Matilda Reunion Mara Wilson

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Leigh Hartman : I pray to God nobody ever remakes Matilda.

Angel : Matilda clearly should have gone to Hogwarts! I bet her parents hid her letter.

Ryan Canavauiolo : Bruce pulled a nevel longbottom

S k : What really shines from this is just how much love there is for Danny. They all have so much respect and admiration for him and i can see why. I hope Mr DeVito always remains one of the good guys

Reyna : The reunion video I never knew I needed.

smileyouregonnadie : This is probably the best movie reunion since the biggest star (devito) was the one who initiated the whole thing, this is very special.

Ben Daly McKenna : I wonder if JK Rowling was inspired by Matilda as the wormwoods are so similar to the dursleys

Mikayla Johnson : You know you’ve hit a low in your life when you’re crying at 4 o’clock in the morning while watching the Matilda Reunion

WolfVIII : This cast looks so healthy and happy after so many years!!!! What's their secret?!! When I see casts from tv shows I watched as a kid, most ended so badly in life :( Look at these people?! Look at Matilda's classmates O.O This is such a nice reunion.

Justin Dillard : This is incredibly sweet. It's nice to see Danny Devito gush. You can tell making the movie was something he absolutely loved.

Donald Newton : The actress who plays Trunchball seems so nice and sweet. How can she have ever been that mean woman?

Bethanne Shafer : Omg mara wilson looks the same when she was a lil kid

lovebot : I just realized ‘Lavender Brown’ is the same name as ‘Lavender Brown’ in Harry Potter.

Rachel R. : "Your a TWIT!" omg she said it xD Can never forget this line, quote it to this day haha.

Emilee Hubley Games & More! : OMG Lavender Looks So Pretty!!

mundotaku : This is how children movies should be. Wholesome inside and out.

Mr Parodix : I'm so happy I found this video !

Chevaun Edwards : They all have grown up so beautifully. I’m just crying because I’ve seen the film that many times that it has just amazed me on how well they worked together and helped one another with it.

Nathalie Alicea : Matilda was one of my favorite childhood movies. This was beautiful to watch. Seeing Danny’s passion for it still to this day warms my heart.

Marty McFly : Wow! Mara looks exactly the same

Tim Walters : Talleyhooooo (trunchbull jumps the banister and lands back on first floor of the house) my favorite scene watch it over and and over. Lol.

Christina The Frantiks : You can tell Danny is emotional and nostalgic about it and happy everyone came. The actress playing Agatha is the one re-enacting the movie the best.

K : Pam Ferris is an AMAZING actress!

Tom : it was only now that i'm older i realised how amazing an actress Pam Ferris is at portraying such a fearful character

Manuel Seminario : Wow The Trunch can still scare the crap out of you

BlueJ : its weird seeing Matilda bigger than her father now

Ohwhale : I smiled the whole time while watching this :) Great memories.

Emily's got talent : Omg the man who played Bruce has got so good looking

Willow Lackett : Bruce went from Bogtrotter to Studmuffin <3

Pygmy Puff : They should have watched the movie as a family. That would be funny to see.

H81234 : Lavender is so gorgeous and Bruce is very handsome. Even Amanda became a beautiful woman.

Josh Wilson : Here sad fact when they did this Embeth Davidz who played miss honey had cancer at the time. But she's alright now thankfully.

Brittany Paulhus : I will never forget watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the first time and when Aunt Marge showed up I couldn't place where id seen the actress before. Pam Ferris, Truncgbull.

Jessica Vasquez : I love this but the re-enactments are soooo cringy lol

ali N : Wow where has this been. Damn its dope how they have Matilda sitting next to miss tretchble

Pavement Pounder : Did anyone else notice the young Matilda had brown eyes?

La Caja De Libros : I remember that I used to dream that one day Miss Honey was gonna adopted me 😂😭✨.

Fred : Why am I in tears?? I am so happy! I just want happiness.

David Mackay : I'm so so so so so so happy this was in my recommended. I grinned throughout the whole video!!!

Maria Yareli Vazquez : Childhood memories 😭

Gary Brown : When that giant cake came I was like holy crap he's gonna eat it lol. My face nearly fell to the floor 😆😆😆😆😆

Gaia Girl : I heard that Mara Wilson’s mother died during the shooting of Matilda and that Danny Devito and his wife helped her throughout her grieving process. Danny also showed her mother the version before release, just before she passed away, as she so desperately wanted to watch the movie. Such a wonderful couple.

beats4u2 : Favorite Line Ever...."Much to good for children"

VeganProgrammer : this is so cool but kinda depressing at the same of my favorite childhood movies....this, the witches, dennis the menace, problem child, and jim carey movies.

starduck2 : It must feel lame for the actors to reanact those scenes BUT, I'm glad they went through it!

picantesworld77 : I'm so blessed and was so excited with big smiles watching this entire video it was so amazing to see this ree Union one of my favorite favorite movies

We Watched Some Stuff : I love how this isn't just a reunion but they are reenacting the best scenes from the movie all these years later lol

Potterhead4Always 9 3/4 : 19:30 "Why are u running? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?!" 😂😂😂

Darla Akins : 2:43 wait Lavender Brown is the girl from Harry Potter I should know this since I’m a potterhead 😄