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Tristan Hopkins : Can you DJ the Area 51 raid?

Arthur Fantinato : when we gonna get a single video for the firefighters song cause that was LIT

MarkMash17 : Is it just me or is he getting better?

Zootius : When his head start going in circles the beat about to be a banger.

Morgana : I feel like a lounge full of your fans would be the sexiest, most chill group of cool people, EVER.

Rich Dominations : RIP the other 4 cats.

Adam C : Please release the first song you performed “without you”. That was golden man.....

Bill Clinton : You have to release the fire fighter song!

Sane : Omfg Marc the " I've got 6 out of ten cats" line in the firefighters song almost killed me with laughing you are a TRUE legend Sir ! Love from UK

Shefer Pöchot : In 18 years, someone will be able to tell his kid: “when you were two weeks old, we got on the phone with Marc Rebillet, and he composed a song about genitals exams” - well... thanks dad. Hahahaha love you all, you’re a crazy bunch, and Marc you’re the absolute best!

SovietLlamaMC : Please make the firefighter song into an ideologue.

Robert Calkins : I can't even finish this video... I've replayed the firefighter song like 10 times now lol

Raci 1 : Come tour Australia, please, I beg of you! Come on baby, you know you wanna!

Quadrant : That firefighter song was lit.... can we get a a video dedicated to that song

igar i guess : this is no longer a stream, now this is a video

Jonatan torres Kingsrød : That firefighter song startet fires all over the world 22:28 💥💥💥💥💓

NolousProductions : I've come back every day to listen to the firefighter song, please release it in Spotify!

TimK : Excuse me Marc I'd like to speak to your manager

DarkHadouNZ : Marc, keep on keeping on. Funny - I found your videos after a website named Digg linked some of your content like three years back. Took me a long time to actually find your channel again, but I enjoy it just as much as I did then. I think it's inspiring how you took stock of what was important to you in your life, and made it happen for yourself. More people need a message like this, and every chance I get I introduce your music to people . All the goofy stuff aside (which makes it that much better) I extend to you the highest of fives! Love from New Zealand

AUXOfficial : You an inspiration to us musicians Marc

Scott Hild : I gotchu I gotchu 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Tony G : I have a good day every time I see that a Marc Live Stream has come out. these streams make the rest of the world tolerable.

Ty Vm : Love the Miami Vice shirt.

NOT ALOT : visit australia on your next tour we need some poopin downunder too watch every stream the next day mang love your work also you need to shoutout you’re on spotify etc more i dont think enough people know :)

Darian Lemieux : 48:11 Great song about airline safety


Megan Hawk : What did we do to deserve him? <3 Butt Airlines 2020, u fucCin heard me

NERDRAGE9 : holy shit the firefighter jam bops haaaaaard, i need it as a single MARC!

J Quiznos : Isn't this the guy from Joywave?

Theo Dwyer : That craft brew groove is so killer... God damn

Bruna Amaral : The first song 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 love it

Morgana : Daaaaaamn Boi, your first song is an homage to my feelings about you!? How'd you get to be such a sexy-song-psychic!?

Mark Rosenwald : Dank, tangy beats as usual, Marc. I gotta catch you at the Showbox in Seattle in October. Keep Alive!

ricky a : I almost punched a hole in my wall with the firefighter song. Got too lit.

dr. sues : we need a dedicated vid for the firefighter song.. no doubt about it

aisling mccarthy : Just saw him live in Dublin - absolutely epic. Hands down, one of the best gigs that I have seen in my life. Come back soon!!!

Raven FireWalker Morris : Sexy single bed in the background

Kari Cummings : Whoever disliked this video is a complete hater😂😂💯💯 this pure comedy and entertainment keep it up my guy💪🏽💯

Pink Icing with Arsenic : So sad I have to miss your show at 930 Club in DC! Hopefully I can catch you another time or in a different city on this tour

MMAKO : Can’t wait for the muthafuckin’ tour-kickoff show in Boston!!!

Funk Turkey : Genital Exam at 39:24 GOES. SO. HARD. Should be the advertisement for an STD clinic.

jahmoon27 : yea buddy got my tix to bowery ballroom cant wait!!! 😎🤙

ladycebula : yeah, this is a live stream... straight up from my vag

Jan Brombach : Is there a list of Marc´s vsts ???

Dane McClendon : Dude ...we need an area 51 raid theme by you!

Mydisaptmentisimesurable : I can't..dudes so fkn good it's ridiculous

Theo Dwyer : I'll be there in Vancouver! <3 been wanting to see one of your shows live for a while now! stoked!

jbusom : make the fire fighter into an actual thing that was amazing

Derserf : The genital's check song has some cool U2 ft. Eno Passengers vibe