Matilda Reunion Mara Wilson

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Nick B. : This made my heart grown about 3 times in size. 💕

Reality TV News : Embeth Davidtz who played Miss Honey reminds me of Sarah Paulson from American horror story

Ohwhale : I smiled the whole time while watching this :) Great memories.

Mikayla Johnson : You know you’ve hit a low in your life when you’re crying at 4 o’clock in the morning while watching the Matilda Reunion

Peyton Sawyer : Bruce got HAWT MAN !

Michelle Muller : This was so fantastic to see! Mara grew up to be an intelligent writer and have loved her articles. Apparently she's still adorable! It was awesome to see Pam Ferris (Trunchbull) reenacting these scenes as horrid as ever as a gorgeous real person. You can really tell what a classic actress she is. Embeth Davidtz (Miss Honey) is still so beautiful and all the kids grew up to be so lovely! Really, thanks to the cast and production team for sharing this. This movie was packed with talent, everyone involved.

sunshine11931 : Lavander's voice litterally sounds exactly the same from when she was little, lol.

ZeldasFinalFantasy : Aww Danny Devito is a cute lil penguin waddling around

Cassie : Wow the trunchbull looks so non-threatening here

AprilPie16 : This is was such a nostalgic delight, I am so happy and thankful to have seen this. The whole cast and crew did an amazing job, love the fact that they participated throughout the reunion!

Peacock Productions : Mara Wilson has such a soothing voice...has she narrated any audiobooks?

Hazim Esa : Just like Matilda very inteligent

Windsong ShadowDancer : lol the guy that plays bruce when he saw the big ass cake he was thinking 'oh shit', they all grew up great and they all seem pretty close i am glad they had the reunion i love the movie.

Christina The Frantiks : You can tell Danny is emotional and nostalgic about it and happy everyone came. The actress playing Agatha is the one re-enacting the movie the best.

As Told By GiGi : My cousin shauna was a teacher and my real life Ms. Honey. I mean she had her personality her demeanor everything. I loved her so much! And lucky throughout my life I have had a few Ms. Honeys in my school career and I hope that I am a Ms. Honey to my students. So wonderful to see such wonderful childhood memories for me

zkosser : Mara really got out of Hollywood when she could! Good on her 👍🏽👍🏽

natsc48 : This video was like a giant hug!

Erica Poitras : I feel like everyone's reaction to that cake was genuine.

Red Rose : This was a amazing reunion! ♥


Nonii 92 : Wonder why PeeWee wasn't there lol

Don'tEvenThink : I only realised that the people to play Mr and Mrs Wormwood (Danny and Rhea) are actually married in real life. I’m shook.

Josh Wilson : Here sad fact when they did this Embeth Davidz who played miss honey had cancer at the time. But she's alright now thankfully.

Ashley Espinoza : Is Matilda pregnant ?

Fleurs Sv : This is the cutest thing ever omg!

Michael Gill : @19:12 I hope that Happens to Trump where he gets scared by all of the Ghosts of the Whitehouse and flees in terror

David Lane : i still see Danny devito as the penguin

sasha xo : Look at the beautiful woman Lavender has become.

Unedited Elle : The girl who played lavender looks like maya from pretty little liars 👀

gnomehunting : OMG miss Honey is British ?!?!?

Bakemono 17 : I love the music in Matilda, it’s so soothing

gingersnap : Danny is such a proud papa

BookmanPlays : i was eight. Nostalgia and childhood.

AnimeGirl 8792 : Another childhood dream video

DeeDee570 : This movie will always hold a special place in my heart. I never get tired of it lol childhood fave ;)

Mary Macera : Danny Davito is such a great host <3

Chriztian Wennersten : Probably the one and only chance to see Mara Wilson act again is by watching this video. What a gem! Matilda is an amazing movie

Kristen Merritt : Ms. Trunchbull is gorgeous!

James Billings : i remember when this movie first came out i seen it like 100 times and its amazing how the cast has grown

Taryn Jaye : aw the feels!

Mr Parodix : I'm so happy I found this video !

Kayla White : I wish they made a remake with everyone that grew up


Phenomenal Woman : this was so elegant and so precious and beautiful and every moment thank you so much for uploading and everyone looks exactly the same at least to me

Michael Gill : The trunchbull at the end

Danielle Nothmann : I first thought that Sarah Paulson was Ms Honey!

K. Nessa : Bruce grew up hawt.

Aqueduct Nomad : This is so cute! Posted on my birthday too. <3

Wil Mees : Ugh... some of them turned out to be nauseating Hollywood Barbies. However, some of them seem to have turned out quite lovely.

HeelyQueen : Before I knew Sarah Paulson was Sarah Paulson, I thought she was Ms. Honey fdjskal