9 Suppressed Inventions That Could Have Changed The World

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Throughout history there have been many inventors who claimed that their inventions could make a significant impact in our world. While some people believe them, there were also people who completely disregard their statements. In this video, I gathered 9 inventions from the past that supposedly could have changed the way we live today. Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Images used in this video are under fair use

Comments from Youtube

John Collins : I don't understand why a court would order someone's blueprints burned

funkmasterjee : Died of a 'heart attack' one day before patenting his invention. Yeah, nothing suspicious there then. Nothing

Ben W : I’m going to invent a device that can protect you the day before you put in an patent.

keithjohnson839 : A lot of mysterious deaths🤔🤔

*ṠḧḀṆ ḉḀṁṖ* : anyone notice a theme here? anytime someone invents something thats better for the environment/cheaper to maintain, they end up dying before anything can happen with it

AlPan : The world we live in is corrupted.

DaveSpecter1065 : The moral of the story? Don't tell the corporatocracy that you found a way to make life better

Angelés Consuelos : What's America's FAVORITE boardgame? -Monopoly💯

bobbyvh786 : No mention of the greatest inventor in the world Nikola Tesla

tom49895 : Anybody notice how they all "died?"

Philip Mcauley : They had the best ideas but mysterious died before they could use them, STRANGE huh

Khris Kyleon : 26y/o overdosed on pain pills days before he becomes a millionaire 🧐🤔

Jer R : God bless ever one of these inventors that have lost their life trying to make this world a better place may they rest in peace

Milan Borizovski : The Water Fuel Cell will be publicly acknowledged later when water will be scarce and reach the similar price as of fuel's.

Scot Vessell : I had an Ogle's Carburetor on an old Ford Econoline. Worked like a charm. I still have the blue prints. But cars don't have carburetor's anymore.

Verruca : Oh dear, I seem to have wandered down the rabbit hole again. Damn this YouTube suggestions algorithm. 🤣

Mehrdad Parthian : this was an actual intellectual video with good explanations. well done ! p.s i am very interested in knowing more about this: chrono-visor .

Peter O. : Cloud Buster = HAARP Data Compression = It almost seems like he was turning the file into a fractal pattern

Nathan Achatz : ...and I'm surprised Teslas wireless electricity wasnt mentioned

jeffman62 : Interesting how many people in this forum are physics experts.

Matthew Dunn : 12:00 - Rome was not founded in 53 B. C.

Bob 1 : "Carb-your-ater" with close to zero "admissions". Wow.

Jr Hill : Starting to believe a few things until the time traveling Tv.

smart guy in a hoodie : The bye-zantines used a carbyourator on a chrawnovisor.

drgdfh fdhfd : seems more like typical black box technology scams

Skeptical Chris : perpetual motion is impossible. nice try though

TrickWithAKnife : A lot of unverified claims. It would have been nice to know the sources for the allegedly verified claims. Without evidence there isn't much credibility.

Rex Au : conspiracy confirmed. everyone died of heart attack. US government have heart attack ray guns.

lisa lisa : the same path ... the same tune.... the same ole..... them DIRTY ELITES -THEM DIRTY SHADOWS - absolute crave control over the earth's populations their ultimate avoidance - for man woman, and child, to live in a peaceful - joyfully un-burdened environment, without initiated suffering and death. ..... They cannot bear our lives to be of smiles and good gestures ...BECAUSE THAT DONT INCLUDE REVENUE - they are not human ... They are not of this world .. they are demons .. Any time something appears to be of good to help better one's life ... it is standard for them to discredit .. put to death, and place false relations, as so to remove the obstacle, from their paths, as we witness in the video ... tactics they remain to continue till this day, war cooe;s - media other dignitaries etc,

LordlyLlama : Isnt perpetual energy like, impossible? Eventually it will run out.

Ariel Beck : Lol right a time travel device

Howdy : Learning + Watching from NSW, Australia. Thank you for your video and upload.

Mitch Waters : Damn, dude lost his wife over his invention! At least he was dedicated to something. Suspiciously interesting video...

anthony benejan : Excellent , thank you for sharing

Odin Satanas : Hahaha wtf yeah, he's crazy... But let's still burn his work

jonestyle3 : its just like the mayor of gotham said "They're all coming after you now. Not just the mob: politicians, journalists, cops. Anyone whose wallet's about to get lighter."

Dominik Schwarz : "The founding of Rome in 53 BC"??? You somehow missed 700 years. :-)

eye : First should be NICOLA TESLAS invention.

Rodney Wilkerson : I invented a time machine that works superbly. Should I reveal my invention to the world?

arthur lewis : I've discovered another secret. This is all bollocks. I suppose I'll mysteriously die in the morning.

Donald Jaramillo : Many "chemtrail" conspiracy believers swear by "Orgone Blasters" to protect them from the "mind control chemicals."

Angela Noneya : Wow 😳I was stunned by #6 Rife's machines .... such a corrupt world we live in 🙁

Benjamin Storace : 2 had a Superman radio show about it, decades early. I've got the record.

Geoffrey Reeks : You forgot the Sarich orbital engine. Regards, Geoff. Reeks

j. m. : Yup I don't trust the government or big companies lol. 🤔

t3h51d3w1nd3r : so for the modern day, we can update the classic phrase of discovery in science isn’t “Eureka!” It’s more like “Hey, wait a minute…....I better update my will"

mike archer : thank you for not saying "Banger" you must know a Maineak!

Omnis Imperator : Took 7 seconds before I confirmed by "suppressed" suspicions.

Blue Venom : It's so sad that in this world greed overpowers peace.