Mini Countries Abroad: How Embassies Work
Mini Countries Abroad How Embassies Work Wendover Productions

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MeisterYodarkus : If Wendover Productions designed an embassy it would be a plane flying in circles constantly being refuelled in the air from time to time.

Connor Vinnicombe : 0:20 The British Embassy is the building to the west of the one you highlighted. The one you highlighted is a chicken restaurant, which coincidentally has more staff than the embassy 😂

Flick : I really enjoy the way you structure your paragraphs. It has an essay style to it which im currently trying copy because it's so effective at making points efficiently. Thank you

FRANTIC ™ : Embassies works using audible.

-Rocketkids4- : Ecuadorian embassy: *exists* Julian Assange: It's free real estate.

Atticus Brown : As a person in the foreign service community, this makes me happy.

Abbreviated Reviews : "DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY!" **neck crack** **gunshot** "It's just been revoked."

Fernball21 : "Not a place; it's the people". So Asgard is an embassy?

ThomasTurner69 : How to control a part of every nation -invasion- being Switzerland

Ranen Tan : bruh i thought this was a HAI video and i was confused why the video seemed longer than usual and why there wasn't any bad joke telling

marvel goh : 1:39, you pinned Palau wrong, you pinned on Brunei/Malaysia's Water

MrIrseany : Foreign emb design: reflects the country’s image US emb design: heavily secured

Gumbo : A friend of mine's mother worked in the US embassy in Liberia and got a 25% hardship bonus. The first time they took their dog outside their apartment the locals were scared of it and threw rocks at it.

RumpelForeskin : *video titled mini countries* 'it's a common misconception that embassies are sovereign territory' Huh, I wonder why

Przemysław Wojtkun : Poland also has North Korean Embassy as well as North Korea has Polish Embassy in Pyongyang.

Lorjxsia : Gringotts Bank from Harry Potter was filmed in the Australian Embassy in London

KuraIthys : Ah embassies. When you need to deal with your passport while in a foreign country, it's often the embassy you need to go to. And there may only be one of those in an entire country, which could make for a lengthy trip. (especially if it's a large country, like say Australia, where you might need to get to Canberra if you have an issue, even if you're in Perth... Not a trivial trip to make.) Architecture of the embassy buildings is certainly interesting, but other features can be too. I had to get to the Australian embassy in London a few years ago, during an unusual heatwave (34 degrees celsius in London...) London isn't really built for hot weather, so nobody has air conditioning or in many cases even something like a fan... The british museum was absolutely sweltering in that weather... But... Guess who had air conditioning, unlike most of the shops and the like in the area? Yep. The Australian embassy... Weird, but somehow amusing.

Runar Andersen : The embassy also serves the inhabitants of their country who live i in the country. Mostly for work or studies. They usally help with passports, elections and sometimes when they get arrested.

John DelVecchio : Good point about "chancery" vs "Embassy"....but why do you go on using "embassy" during the physical description portion of your video? A missed chance to impress the point of the difference on your viewers.

Nikhil Gowda : You filmed outside the embassy of Tajikistan? You were like 2 blocks away from where I live! That embassy/house is so tiny lmao

Top Hat : "Diplomatic immunity." *gunshot* "Has just been revoked."

litesp : The US violated the Vienna convention at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington.

Oleksandr Prykhodko : Finally the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization gets mentioned, even if it's in passing!

Endymion - Clash of Clans : Interesting fact: Some countries of Europe (in this case Belgium where I am from) don’t have embassies in each country in the world (too expensive). If another European country (let’s take Germany for example) does have an embassy in that specific country Belgium doesn’t, Belgian citizens can also go there if they have any problem (repatriation or something else).

Kevin Yeoh : You've misplaced Palau. It should be further east.

Feynstein 100 : Diplomat: a person who'll tell you to go to hell in such a way that you'll look forward to the trip

Castsmith : us embasy: *exist* revolutionaries: hipity hopity your embassy is now my property

Nathan Holmes-King : 1:39 Palau is to the East of the Philippines, not West.

iraqigeek : As the son of a diplomat and (retired) ambassador, I can't thank you enough for making this video. Most people don't understand what diplomatic service is about, and many think diplomats' main task is attending to consular affairs issuing visas and paperwork.

Ryan Jamil Arioja : 1:39 That's Palawan, an island in the Philippines. Palau I think is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

mms0011 : @4:12 It's "hanged," not "hung." How do you not know this? lol...

TheOnly 0506 : Embassy is not the building, it is the people. Sounds familiar to me... Oden? Thor?

T WE : "35% bonus" Mogadishu here I come.

Hansoap : 7:11 RIP I.M. Pei 5/16/19 He died the day after Wendover said his name... coincedence?

Johnny abbott : Do something about Australia's changing energy mix

ReservoirFella88 : Where is the source saying that the audible book that you recommend is on a list for embassy reading? WHere is the rest of the list btw?

Sam Z : As an American-Iraqi, language and footage that used are spot on, it's refreshing to watch your high quality videos.

Mork Ryan : 2:58 "diplomats cannot be entered without permission". Very nice way of wording consent 😂😂😂

M3TALH3AD : I wish I could work for The Foreign Embassy in Russia representing my country haha. Good video.

Chen Sun : Wow, Wendover production, Vox and Casually Explained. 3 uploads at the same time. Christmas today guys

Mario morales : There's also a North Korean embassy on Spain

Adam Lancsak : Oh dear god thank you, something refreshing, with all these James Charles nonsense on YouTube ...

SnaY : Question: How Do Embassies Work? Answer: yes

Scott Page USMC : The U.S. embassy in Baghdad was a pain to enter. Glad I only had to once in 2003. Thanks for the info!

warhammernerd52 : In some embassy somewhere, there's a *Vulpera Ambassador* , and the Vulpera ambassador is really, really obese

theBenMay : The US does have a diplomatic mission in Grenada.

ThomasTurner69 : The Mini-counrtries are still probably bigger than the Vatican City

Zachary Decent : I love your content and the clear citations! A lot of your videos contain mostly stock footage to overlay the audio - why not publish them as podcasts too?

MatthewK1212 : The American embassy in Dublin looks like the inside of a beehive