BEST GENDER REVEAL IDEA: Jimmy Fallon Egg Roulette Gender Reveal

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T Talks : Great idea! Except now I’m going to be stuck on a gender reveal video roll for a while now ;)

Brittlynn Love : This is so cute ! ♡ babies are such a blessing .💖

James G : hehehe I was secretly hoping that the young lady would get the real deal ;) just for giggles hehe it came true! haha lol

Still Family : This was one of the cutest gender reveals ever! Adorable. Congratulations!

Natalie Ryan : This is so cute!!! And both parents are stunning!!! Hope they post updates when the baby comes💘💘

Jenna Panda : Is it weird I cried??? I’m so happy for them!

Angelica Marotta : Awww congratulations! This a great idea!

Anna : That worked out perfectly! Loved it 😀

ROBS FAN : That's so sweet, & one of the cutest reveals I've seen. Thanks for sharing it with us. Congratulations!

Unicorn Sparklez : Note to self don't go in comments and ruin the surprise

Ashley Klug : I love this !!!!! So cute

Devin Fane : The suspense was killing me! Lol

burrygirl : This definitely takes the #FallonTonight game of Egg Russian Roulette up a notch. Congratulations and TFS! :)

Mia Fasino : Not hate just confused. I have watched a lot of these egg roulettes videos. It always seems to end with two eggs one blue one pink and one is raw. Do the parents know the outcomw

Baekie Cookie : I’m not related to or know this baby but my heart was racing during the egg roulette

Queen of Laziness99 : Aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww ccccooooonnnnngggggrrrrrraaaaaaaaaatttttttssssss!!!!!! Sooo happy 😁 Yay 😀 #team girl!!!💕💖💝

Kierstyn Wiandt : This was freaking perfect!!!

St4rfishh : How adorable and suspenseful! Congratulations! 👶🏼💞

Jan Jiguere : This was the very best reveal I have ever seen what a beautiful couple Congrats

Michelle : This was SUCH a great idea. How fun! The suspense really gets you so much more excited to find out what it is. Congratulations you two!! 💘

Andrew Jay : poor chickens. died for nothing ;)

Keyla Casarez : Awwwww this was super cute !! I cried lol

Molly Boomer : From one Molly to another and from one girl-mom to another...congrats!!! This was a fun watch.

Paige Bjork : YAY Molli and Dallen!!!

BittorSweet : Where is the gender neutral ones? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

itz Abizz : That was so cute and funny at the same time

Alfredo S. : Nice one

myranda wood : This is cute, never heard of the egg gender reveal. Very cool!

Shawndah Johnson : Eww no thanks

2M Baby Gender Reveal : This made me nervous lol

Harriet Shearsmith : This is lovely, gave me all the feels!

Ava Evans : PLZ DONT READ IF U DONT KNOW THE GENDER YET AND DONT WANT TO KNOW What will you name your precious young lady?

Ashley Giesse : House=incredible

Rowdha Ahmad : Yaayyyy congrats I really loved this idea and would love to try it one day💖🎉

Autumn Gilbreath : Lmfaooo

OR Scrub : wouldn’t you be able to tell as soon as you picked it up???

Carey Frazier : A girl

ROBLOX Gamer : Smart idea

Debbie Green : I usually don't like gender reveals, but, this one caught my eye because of doing it "Jimmy Fallon" style. Now THIS was creative!! Congratulations to the happy couple and their daughter!!

Georgina Clarke : What a great channel. Going to watch your other videos.

D.W. : spoiler alert: it's me

Katie Maggioli : That reveal too forever I was like 😴

Lynz1210 : We are going to do this on March 9th! I'm so excited! I fell in love with this idea. These guys are so cute!

Nubia Aylin : Funny how things happened. Those two eggs are trolls lol😂 Honestly best gender reveal yet💕

Haley Hayes : When was she born or when will she be born? Name?

KiwiboiNZ : Would have been funnier if the eggs were raw....and the hard boiled egf indicated the gender haha And they should have cracked on each other

Ann Maria : That was so good

Sarah Eckerson : MY ANXIETY WHILE WATCHING THIS WAS CRAZY.... haha congrats!!!

Amber Ripley : Love this idea! We are finding out the gender of our second little one in two weeks! Where did you guys find that cute little banner?

mida Aguilera : So cute!....made me cry.