Can You Speak English Like Kaalu Does? | Incredible Talent of Rural Indian Boy

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vignesh vicky : OMG good talking English

Jay Dabhi : Elect him as Indian representative at UN.


Bandita Acharya : Ohhh god this guy is very talented.😱

Neha Lal : wow!Nice.....

Tukang Trik : I don't care about his english , His knowledge is amazing woww

Ashutosh Rana : Fuck English Look at knowledge

Arsuda Aadeez : May god bless you he is very talented

Beat Cleaners : Indians are awesomes

Deepak Nawale : Its mugging or he real talk english

SAMEER TOMAR : So easily

Tanaaz Shaikh : I love my country India .

cool boy : Why call him kaaalu??.if it's because of his colour then 90% of our Indian population should be called as kaalu..

Tiger King : *Kaalu you are just superhero*

Sangita Roy : Very good

Sumukh : What's so great about this kid ? It's not IMPOSSIBLE to learn English or any other language. Ffs Whoever upload this video is embarrassing the whole country.

siddhi subhasaya : Hats off for this talented guy !!👒👒

Sonia Bajaj : what talent is that i don't understand... almost everybody speak English...3/4 years old baby also speak English fluently

piku M : His real name is kaalu and he know 8 different languages.

every thing : Wonderful he speaks 6 laguages 👍👍👏👏👏

Gurk : why indian people so proud of speaking english ?😂

sorry can'thelpit : The confidence though

Live world p : Yeh Jo apne video banaye ho usme kalu word use mat karo Acha nahi lagta

Shivraj roy : I think that this boy was son of foreigner and was lost in india during a trip so he started trip guidance

Manoj Kumar : Yar mujhe apni english literature par saram aa rahi h

sanjay to ysu kushwaha : indian people is very mind power but money conditions those future not success.

Nirmala Chauhan : bhai itni English agr angrazo k time pr hum logo ko ati to angrazo ka raj ni Indians ka raj hota un logo pe 😄😄😄😄😄

Mr funny bones : All the dumbasses barking here.yes his grammar isn't perfect. But india is in fact an underdeveloped nation with many derelict youth. He probably didn't even get proper primary education.try studying any language yourself . And later try talking at a good pace you will stammer. So respect this guy

Vikash Verma : Talent of india

Rakshith Prakash : He's a GM candidate , i get it

Sai Priya Dasari : It's awesome

Aquib Ansari : English is Just a Language..Not a Knowledge..!!!

Pritham Bala : Super taking in English

Zoya : Appearences are deceptive

bicky singh bhau rajput : Wow what a tailent

Bipin Thapa : Wow kallu is really good English speaker

Shen Momin : He speak english better than kapil sharma

Roman Wil : This all is scripted, they are trained they where to point in which word you can notice when foreigner àsk the question you will notice how he answers without any interest seems like he is in hurry.

Prince Raj : Thnk god they add subtitle

Mayank Kumar : This he learnt not speak

Kartik SV : Wow great well some one needs to sponsor him and educate to become child prodigy.

Rohit Mayank : OMG ye to apna gwalior hai

DAB bitch : I can speak better than he can... Are you mocking me

SENDNOOBS : *I'm good at english even tho it's not my 1st language*

ereana of j.e : I can speak if I know the story

Narendra Rathore : english not a subject it is a language..... it absorb...not learn...

jb gauru : fabulous

kmc yasaswi : I think he maybe living there since he was born and as small kids learn language without any help of book or any other material, he also learnt it from seeing the foreigners speak that's why he is having American accent.

Desh Duniya : I can't explain.woooooooooow I have never seen talent like him.

Abhisheka Lenin : We feel proud that u r an Indian and feel sorrow for the same time