9 Suppressed Inventions That Could Have Changed The World

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*ṠḧḀṆ ḉḀṁṖ* : anyone notice a theme here? anytime someone invents something thats better for the environment/cheaper to maintain, they end up dying before anything can happen with it

Milan Borizovski : The Water Fuel Cell will be publicly acknowledged later when water will be scarce and reach the similar price as of fuel's.

gammaraider : Inventions that were suppressed... yeah by the laws of physics

David Buschhorn : The correct name for this video would be "Fake and Made-up Fantasies That Never Existed But If They Did, Would Be Cool".

bobbyvh786 : No mention of the greatest inventor in the world Nikola Tesla

TitoTheThird : When a video starts with a "perpetual motion device", take the rest of it with a grain of salt. :(

John Collins : I don't understand why a court would order someone's blueprints burned

funkmasterjee : Died of a 'heart attack' one day before patenting his invention. Yeah, nothing suspicious there then. Nothing

AlPan : The world we live in is corrupted.

Jer R : God bless ever one of these inventors that have lost their life trying to make this world a better place may they rest in peace

yeti dynamics : all of these are frauds, except for the starlite, and the cigs , and greek fire.. greek fire isn't exactly a suppressed invention., it was merely kept secret from their enemies.

Specter1065 : The moral of the story? Don't tell the corporatocracy that you found a way to make life better

Angelés Consuelos : What's America's FAVORITE boardgame? -Monopoly💯

tom49895 : Anybody notice how they all "died?"

scott nyc : Tesla proved electricity could be harnessed for free hence why government assassinated him stealing all his prints to his inventions from his safe while in his NYC hotel room

Philip Mcauley : They had the best ideas but mysterious died before they could use them, STRANGE huh

Cha Leowin : The BS meter is pegged at max.

Scot Vessell : I had an Ogle's Carburetor on an old Ford Econoline. Worked like a charm. I still have the blue prints. But cars don't have carburetor's anymore.

tommytalks77 : Loved the lack of intro, straight to the point! Thanks

Badge Man : Suppressed by the laws of physics..

Ivan Hristov : Yeahhh......I'm sure that priest invented a time machine. Absolute waffle

jeffman62 : Interesting how many people in this forum are physics experts.

movax20h : Almost all of the inventions were scams, or delusions of the inventor.

Steven Van Hulle : Never in my life seen so much bullshitism and pseudoscience (sprinkled with conspiracies) condensed in a 14 minute video. Maybe it was the Sloot compression after all...

RebellisSpiritus : I wish we had greek fire to burn all the sand rats coming to Europe

Peter O. : Cloud Buster = HAARP Data Compression = It almost seems like he was turning the file into a fractal pattern

John Anthony : My god, there are a lot of idiots commenting on this. The amount of people that 1) believe this horseshit and 2) blame the "suppression" of all of these inventions on evil capitalists...is depressing and scary.

Jack Bruce : 21 secret herbs and spices....

Ujjal Das : You can call me a maniac but I think the inventions such as safe cigarette and cancer cure was stopped because if the death rates slow down the population will increase which will cause a even bigger problem. And sick people are a major source of income for the government. Harsh but that's the truth

justmadeit2 : Number 8, Kate Bush did a song about it called Cloudbusting, if you know what im talking about give me a like

Connor : Very difficult to die from a painkiller overdose. You'd have to die from liver or kidney failure, both being incredibly painful, obvious, and taking a few days until death. That's why no one really commits suicide with painkillers, very ineffective.

Rex Au : conspiracy confirmed. everyone died of heart attack. US government have heart attack ray guns.

keithjohnson839 : A lot of mysterious deaths🤔🤔

Rocksparadox From the blocks : 0:07 ''perpetual motion'' Here is another poorly educated cocksucker making ''what if science worked completely different than the way it does? videos'' while not understanding the basics of *CONSERVATION OF ENERGY* and ways of generating it (by using other forms of energy/conversion).

Ace Black : that goes to show that humans dont care about anything but money.

Pristine Parr : The Navy actually used water to power a small engine not too long ago. It made news for earth nerds...Mr.Meyers is the true inventor and is our generation's Tesla

Costa Conn : "Suppressed inventions"? Try horse shit inventions, but I guess that doesn't attract conspiracy nuts.

Wombat Lover : Funny how all these "inventors" were paranoid, didn't want to release their inventions because bad people , big government blah blah blah.. All of em great snake oil salesmen

Zaori : in captialism only the things that can make money are important, not the things that change the world for the better.....

Ted Shredz : Why would a court ever order the destruction of plans for a device after the inventor died? Which court? Which Judge? Which state? What precedent did they apply?

Blue Venom : It's so sad that in this world greed overpowers peace.

Koen Leijten : Jan Sloot's compression idea is provably impossible

Ariel Beck : Lol right a time travel device

darnell pistachio : Speaking of which, i need gas and cigarettes.

Jeff Kalb : Sorry, but you cannot violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Stanley was a fraud.

john shead : Entertaining list of BS

J H : 9 fraudsters whose inventions were found to be junk

Richard Honer : Total crap. FYI. Meyers has been debunked a thousand times.

Frank Boogaard : Wait...Did I hear that correctly? "The melting point of diamonds"? Diamonds do NOT melt, they burn, due to the fact that they are carbon......

Dave A : You forgot Nikola Tesla. He was going to give free electricity to the world .