitarists, truly talented musicians. This guy is good.

Ardi iPhone : Do you accept paypal ?

redgreenblue12356 : Last time I was in San Francisco, I was in a lil store asking for directions and the dude who gave them to me was wearing a metal T. So we started talking and he wrote his band name on a small piece of paper...I'll be dammed it was cyborg octopus! Never looked it up lolz...the universe is funny.

Albert Albert : Just tells you mainstream media killed metal......the fans are there , will always be....but the music industry killed metal. ..not the fans

Vince Haylem : Dude!!! You need to put on a gentlemen’s suit and look classy af.. then bust out some hardcore metal ahaha . I wonder if there’s a band like that hmm...

Fit Couple Cooks : Yaaaasssssssssssss

lucifercaitiff : If you did this on Hollywood Blvd you'd have gotten more than $17. Hell you'd probably get a headliner spot at the Viper room. I would have personally handed you a $10, not only because I love metal, but because that's a really original idea. I work in downtown LA and go to shows at least once a month in Hollywood...I've seen countless street performers. Never once seen them playing metal.

Salty Steel : I wish there was someone like you on every street corner in the world! \m/,

Tiger Tran Gaming : Boi can shred! People awkwardly looking at you laying on the ground cracked me up!

Vinny V : I would have given you a $20. I have never heard some one busking metal before. Great effort even if you only got $17, metal is is about the music, not the money.

offthewall 010 : THE WORLD NEEDS MORE METAL 😎💪💪👌

Emerson : I wish I was there so I could be head banging like a maniac on a public street and no one would call the cops on me

HighBrow Customs : The moment when someone comes up to you and says that you aren't really playing the electric guitar

Teddy Setiadi : You need more HAIR

Rob Bob the Corncob : I'd give you $50 and my shirt

Sam Jeppi : This is amazing

Alfonso Rivera : I would love to see more of these random acts of metal on the streets!

Григорий Дубров : 4:15 CRABCORE is alive!!!

SaGe OwL : Skill level: ASIAN

Joe : How did you not get arrest slinging that axe around!! Rock on brother!!!

insanemreric : If he was white he would of been shot doing this...

Panda : The dude playing air guitar on his baby is the real hero here.

Steven Rigor : I I were there I'd give you around $50 - $25

hongyi yang : 加油

Skycamfalling44 : Epic enthusiasm my man! Well done sir. 🤘

Cho Tube : Pitch harmonics on point!

Campbell : Fucking Bruhtalllll

Jimmy Ponciano : That dude from cyborg octopus.

Diy2210 : Заебись, у нас бы просто вломили пизды, и возможно обоссали бы, ебанные животные!

Simply Joe : What's his... weed guys number.

Upcycle Shoes : You think if you were dressed the part you would of made more? Either black leather or traditional asian in sandals with straw hat.

heru s.twillsky : Keren ini mah haha

Brisky 8 : 1:32 *snaps neck* 😂

Nick Bordelon : Okay what's the piano song playing at the very beginning?? Awesome song by the way!

Rude_i_Wredne : Really nice initiative. I haven't seen any metal musician on street for my entire life and I would be intrested in hearing one for sure. Glad you've earned some cash. It might not be much but at least you've made the day for some people. Also I think that if you had played something casual metal fans know (something like Raining Blood by Slayer or Holy Wars by Megadeth), you would have earned much more. Many people wish to hear some street performances of those classics.

Saboth : In this world of Keshas and Drakes, the waves of metal music stunned an entire city, who was not ready for the onslaught. Vibrations of pure power cracked the cement, glass fell from the skyscrapers. Babies sprouted horns and forked tails, womens' clothing transformed into chain mail bikinis. Men grew into giants of muscle as battle-axes appeared in their hands. Dark spires erupted from the city streets. Eternal dark clouds blotted out the sun.

Aylla : Lmao this is awesome 😂😂😂😂😂😂💯

Ryan Oceana : SAVAGE

MGTOW SwissBombayStyle : Is it offensive if I call this made in China 😂

Leandro Franciosi Grando : Good idea. Shitty song.

Vinnie A : Horrible

JasTGC 911 : Dat intro xD

AC/DC.4.LIFE ! : eVIL WaLks ...

Dustin Platt : You look and act like an Asian Adam D from Killswitch. Awesome.

HECKproductions : thats 34$ per hour not to shabby

Metal Head 420 : 🤘🤙😎😎😎🍕🍻