BEST GENDER REVEAL IDEA: Jimmy Fallon Egg Roulette Gender Reveal

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HOUSE OF VLOGGERS : This was ADORABLE! I was so nervous the whole time and I have no idea why. LOL

Brittlynn Love : This is so cute ! ♡ babies are such a blessing .💖

James G : hehehe I was secretly hoping that the young lady would get the real deal ;) just for giggles hehe it came true! haha lol

Still Family : This was one of the cutest gender reveals ever! Adorable. Congratulations!

Angelica Marotta : Awww congratulations! This a great idea!

Jenna Panda : Is it weird I cried??? I’m so happy for them!

Ashley Klug : I love this !!!!! So cute

Unicorn Sparklez : Note to self don't go in comments and ruin the surprise

Jan Jiguere : This was the very best reveal I have ever seen what a beautiful couple Congrats

ROBS FAN : That's so sweet, & one of the cutest reveals I've seen. Thanks for sharing it with us. Congratulations!

Anna : That worked out perfectly! Loved it 😀

burrygirl : This definitely takes the #FallonTonight game of Egg Russian Roulette up a notch. Congratulations and TFS! :)

St4rfishh : How adorable and suspenseful! Congratulations! 👶🏼💞

BittorSweet : Where is the gender neutral ones? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freddy S. : Nice one

Tiffa Talks : Great idea! Except now I’m going to be stuck on a gender reveal video roll for a while now ;)

Andrew Jay : poor chickens. died for nothing ;)

myranda wood : This is cute, never heard of the egg gender reveal. Very cool!

Shawndah Johnson : Eww no thanks

Abby Clark : That was so cute and funny at the same time

Paige Bjork : YAY Molli and Dallen!!!

perfectlycreated28 : I'm laughing because I think Mom thought it was a boy and wanted Dad to get covered in raw egg. Hehehe. "I'll take the pink, you take blue".

shay cade : Thats rhe best

liz liz : How they didn't know that ? They just found that .. so who find out first?

Alya : He was probably happy that his egg didn't broke Xd

Carrie Cantrell : Cutest one I’ve never seen 💕

S D : I LOVE THIS!..MIGHT HAVE TO STEAL!😍😍..the suspense!

Brittany B : 3:40 After you give him a handy and you’re waiting for the towel..

missmykael : That was actually really funny. Usually these are a bit boring. But this one keeps you on your toes!

Keyla Casarez : Awwwww this was super cute !! I cried lol

Lakeisha Santana Powell : I really love this idea it’s totally different

Tara W : This was so cute congratulations

Aimee K : So cute!

Jana Leonard : That is awesome!

Sabrina Scrivo : Congratulations! Great video!

Molly Boomer : From one Molly to another and from one girl-mom to another...congrats!!! This was a fun watch.

Kelssie & Xavier : Cute 🐉

Nicole Salmond : best reveal ever!

weoweearth : i mean you could have just spun them on the table but i guess this works too lol

Ella Christine : That’s so exciting! I too was nervous the whole time!!!

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Tim Z : that man is FINE

Boats n hoes : WTF? Gender reveal? I'm embarrassed for the guy. His life is destined to be beta male pussy

LJ Herman : Hello! My name is LJ and I work for Love What Matters.  We have about 7 million followers on Facebook.  We believe in telling stories of hope, love, and courage. We came across your video ( ) and we would love to post it to the Love What Matters community with credit.  May we have permission to do so?