Cucumba!!! Jamaican Cucumber Rap / Macka B Viral Video [EKM.CO]

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bbuildingmarch : who the fk advertises a cucumber

Kendyl Jae : Is it bad that I learned more in a 55 second video than I did in a 45 minute class?

FlyGameBros : Better than drake

ladoof : This makes me happy idk y

Iced Jay : I bought a cucumber after this

an enemy stand : thank you macka b i will cherish this knowledge

Samuel Rawlins : Damn this dude spitting fire bars fr ;)

KNARX ॐ : Detox, fiber good Reggaelator

Graham Tamaro : when ur crush says they like cucumbers

Alex Furnas : i literally now make cucumber water on a regular basis because of macka b

Silver Spirit : The man The myth The legend The cu-cumba

mon : Something tells me I was born in the right generation.

highquality lean : He would make the best health teacher.

Clispi P : I love this guy.

Cucumber Sniff : oh boy free advertising

BalanceWorks : off to the store i go! cu-cumba!

Calvin Ray : I kid you all not I started eating cucumbers after watching this.

Zee Banks : I've watched it all day

Jada Butler : Ahh i love cucumbers 🥒🥒💚💚

Ice Studios : oh he's having fun with that cucumber

King kazma : C U C U M B A W A V E

kirjian : I'm 2 and I wish people from my generation would listen to this

TheFizsz : This man inspires me to be healthy ;-;

edgy 9 year old : woah it's the guy who rapped Saturnz Barz

ejob is rad : cut it inna slice

CFL_ Finn : Better than Eminem

TheAshesofgold : May god bless you as you spreading such beautiful msg.

Dean Connell : This is literally the Pokerap with cucumbers

Cory8120 : Help I'm high and cant stop watching this its amazing

riley collins : I like his voice

Purple Marble : 0:18 when you hear him say hmm...

Yating Zhang : Usain Bolt’s secret diet

zelix cx : This is what i think of during a test but forget what i studied

Andrew Romo : This video made me like cucumber again

מאיר דהן : I want a cucumber now.

Mislav Kukina : I wrote this for my biology homework about vegetables and I got an A+!

Volvo xc90 : Who else wondered why that video has 1 million views 😂😂

TheMockstep : BEST AD

Cass M : Macka b inspires me to be a better person when I’m thinking about fries, I usually still get the fries but I tried to fight it and that’s what counts

FitGlo Pro : this is awesome. love it.

Ultimate Shining : Love this!! And everything he said is facts

M. Shah : This is epic :)

sarha : Crush: i love cucumbers Me:

Giorgio Fagioli : Pleaseeeee! Make one video about GINGEEEER!

Big E Chez : Better than drake

Alex C : This video enlightened me. I have been shown the light.

chillver silver : What is he sayin I'm high rn

Shadowgoat : C u c u m b a h

Veronica Rosario : So when we were in a poetry contest someone took this poem and performed it. They didn't win.

Slug Eater : I love eating slugs