HELSREACH: The Movie - Vol. 1

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Richard Boylan : Hey Guys, sorry I haven't been as active in the comments lately. I got hideously sick towards the end of making part 10 so I've been laying face down in bed since then in a puddle of my own filth. I get asked frequently how people can support me, and the answer is to just keep watching! (Unless you happen to own Netflix or something, then gimme a call.) Anyway time to rest up and then it's on to part 11!

Chapter Master Valrak : Richard, please. Stop this! There is only so much awesome I can take, brother!!!!

Tyler Mathis : Way I look at it, the beginning of this was a dream, or memory. Hazy at best, the lines and colors of reality blurred. As the series progresses the memories are fresher, thus of higher quality, until finally it is in the present day, clear as crystal.

Raziel Uchiha : Why can't creators like you be the real stars of YouTube? The universe is ruled by chaos indeed, but, for the Emperor, we march on!

Chris Vellucci : I don't know why GW can't do something anywhere close to this masterpiece. This is by far the best animated WH40k piece I have ever seen. You should be making millions...

Tom Eis : 1:10:45 hahaha - This is a magnetic field stabilizer housing - "What does it do?" - It houses the stabilizer for the magnet field In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only ... stupid questions!!

EmoDuck13 : This randomly came up as a recommended video. Probably the closest thing to a miracle I've ever experienced.

Green Bananas : "I lost interest when the numbers went past what I could count on my fingers" That is the most truly infantry thing I've ever heard in fiction.

SamZappo : Freakin love Grimaldus and the Templars. "You're objection is noted...and duly ignored."

Yaldabaoth : I just had a one hour twenty-eight minute long orgasm. When Grimaldus gave that speach... I wanted to volunteer for the Imperial Guard.

TheLegendOf Arthur : When the titan comes into shot at 32:15, I'm literally crying. The scale, the visuals, the camera angles, the sound design and the score are all so beautiful... I don't have the words. That shot is one of the most evocative pieces of cinematography I have EVER seen.

Jacob Upon the Stone : I am a 40k fan. I'm also a veteran. Please continue your work. It is profound and inspires me even though it is fiction. In fiction is an echo of truth. Fiction is often inspiring in it's truth. I know I'm bieng cryptic. But please. Keep it up.

Darkrunn : Semi-spoiler... "This is a magnetic field stabilizer housing." "What does it do?" "It houses the stabilizers for the magnetic field generator." *>___>*

SirSkidPlank : This is what YouTube was made for, original content. They are few channels that make stuff like this anymore. Keep up the good work.

Cato Sicarius : GW hire this man! We want 40K animated movies

paaatreeeck : I think Clint Eastwood could pull of the Role of Commissar Yarrick, couldn't really imagine anyone else

Chief Jericho : _This_ is how you make a 40K movie. Simply stunning quality.

kubzos : I like how he is not removing his helmet every 5 second

Lord Surge : This is by far the best 40K film ive ever watched, everything was perfect, even watching the animation evolve from start to finish makes me wish some director would grow a pair and create something this amazing in live action. My hat goes of to you for this great piece of work. I was blown away, during the moment the Astartes knelt before the dying soldier, and she looked up at him, almost like she was thinking how fortunate she was to look apun one of the emperors angels, before she died.

LordMatt48 : Better than Last Jedi

Valerius Wolf : HAVE YOU SAW ME TODAY GRIMALDUS? Yes.. it's impossible not to see you IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO KILL ME AS WELL

AlhazredTheMad : "I will die on this world. I cannot tell where this conviction comes from. Whatever birthed it is a mystery to me, and yet the thought clings like a virus, blooming behind my eyes and taking deep root within my mind. It almost feels real enough to spread corruption to the rest of my body, like a true sickness. It will happen soon, within the coming nights of blood and fire. I will draw my last breath, and when my brothers return to the stars, my ashes will be scattered over the priceless earth of this accursed world: Armageddon. Even the name twists my blood until burning oil beats through my veins. I feel anger now, hot and heavy, flowing through my heart, and filtering into my limbs like boiling poison. My hands curl into fists. I am strong: born only to slay for the Emperor and the Imperium. I am pure: wearing the blackest of the black, trained to serve as a spiritual guide, as well as a war leader. I am wrath incarnate: living only to kill until finally killed. I am a weapon in the Eternal Crusade to forge humanity's mastership of the stars. Its strength, purity, and wrath will not be enough. I will die on this world. I will die on Armageddon."

Tom Fahey : This is legitimately the most amazing thing I have ever seen on Youtube, ever. I watched the Falcon Heavy launch on Friday and it's not even in the same league (for me - a W40K obsessive - personally. I'm making a personal statement of truth, not a general one - before the trolls jump in). The fact that it's been done by one person, alone, just...I'm lost for words at your raw talent. I could go on about how everything was absolutely perfect, whether it was the art style at the beginning (which I think was absolutely brilliant and just as good as that at the end, only in a different way), the subtle movements of the characters that conveyed the kind of personality, character and emotion that other 40K visual depictions NEVER manage; the uncanny, meticulous attention to detail in the characters, armour, vehicles, buildings, rooms and landscape; the balanced, carefully picked music and sound effects that made it feel every bit as professional as Hollywood blockbusters, except without the hundred million dollar budget. You even managed to overcome the cardinal sin of pretty much every depiction of Orks I've witnessed, where they take the dark comedic relief aspect to them and keep running with it till they're reduced to big, stupid, green, angry clowns, rather than the feral, crude but cunning, savage beasts you authentically depicted them as. Honestly, I don't think I've even finished comprehending all the things in this that have just blown me away and I could probably spend hours attempting to do so, so I'll summarise it with this: You've taken a world that I spent hours, days, weeks, months and years, reading and imagining when I was younger and made it that bit more tangible and real in a way none of the other games/machinima have ever come close to. Thank you.

