Terry Tibbs - Come Dine With Me (Facejacker)

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ProMaxElite : "I've got all 5 fingers... and a thumb" hahahahaha

jamesrobtonyadams : 'you're not allergic to cherries are ya? No? Ya look like ya've popped a few in yar time...' HHAHAHAHAHAHA

Johnny Dancer : One of the funniest things in recent years ... More Terry Tibbs!!

Kieran Rogers : I lost my shit when the fireworks went out of control.

bittylover2 : talk to me!!

springbok86 : I'll put some full fat milk on Alpa! haha classic Terry

crulio : haha just when you thought terry has shot his load all over your bits...hes reloaded

phil dann : thats a 10/10 right there!

guitarchoonz : that's a proper dinner shindig

Jamie Crotty : Anyone asks.... I peeled those fuckin patatas

PropGear : The gardens on fire, the house is on fire...............the neighbours house is on fire................should get a ten for that hey? Genius long live Terry Tibbs much love

Harbaksh1234 : 2:40 - 2:46 Haha!

Piers Gardner : i love chips

kgcyoutubeaccount : Classic

Mr Christmas mouse : The guy Yo is an actor I've seen the guy at my cousins church,but obviously they are all actors so I'm staying the obvious :-)

dave F : Are you looking for a gwayte deal on a quality used second-hand caa?

John Smith : I'll put some full fat milk on that Alpen

Ignore Alien Orders : "They do... wonderful extras.."

laskos02 : absolute masterpiece <3

Dosh Potato : I love his apron! I NEED THAT!

GoldenChud : ESMEWELDA

Stevie Mitchell : All five fingers and a thumb 😂😂

thechase ison : One of the funiest things ever!!

son of wallace COYB : Dave Courtney 😁

Geraint Pierce : they will give me a 10 for this one lol

Vogel Mclovin : I don't know whether this is a real come dine with me, if so have they been really gullible in thinking he is genuine

TaMMy2611 : ahahah can't believe it:D

Nie Mam : it was amazing :O

debs shebs : lol😂

Mr Christmas mouse : The guy Yo is an actor I've seen the guy at my cousins church,they are all actors probably,stating the obvious.Love Terry Tibbs :-)

Dirty Needlez : BRILLIANT

242jams : 1:38 "I'm a hindu, we don't eat steak". 6:56 "I'm not religious". wtf

Numberofthefeast 82 : wooden ladders...TALK TO ME!

Emily Bing : This is toooooo much! 😂😂😂😂

ben hearne : Widmore road Fishmongers for Terry.

Jay Banner : "They'd better give Me a 10 for this one, eh?" 😂😂😂😂😂

Naomi MUA : Why have I not seen this before lol lol

Cnn Pnj : Terry needs to make a gangster comedy film

Den Dan : You look like you popped a few in your tamm.

Thai Tastic : I need to do a collab. with Sir Tibbs

Thai Tastic : 0:30 the new area code is 0207, just spoke to Terry, he’s getting me a good deal on a Ford Fiesta. Much love 💕

Daisy x : 1:03 every hat he wears on facejacker are hilarious

RenegadeTimes : women who sleep with Terry are cut a check beforehand. Eeeeks.

STJIMMY 182 : I wish they’d have stuck to the real format like in fonejacker

lider : song at the end anyone

thechase ison : Fuckknghilarious

Daniel Roach : All 5 fingers and a thumb

LFC86 forever : I wanna know what marks he got 🤣

S Davies : What a legend 😂😂😂😣

Mr Christmas mouse : The guy Yo is an actor I've seem the guy at my cousins church.They are all actors so I'm stating the obvious,love Terry Tibbs.