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Indian Indian : wow!Nice.....

Gaurav Arya : He is a poor guy and Indian that why incredible talent.

Deepak Nawale : Its mugging or he real talk english

Tukang Trik : I don't care about his english , His knowledge is amazing woww

Information And technology : Don't say him kaalu😤. Aapke jaise soch waale logo ki wajah se aaj apna India growth nahi kar raha.😒

zara bhatt : Wonderful he speaks 6 laguages 👍👍👏👏👏

Sumukh : What's so great about this kid ? It's not IMPOSSIBLE to learn English or any other language. Ffs Whoever upload this video is embarrassing the whole country.

Aashish Karki : R.I.P Grammer! Before Commenting, watch video by truning on Caption.

Gurk : why indian people so proud of speaking english ?😂

Bharat Raghavan : This makes you sad and proud at the same time... Proud for the rare gems our country has like kaalu... And sad for the potential lost due to rampant poverty in this country of ours

Shen Momin : He speak english better than kapil sharma

all in one ashish channel youtube : Are kaalu class padhana shuru kardo

anime titania : I can speak English fluently as I am educated but even though he is just a kid in a poor village, he is speaking English that fluently. So That makes sense, how great he is!!!

sanjay to ysu kushwaha : indian people is very mind power but money conditions those future not success.

E guru : Yar mujhe apni english literature par saram aa rahi h

Prince Raj : Thnk god they add subtitle

Nirmala Chauhan : bhai itni English agr angrazo k time pr hum logo ko ati to angrazo ka raj ni Indians ka raj hota un logo pe 😄😄😄😄😄

Monkey D. Dragon : I can speak better than he can... Are you mocking me

vignesh sreedhar : OMG good talking English

Mayank Kumar : This he learnt not speak

SENDNOOBS : *I'm good at english even tho it's not my 1st language*

Pritham Bala : Super taking in English

GAMING WITH ARYAN : This is from forgine country what

Jay Dabhi : Elect him as Indian representative at UN.

Vikash Verma : Talent of india

Zoya : Appearences are deceptive

bicky singh bhau rajput : Wow what a tailent

Tech Tube : Mera Desh mahan

Rohit Mayank : OMG ye to apna gwalior hai

megamanipur dota : See the knowledge not english

Tusshar sharma : His heart so gargantun but really he is so purile. They are not an snollygoster. People are deplore their talent but Thier Nature is farrago..

Tusshar sharma : It's an amazing talent and ethreal person but some people are to arduous to judge and this guy is so propinquent and I like it's xenodochial style .

Bandita Acharya : Ohhh god this guy is very talented.😱

Mukesh Rani : His talent should not be wasted. I think he's a talented guy👌he is making mistakes but not giving up. He earning a livelihood not begging❤salute to him👌Can someone help him in making him going to school please? 😔

Sai Priya Dasari : It's awesome

Pradeep Achale : even my English teacher don't speaks like this

Yash Vadhar : No way is this a joke he is a boss

Polnati Indra : Incredible.....

Gaurav vadhera1 : Talented boy..

click here. : Ratta maaraa hai

Aryan Sood : Anyone can speak that

Darshana Waghmare : Why don't the temple people allow him to study.....he can achieve a lot......god pls make this boy get successful in his life......I was shocked....

piku M : His real name is kaalu and he know 8 different languages.

Budhi singh kulluvi : Good boy

MOHIT KUMAR : India is great land with great talent

Nanda Gunjal : Kya baat hai Bhai . Kadak English book raha hai .

Kehkasha Khan : yes

sabah khan : It's a shame he's getting acknowledged for his English, and not his knowledge or memory. He's a bright kid who's observed alot from his surroundings

Tanmoy Ghosh : keep it up boy

Games_Insider : Yes absoulty I can talk like him. Alhamdulilah