This Surgeon Has Restored Sight to 130,000 of Nepal’s Blind
This Surgeon Has Restored Sight to 130000 of Nepals Blind

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Dr. Sanduk Ruit is an ophthalmologist on a mission to restore sight to Nepal’s blind. He is the executive director of the nonprofit Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology in Kathmandu, Nepal, and has operated on more than 130,000 patients. He has adopted innovative surgical techniques for cataracts and often travels to perform operations, walking up to seven days hauling surgical equipment to reach patients who live in Nepal’s most remote villages. Why does Dr. Ruit do this? He lost family to treatable diseases and knows what it’s like not to have access to healthcare. SUBSCRIBE: #Nepal #Eyes #Doctor This story is a part of our Human Condition series. Come along and let us connect you to some of the most peculiar, stirring, extraordinary, and distinctive people in the world. Got a story idea for us? Shoot us an email at hey [at] GreatBigStory [dot] com Follow us behind the scenes on Instagram: Make our acquaintance on Facebook: Give us a shout on Twitter: Come hang with us on Vimeo: Visit our world directly:


kishan pashi : We want nobel Prize for him now! Let's help him in his legit journey. Like and share this video. Make him popular!

Aashish kafle : He deserves Nobel Prize make him famous is this possible?

JustAordinaryguy 1 : Making the old see again before they leave earth is such a Good thing to see Good job Doctor

Deadly : ‘My patients are my life and soul’ I respect this man I hope I can become 5% of what he is.

Mitesh Kumar : If there's a heaven, this guy is getting the VIP tickets.

Mariam Suhaib : Who tf watches an amazing beautiful inspiring video, and thinks “let me dislike this” like who tf were those 278 ppl that had that thought

Shania WalksOverIce : This man can not get enough gratitude for his work. Bless your heart

Error Error : Nobody’s cool except for The guy who gave people the sight to explore a whole new world just by giving him 3 dollars Edit: thank you guys so much for the like I wasn’t expecting this 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Edit: 552 likes? I’m literally crying guys thank you so much too bad I can’t show it trough words

Mokskito : This is the Doctor who went to North Korea for INSIDE North Korea segment

Bibek Rana : From 300$ to 3$ from poverty to fullfillment. This Doctor deserves more than Nobel prizes. He is giving life. :)

Kirby has Feet : This guy gave a human sense to over 130 000 people

Babita Gurung : He is non other than Dr. Sanduk Ruit. At school I'm so much inspired from him now I'm a teacher and I'm teaching my students about him and his contribution. I'm so proud that he is from our country Nepal. Huge respect 🙏

Dèé Dëë : “My patients are my life and soul” - No words sir... I’m literally crying 😭 You restore humanity in inhuman world. God bless u always 🙏🏼🙏🏼

JA. : This doctor also went to North Korea and cured 1000 blind people in a week he’s so amazing.

Seven Things : Now I want to know why Nepal has a high blind population

BamBamBoo Yaaj : Philosophers: "An eye for an eye can make the whole world go blind" Dr. Sanduk Ruit: "Curing the blind makes the world see from eye to eye"

jeannie • : why do celebrities ramen recipes get more attention than pure videos like these ?

Blastchiller : I'd give anything to be as rich as Warren Buffett or Bill Gates just to give to this doctor and his cause.

GenrePool : The way he downgraded the price of lences form 250$ to 3$ , you can imagine how a honesty and dedication can impact the modern life .

DirectFromIggy : I remember Sanduk Ruit is also the Doctor who went to North Korea and perform the same surgery on the people there.

Priyam Pandey : Proud to be Nepali🤞🏻🇳🇵 Nepali 🇳🇵 we are blessed

Sunneh : I do NOT know why people are dislike THIS video, like they have no hearts man

CrasH PeshaL : When you see About Nepal And Eye Doctor ! You know its Dr. Sanduk

Hana Hanau : He is the one who fixed my father's eyes... Thanks to him my father can see clearly now. He is a God for poor people.

Believer : May Allah shower his blessings and mercy on this amazing Dr! Ameen

acroline : He should definitely get a Nobel Prize.

Dominique Tharp : He is literally amazing! Thank you for all you do. You are truly an amazing example.

Sir Prize : world wide eye surgeon hated this guy. i nominate him a hero prize

Avery the Cuban-American : I remember him from a National Geographic documentary about North Korea under Kim Jong-Il. He restored sight to 1,000 North Koreans and trained their surgeons

Dominique Tharp : I love that he let's his patient's define him, not his career. This really shows that God is within all of us.

2D : He's working with heart and passsion, he helped other people more than our billionaires in this world. He may not be rich in money, but he's rich in love, stories, heart, and experience.

Nicholas Tabatadze : This is the hero we need, but don't deserve to have him

MONTEZ77 : If you give this skill to People in the U.S then you'll be in debt for life!

Shubham Sharma : "My patients are my life and soul" Take a bow, sir. Mad respect

Gabriel frost : We need more greater humans like Dr sanduk ruit, and yes he very much deserved the Noble peace prize.

Simopr Dev : now the american entrepreneurs are asking: is it profitable?

Redux Studio Skyfall : Why, YouTube why? Crying was not on my to-do-list today

anime plus league equalls my life : Question, why is it that Nepal has so many blind people?

• feigh • : This guy is my role model. I only hope to be as good as him in the future



Mallory Shields : If everyone was like this man the world would be a very pretty place

NG TacShotty : This is the type of man that turns into a religious icon 2000 years later

Yoda Jedi : I have visited Nepal. The people there are hard working and very friendly. They deserve this :)

Arkham Knight : I wish this was a documentary, I'd like to see more. Also, maybe find out what's causing the disease, too.

Just Wow : The dislikes are from blind people who accidentally clicked it

Deepak Kumar : Such a big hearted person he should be awarded with Nobel prize

Beau Dean : Edit: in less than 24 hours I have gotten 30 replies, and for the more part it has been an enlightening experience rather than an edifying one. I don't know everything, but to learn that this guy has received an award for his good deeds makes me happy. That is what I wanted. But let's just take a step back and have an honest look at ourselves. Why is it that when a comment praising this man for his good deeds then sparks replies that are, for the more part, critical and demeaning? Is the world just full of jaded people, or, are only the angry people taking the time to reply to here? Let's keep criticism constructive rather than needlessly hostile.

uzma ahmed : No words to say in honor of this doctor..blessed to have such humans still in this cruel world