NRL Grand Final 2015 - Last Minute Cowboys vs Broncos + GOLDEN POINT

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Tom Sizesmall : Still get tingles down my spine watching this. What a night to be a North Queenslander!!

Rohan : I like to watch this at least once every week

Coldacre : I'm an AFL man, but that is the greatest grand final I have ever seen. PHENOMENAL game of footy

Berries1938 : Not a cows fan and i've watched this more than 10x times and it still wows me everytime..| JT was all top but that pass of Morgan- the Pass of the Season literally!

Gianttesticles : I love watching the broncos lose

genedraper16 : I'm a union and AFL fan (not from Australia), but this was very exciting to watch. No denying it.

Charlie Kelly : kyle feldt coming in clutch

Allan McKenzie : There's nothing like an ALL-QUEENSLAND grand final

brenyboy26 : still brings a tear to my eye. Townsville man here, and I can tell you now, my suburb was going OFF when we won this, the whole city was estatic, and screaming and the atmosphere was palpable, everywhere you went, this was one of the greatest moments in qld history!

HjamesR23 : Man, there's so many incredible things about this. On the 5th tackle, Thurston had to handle it after it bounced, he turned & then managed to shrug off a tackle of Sam Thaiday of all people, then manages to fend of Blair, then he manages to draw players towards him as he gets the ball out to Morgon. Then what Morgon did is just one of the best sporting actions Ive ever seen. He did all of that intentionally, he knew he was drawing the players in, he noticed Feldt on the side, and then executed it perfectly.

sarah mcivor : im a bulldogs man and i was watching it and i think it was the closest and best NRL game i have ever seen

rtd : Gus Gould is talking about the football gods and what they had planned, why did they have to deny him that moment. The answer...they wanted to fuck Ben Hunts career

Geesara Nanayakkara : i am a union fan who had nothing to watch that day then I saw this and thought its another shit league game fell asleep and woke up at about 75mins.I will never look at league disrespectfully again

Kyle Bain : whenever i watch this i literally start tearing up :')


Tim Montgomery : I can't be the only one that wishes JT had of kicked that goal so bad, like I know they went on to win but it hurts me ahah and I'm a Titans fan

XxSammy X BeastxX : Love watching this over and over again

ABS BULLDOGS 1 : doggiez

Patrick Hill : 😂😂😂 if the ref didn't make him move it a couple of inches out it probably would have bounced in

Brodie Millers : My dad was pissed off when the Broncos lost, so I laughed at his face and went ha ha!

Jack Black : Ben Hunt - excellent all year, a huge part of the reason the Broncos got here. But... Firstly gave the Cowboys the penalty with 3-4 mins to go with the tackle. Then drops the ball in the 79th. Then drops the ball from the kick in extra time. Reckon he single-handedly cost them the game or what?

Simply Magic : Unlucky Ben Hunt.

SwaanieRaan : we're getting the sequel in 2 weeks' time

Dawson Harch : I skipped when JT missed, I couldn't watch it 😥

Jake Thomas : i feel so sorry for hunt he knew has soon as he dropped the ball he just lost them the game

Nick's Films : Best game of football ever

The Bpulse : I wish the world could see this is how good rugby league is. So very under appreciated.

Peter Kehoe : People criticise the UK Sky Sports RL commentary for bias but this took the cake. Phil Gould is fifty times worse than Stevo is.

Mark Ting-Williams : I am a broncos fan but it was just amazing how Kyle Feldt scored with 1 second on the clock. Congratz to the cowboys but man it would have been much better if ben hunt didn't knock the ball on

nato _31 : go broncos

Michael Wilson : Most of rugby league is completely terrible, but this game was awesome

Wreck City : Poor old Ben Hunt in golden point

Wreck City : That was a flooky last try lol

MR T MR T : OMG that was the worst moment ever

Sean Taaffe : 2017 cowboys vs storm who wins Sunday night

Declan W : Still get goosebumps watching this

Martin Kennedy : What if he got it

Raiders Fan : Cheek out my video best nrl filed goals

Big Wil : I never watched a game of Rugby... all I known bout it is the All Blacks because of the Haka (and Invictus). But this right here snagged my interest for 2016. Is there a team I should keep my eye on (I'm from the US/NYC)?

QUEENSLAND ROCK : Go the might nqld Cowboys

Micheal Smith : Morgan won it

capez17 : This was the best grand final i've seen I hope Storm v Sharks delivers another great grand final next week go the Sharks

Sonny Snelling : If you dislike this F off 🖕🏿

CFC : This is the best grand final I have ever seen

Cowboys bloke : The best moment I've ever had

PatOrr86 : Why the fuck was Freddy cheering JT when Feldt scored? It was Morgan who did the hard work. lol JT deserved the ship and he nailed the field goal but people need to credit Michael Morgan for a good hole run that got him the ability to put Feldt over.

Brayden Majid : I feel so sad that Justin Hodges last game was a lost

CaLMCee : No one talks about the steal from FELDT! the presence to knock the ball out his hand in that situation. Without that the Broncos would have seen it out

MrEverisforever : My favorite Grand final next to the Panthers vs Roosters GF 2003.

loonyleper : "If you don't believe in fairytales, we might see the giant fairytale of all time" - Phillium Gussus Gouldus