Cucumba!!! Jamaican Cucumber Rap / Macka B Viral Video [EKM.CO]

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an enemy stand : thank you macka b i will cherish this knowledge

FlyGameBros : Better than drake

why : This makes me happy idk y

Nova AIRSOFT : Use a cuCUmba not a vibrator

Cucumber Sniff : oh boy free advertising

bbuildingmarch : who the fk advertises a cucumber

Samuel Rawlins : Damn this dude spitting fire bars fr ;)

Kendyl Jae : Is it bad that I learned more in a 55 second video than I did in a 45 minute class?

KNARX ॐ : Detox, fiber good Reggaelator

ElioN : *LYRICS* Cu-cumba Vitamins, minerals very high number, Silica, Hair and nails get longer, Other vitamins make your bones dem stronger, Anti wrinkle make you look younger, 95% water Kidney cleanser, great hydrater Detox, fiber, good regulator give your body good things don't be a traitor Get the cucumba, cut it inna slice put it inna jug of water overnight, you know what you get for a fraction of the price, energy drink full of electrolytes raw inna salad is one of the use or as a base for your vegetable juice another surprise put a slice on your eyes Take away the dryness revitalize oh yes one thing I have left, cucmba can also help with bad breath Wash away the bacteria that cause the odour cucmba water instead of soda Macka B medical Monday CUCUMBA!

Zee Banks : I've watched it all day

Clispi P : I love this guy.

Alex Furnas : i literally now make cucumber water on a regular basis because of macka b

Dean Connell : This is literally the Pokerap with cucumbers

Michael Flowers : This shit kinda sounds like Major Lazer's next hit

Ice Studios : oh he's having fun with that cucumber

koccuiio : Something tells me I was born in the right generation.

Jada Butler : Ahh i love cucumbers 🥒🥒💚💚

M. Shah : This is epic :)

SilverFlower 12 : The man The myth The legend The cu-cumba

Soo Kronik : I bought a cucumber after this

King kazma : C U C U M B A W A V E

Milky : amazing

bear : cut it inna slice

TheMockstep : BEST AD

Giorgio Fagioli : Pleaseeeee! Make one video about GINGEEEER!

TheFizsz : This man inspires me to be healthy ;-;

Slug Eater : I love eating slugs

edgy 9 year old : woah it's the guy who rapped Saturnz Barz

jiraeh : lol. awesome

23anteater : you know macka b always talks reality

Aiden Carota : Nice song

Trenton Pinkney : Kacuba


Ultimate Shining : Love this!! And everything he said is facts

riley collins : I like his voice

GongBong : Now thats a supply drop

Graham Tamaro : when ur crush says they like cucumbers

lil koolaid : He would make the best health teacher.

Calvin Ray : I kid you all not I started eating cucumbers after watching this.

Jan Laureys : I have always disliked cucumbers. But thanks to this song I'm going to try and learn to like cucumber.

meir dahan : I want a cucumber now.

97lyrics97 : eat the cucumba with the skin!!

benjiross1 : 🥒

Roterodamus : Saaaammy branmuffin! Arfarfarf

Cory8120 : Help I'm high and cant stop watching this its amazing

Constantine Soteriou : 9gag brought me here

Jacob Newcombe : I'm high rn and I can't stop watching this. Send help.

Nataly RAW : ccumber is good for other things too ;)

11co0038 : Jim & Sam brought me here