76HabeasCorpus : Man, 40k fans have been screaming for this kind of thing for years and finally we get a taste. Truly an amazing job and I can't wait to see what's in store with the rest of this series. Bravo Sir, Bravo.

Ryan Smay : If Games Workshop actually made movies or shows, and they were as good as this, I would be broke.

10005999 : The Titan walking into battle at the end is fantastic... Very suggestive movie indeed !!! You did a movie that in Hollywood would have problems and issues in the making... Even with dozens and dozens of million dollars and a cast of renown actors !!!

The Last Knight : "This is a magnetic field stabilizer housing."--- "What does it do?" ----"It houses the stabilizers for a magnetic field generator." ----Rolls eyes.

RafterMan : I have read on many 40k forums that a 40k movie or series would not be great unless told from a humans point of view. I think what we have here, what you have made is a testament that not only are they wrong but also that they do not care for the universe as much as you have Richard Boylan. What you have made is a true work of art, this not only showcases 40k as a universe ripe for the mainstream but as a universe that deserves to expand beyond the obscure market of miniature table top gaming. You have also shown that story telling for a 40k series/movie is as easy as animating scenes from the books. I believe that 40k should get recognition from the mainstream, it should get the Netflix series treatment and I also believe that this here clears any doubt in the minds of the fans and of potential sponsors for such a thing. Also wouldn't hurt for anyone with connections to Netflix/etc to forward this to them.

timeninja888 : I actually love how it comes more clear as it goes on. It’s like Grimaldus’ haze and dark mood fades and he comes to clarity as the war begins.

ottis whit : This is way better than that tripe I payed for called Ultramarines

Tarkkus : "This is making me harder than terminator armour" -Random warpsmith.... also me

Derp Kerblerp : I just hope this gets finished before it gets too popular and GW throw out a Cease and Desist...

The Last Knight : Out of all of your great animation/images I was strangely blown away by the Raven. It's so simple yet it is my favorite. Love how you used it.

TheDeceptiveMoss : is it wrong for a man to love an animation more then he loves the emperor?

ELGlorto01 : T H E B E S T W H 4 0 K M O V I E E V E R ! ! ! ! ! ! ! You managed to capture the ambience of the wh40k universe perfectly. The art is infinitely awesome and original in my opinion. Whatever You do...keep doing it man!

michaelbizon444 : Would pay $100 to watch in an ][MAX!

Trevalyn Far : I must say that this is a beautifully grim piece of cinema. It captures the world and the characters beautifully and the art style is absolutely correct for this universe. Credit where credit is due.

The God Emperor Of Mankind : Superior tale of the second war of Armageddon. The black and white gives it the black templar feel

WarGamerGirl : This was Amazing!  Great job =)

Cryptosporidium 137 : This paints Grimaldus rather modest.

Timmy T : Seriously, fans make FAR better movies these days compared to multi-million dollar Hollywood movies. I don't know how you did all of this amazing work Richard Boylan, but by Emperor, keep it up. *stand ovation*

AtticWarrior1994 : Why does Helbrect sound like he's Space Waluigi?

James Garratt : By the god emperor this is intense ! And most importantly in 40k universe the is the average tuesday across a hundred worlds... And that is why 40k is so great

David Honnay : It’s winter, it’s a cold day in my cold vegetable shop. Not a lot of people, everybody is partying at carnivals all around the country. I prepare myself for a lonely cold afternoon... And then I sunddenly arrive on this YouTube channel. It’s a great day, a glorious day in my cold vegetable shop. I discover one more time how involved could be the 40K community in spreading Words of the Emperor around the Earth. Now I sit back confortably with my tea, preparing myself for enjoying what looks like one of the most accomplished works I’ve ever seen on this SF universe. Glory tou you, Richard, for this astonishing work ! Glory to the Emperor !!!

Daniel Vedberg Sekulic : PURGING WITH MY KIN!

Southerly93 : This is more fantastic than any of the officially licensed animation. The effect on must of the video does get kind of hard to look at for an entire hour though

Vipul Dass : There is one big problem with this compilation : no " In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war" every couple of minutes.

Alexandru von Carstein Zarovich Cantacuzino : I love how Grim is such a pardon me for saying a renegade when it comes to the rules! :D "Screw the Codex, I trying to win a war!"

the great book of grudges : No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!~Black Templar Chapter.

Nazar Stepounuk : Oh no... Sir, do you realize that you just have killed the whole whine-stream of "There is no good 40k film"? What am I gonna whine about then? PS: And seriously, this is amazing! This is what everyone should do instead of whining - get up from their asses and make quality themselves. I respect you for your awesome work and wish you well. The Emperor Protects!