Are you being served? Selling gloves episode
As a kid growing up in the deep South in the early 90s USnothing brought the family together like British comedy reruns on PBS during supper my favorite Are You Being Served

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Very funny clip of Grace Brothers early opening experiment for greater sales. Terrific laughing in this one


Steven Tubbs : Always loved Mr. Lucas' excuses for being late.

Lesa Kitching : I wonder where his niecce is Deborah Inman. Wouldn't you think she'd want to be active to keep her wonderful Uncle Frederick John Inman alive. I immagine all the people who had and have fallen in love with Mr. Humphries that really never got to meet him personally would like to know more about him. Like did he like cats and dogs his favorite color where can you buy tee shirts with John on them? I wish his niece could tell us something.

leetylr : 2:51 the gloves scene watch until 3:13 Arthur Brough actor (Mr Granger) trying not too laugh(corpsing) its only a couple of seconds but he recoveres himself x

MercuryX : LOL who in the world was that laughing in the audience!? they sounded like they were having a FIT LOL! that made the gloves scene even funnier.

Kimberly : I used to watch this show all the time when I was younger, before I knew what Doctor Who was. That must have flown right over my head! Though I'm sure many references to British culture did, and still would, to be honest.

Coel Hen : Love the Doctor Who Reference!

Brooklyn : wat episode is this?

LuigiDonatello : R.I.P. Trevor Bannister :(

ProcrastinatingGuy : "its for you, its a lady!" SHOCKER :D

pspboy7 : Mr. Lucas' storys are so funny hehe.

trespire : @wx4newengland If Macys staff were this colourfull customers would probabaly come in just for a laugh.

mrhumphries4u : @storrs19 You should join the forum.

wx4newengland : I wish it was this easy to sell stuff at macys

Chad Quick : God I love this show! I have the entire series and also Grace & Favour on dvd and watch them all the time. Just so damn funny! British comedy is so full of innuendo and double talk :)

KTBEverlasting : Love this show.

Twila Tharp : This stopped at Trevor Bannister saying,  "It's for you; it's a lady."  So disappointed as this looks like an excellent episode.

Danielle Holler : Lol. Never gets old.