Cucumba!!! Jamaican Cucumber Rap / Macka B Viral Video [EKM.CO]

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bbuildingmarch : who the fk advertises a cucumber

Kendyl Jae : Is it bad that I learned more in a 55 second video than I did in a 45 minute class?

ladoof : This makes me happy idk y

FlyGameBros : Better than drake

Alex Furnas : i literally now make cucumber water on a regular basis because of macka b

Samuel Rawlins : Damn this dude spitting fire bars fr ;)

highquality lean : He would make the best health teacher.

KNARX ॐ : Detox, fiber good Reggaelator

an enemy stand : thank you macka b i will cherish this knowledge

Jay Clout : I bought a cucumber after this

mon : Something tells me I was born in the right generation.

Misty Spirit : The man The myth The legend The cu-cumba

Cucumber Sniff : oh boy free advertising

Graham Tamaro : when ur crush says they like cucumbers

Clispi P : I love this guy.

Calvin Ray : I kid you all not I started eating cucumbers after watching this.

BalanceWorks : off to the store i go! cu-cumba!

Jada Butler : Ahh i love cucumbers 🥒🥒💚💚

TheFizsz : This man inspires me to be healthy ;-;

Zee Banks : I've watched it all day

King kazma : C U C U M B A W A V E

Ice Studios : oh he's having fun with that cucumber

ejob is rad : cut it inna slice

kirjian : I'm 2 and I wish people from my generation would listen to this

edgy 9 year old : woah it's the guy who rapped Saturnz Barz

TheAshesofgold : May god bless you as you spreading such beautiful msg.

Dean Connell : This is literally the Pokerap with cucumbers

sarha : Crush: i love cucumbers Me:

CFL_ Finn : Better than Eminem

Cory8120 : Help I'm high and cant stop watching this its amazing

riley collins : I like his voice

Socially Awkward : 2018 anyone??

Alex C : This video enlightened me. I have been shown the light.

Mislav Kukina : I wrote this for my biology homework about vegetables and I got an A+!

Veronica Rosario : So when we were in a poetry contest someone took this poem and performed it. They didn't win.

sheamac 78 : This is what i think of during a test but forget what i studied

Andrew Romo : This video made me like cucumber again

Ashuraopan : One of the rappers Eminem was too afraid to diss

zCrxTer : *My brain while a test*

Purple Marble : 0:18 when you hear him say hmm...

Yating Zhang : Usain Bolt’s secret diet

TheMockstep : BEST AD

M. Shah : This is epic :)

Jk park station SQUAD : Is it me or his voice is like asmr to me

0nyx Flying : Cucumber ranks amongst the most popular nutritious and health food. Excessive consumption of cucumber, however, triggers some harmful effects of cucumber consumption, such as fluid loss, electrolyte imbalances, and the risk of toxicity. Harmful Effects of Cucumber Cucumbers (scientific name Cucumis sativus) rank among the most popular summer fruits. The USDA estimates the annual average consumption of the cucurbits group of fruits that include cucumber, melon, and watermelon, as 17 kilograms per person. The many health benefits of cucumber give merit to the adage “as cool as a cucumber." Consumption of cucumber ensures a radiant complexion, lowers blood pressure, hydrates the body, cools the skin, and is a rich source for essential nutrients such as fiber. The health benefits notwithstanding, excessive consumption leads to the risk of suffering certain harmful effects of cucumber. Image Credit: Ventline Patch Toxicity Cucumber contains small patches that taste bitter. These portions contain the extremely toxic tetracyclic triterpenoids or cucurbitacins compound. Excessive consumption of this compound can cause even death. Cucumber juice remains increasingly susceptible to this bitter tasting toxic compound, and for this reason, it is best to avoid bitter tasting cucumber juice Fluid Loss and Imbalance One major harmful effect of cucumber consumption in excess is the risk of fluid loss and consequent body imbalance. Cucumber seeds contain cucurbitin and fatty oil that have mild diuretic properties. Excessive consumption of cucumber increases the effect of this diuretic, and might lead to loss of fluids and electrolytes from the body, causing imbalances, and even dehydration in extreme cases. Vitamins and Minerals The flesh of cucumber is rich in Vitamin C or caffeic acid, and the skin is rich in fiber and minerals such as silica, potassium, and magnesium. While all these minerals and nutrients provide the body with much benefits, excessive consumption trigger their harmful side effects. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid prevents scurvy and is an anti-oxidant. Vitamin C however also becomes a pro-oxidant that promote the growth of free radicals and harm body cells, under certain conditions. Similarly, excessive potassium causes hyperkalemia or a condition that leads to reduced kidney function, and excessive fiber cause intestinal gas, bloating, and abdominal cramps. Water Over 90 percent of cucumber is water, and the dangers of excessive water consumption apply to excessive cucumber consumption as well. Excessive water intake increases the total blood volume, and put strains on blood vessels and the heart, as well as cause an unnecessary wear and tear on the kidneys. Excessive water also drops the concentration of electrolytes in the blood, causing water to seep in and swell the cells, leading to a variety of conditions ranging from headaches to impaired breathing. Wax Coating Cucumbers are a fragile fruit, and most farmers wax the skin at the growing or plucking stage to protect the fruit from insects, or prevent damage while shipping. Most waxes contain compounds such as ethyl alcohol, soaps, and milk casein. Milk casen is linked to milk allergy. Excessive consumption of cucumber skin leads to the dangers of such harmful compounds entering the body. As the saying goes, “too much of a good thing is bad." The optimal quantity of intake, however, depends on the individual's nature and constitution. Now that you know more about the harmful effects of cucumbers eaten in excessive quantities, you are better equipped to decide how much of it to eat. Dislaimer Please read this disclaimer regarding the information contained in this article. Reference: Kiple, Kenneth, F. & Ornelas, Kriemhild Conee. (ed.) The Cambridge World History of Food. Cucumbers, Melons, and Watermelons. Retrieved from IANS. Avoid juice of cucumber family vegetables: Experts. Retrieved from Kim, Ben. Why Drinking Too Much Water Is Dangerous. Reterived from George Mateljan Foundation. Cucumbers. Retrieved from .....................i did my are welcome

Cass M : Macka b inspires me to be a better person when I’m thinking about fries, I usually still get the fries but I tried to fight it and that’s what counts

chillver silver : What is he sayin I'm high rn

מאיר דהן : I want a cucumber now.

Ultimate Shining : Love this!! And everything he said is facts

a e s t e t h i c b i t c h : I love this guy