Can You Speak English Like he Does? | Incredible Talent of Rural Indian Boy

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Jitendra Goyal : shame on u who gave u this right to call him kalu. Just because of his colour😡😡

Adil Parkar : This boy is a Liar,Mughals did not Destroy anything they build incredible building

shafi ullah Shaikh : mughal thy not destroyed any temple This child does not know the history

Krishna Rohilla : I can speak much better

Susila Thapa : Glad to know There is talented boy in rural areas too ❤

Arjun gupta Vlogs and stuff : I can speak better English I edited this because you can’t even understand his bad English, he probably doesn’t even know what it means he probably just knows how to say or he has just mugged it *search what mugged means if you don’t know* bro I like kalu’s talent but just saying.

SPD Bros : He spoke better than Donald Trump

Yashwardhan tripathi YWT : fake accent, his name 'kalu' suits his shitty face.he has just mugged up the facts to make tourists CHUTIYA!!

Kartik SV : Wow great well some one needs to sponsor him and educate to become child prodigy.

Haziq Vaid : Incredible India

THE CARMEL BOY : Please have a look to my channel

Pankaj Nihayat : he might be from south.ask him to speak hindi our national language he might not be knowing

Aayush Parmar : Someone give him a charcoal face wash

TUSHAR DAS : that's call Indian talent 😎

Woo Play : and some indian boys on facebook r like sow boob😂

chinmay mathur : awesome i want all the citizen of India to be very intelligent

MrCitrusice : He's probably chatting shit so he can make money as a tourist guide 😂😂😂

Areez Khan : Is speaking any language a talent?? Shut the fuck up.... And he clearly doesn't speak pure.

Grey Factz : have you wondered why American kid doesn't know how to speak Hindi if you have then you know how can this kid speak English. This kid has some talent but it is not speaking English but having good knowledge of history.

Zenith Kumar : Neither his English is good Nor history 😄

ashik ole : hey i remember a great proverb , DO NOT JUDGE THE BOOKS BY ITS COVER, now only iam experiencing it, wow, unbelievable , great talent, come on guys appreciate him.we pray for his great future,

tech tainment : Awesome

Rowdy Rathore : are bhai isme koi jung jeetne wali baat nhi hui uske family wale bolte honge english ..its just a language

Varun Ramachandran : Mughals entered India and destroyed the temple and disfigured the carvings... Whilst indians were fighting amongst themselves in the name of caste.

Sanbeer Shafin : I don't understand what he is saying ,

Gerv The 9erv : Fuck is he saying??

Nitin Nautiyal : fake accent... bad grammar... could not understand a single sentence... the indian who made this video just thought lets make fun of him and also he could not understand him. In all, bad english

Angami Accent : so speaking English is a talent now? damn..

Iam Groot : Am i the only one who don't understand whatever the boy is saying

Don Budha : The way he speaks is not different from any fetish Indians

Junaid Ismail : Great talent ..keep it up my boy

Mo Uddin : Lol didn't understand a word.. also just picked a sentence where he said the mughals destroyed temples.. obviously he's been brainwashed by the current Hindu extremists ... Little does he know most of the workers in the mughal court were Hindus...

Ali Shaikh : very nice Kid

ahmad asif : <3

Ajay Baliarsingh : if u can talk then grammar is not a barrier.who ever talking about grammar just think ur parrents send u to school and at age of 16 or 18 u started talking english then just think this little boy is not even 13 i think.if u can understand wht he is talking den fuck the gramar.atlist he is trying to explain at his ahe rit now.can u guys do dat at his age who ever talking about his gramar is fucked up

Quinteria Grier : his skin is so pretty

Sarita Agrawal : Incrediable


Kushagra Pandey : What about grammar???

Johnfuse : So what? I can speak English as well and i'm neither a native speaker. Its not a hard language to learn. There are about 3 billion people on earth who can.

Emma James : speaking english is not a talent. there is nothing great in this video. my 3 yrs son can speak much better thn dis chap. anyway may god bless him. he shud feel proud to spk his motherland language rathr thn spking foreign languge. indeed this is disgusting. one shud undrstnd his cunning intentions. i love my india. jai hind

going2sleep : What is he saying?

Mr. Rethzone : I got C+ in english subject

DUDE E TUDE : What if he is a Christian?

GWiK : Are bhai log.. English is only h language . . English bolna koi talent nhi dont judge anyone by language.. My agr 3,4 months k lea English country chala junga na to whan k environment se v my v sekh junga lol 😂😂😂

unexpected channel : of course we can infact there are better one than him

Sanjit Sharma : Nicc..this is real india

Eshtiaq Ahsan : he should go school

yousaf the youtuber : I can talk english i can walk english i can sleel english better then kalu

Lubin : At his age I still had to call my mum to wipe my ass off after I took a shit