Letterman having a hard time with Johnny Depp (Eng Sub)

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SWProductions : Big respect to him not giving a f***

UBF BELT HOLDER : It's not that he does not know.....He simply does not care.

OffMeMeds : Why does he need to watch a movie he was in? He lived it..

Slohands : I think he may end up being the last "cool" actor. The times aren't suited for cool, anymore.

Spocklee : Johnny doesn't know anything, he's just cruising through life😂

lilyosh1x : i think he intentionally avoids getting attached to the movies and roles he plays to maintain his own self, which a lot of actors struggle with. The roles can easily get into your head effecting your life negatively like it did to Heath Ledger..

Derek Barriault : he don't watch his own movie....If I was an actor, I guess neither would I, it would be super weird and egotistical. like listening to your own voice recording, not aint me

Anthony Clark : 1:00 if whattheehehehowcanit be possible??

Louis Paquette : I miss Letterman. Colbert's just attacks Trump every single show. It's not really even funny. When Letterman made jokes about US. Presidents, it was hilarious without sounding so mean spirited.

CatspitProductions : LOL... that was awesome. I remember Depp on 21 Jump Street and Freddy. Pretty cool. Come get some Catspit~!

RhythmOvPain : Johnny "Consistency" Depp.

The Infamous Yash : I love how Jonny dresses

Dylan Tomasi : this is when the world still made sense. David Letterman was still on TV. Johnny Depp actually cared about what movies he made. and people were generally happier

imt ad : rumours has it that johnny depp doesnt watch his movies. thats why he has no idea when asked

Firat Senay : What a legend..

daltdj : Hard to believe this is the same guy who played Willy Wonka

Blackwolfsbane : mans got style

Jane Calero : It's sad when folks misunderstand the personal quirks of others.  It's clear to me Depp is an interesting and great guy with a fine sense of humor.

Afternoon Dreamer : I thought this was funny and in no way makes Johnny Depp look bad or stupid. I think it just makes people like him more. So, enough with the negative comments :-)

Bob Billings : My wife makes fun of me for being a fangirl and having a man-crush on Johnny Depp. I told her to get bent.

Mr T : he doesn't watch any of the masonic spell ridden shit. he's aware

M Julian : That was fun and I was thinking when he said once a movie was done, it's none of his business what happens after...that's how I would think if I were a celeb. I would feel I did my job, got paid for my work and whatever happens afterward is out of my hands. I enjoyed this mix. Thanks for a good vid. I laughed.

Rockstar : He's dope

z ⸒ : he's just lazy to answer

BboyZoinks : i think it's an on going gag they had like damon and kimmel

bubanner : When he" it's none of my biz" " he also says hes up there..........I believe hes talking bout cloning

Ron Mercer : He had a different personality or persona with each of his different styles.

LauSegM : i love this man, because is not like other actors. I love his style, he has personallity

sightinsight : too much cannabis does that, plus he has anxiety disorder too so yeah double whammy

Dragon's Den : You know nothing, Johnny Depp.

Franky Broadcast : I'd say probably the most talented actor in the business. Definitely in my top 3

Cee2kay : He is truly carrying Marlon Brando's legacy.

Par N : Depp´s future is behind him.

Red Crab : He's the OG Jon Snow

Zain Rashid : Johmny Depp knows nuthin’

Fire&Ice909 : Letterman would have a hard time with a ham sandwich.

Tiki Rob : fake English accent, like Madonna.

Bruce : Johnny Depp is for me one of the most natural actors at all. He really is like he is and has no airs and graces or a problem to speak about his weaknesses. Very charming guy.

james crowe : just another drug addled, mentally ill, "celebrity"...what's the big deal? They're a dime a dozen.

KletoReese : The BEST talk show host of all time Mr Letterman!

Ronny Sterling : Trump Rules!!! MAGA!! Lotsa supporters, big pissed off supporters, that love Trump!

Dark Ryan : one of the most genuine people in showbusiness, somebody who has A LOT of money and GREAT fame, but dont need that & mostly can hadle that, not like those 95% of other actors & especially musicians

canteen boy : These two are hilarious together!

Cat Benson : Not being mean, but Letterman deserves a hard time.. Letterman is an egomaniac and gives some men hard times more than not, so stick it to Letterman from time to time..Johnny...lol..

It's Me : He's got a disease, where he can't see the world in 3D as we all do. He sees everything in 2D, and everything is dull and less detailed which takes a lot of fun out of it. That's why he's doesn't watch his movies.

pretenditsagoodworld : After seeing him live with the Hollywood vampires I got a bit annoyed with him. He tried to hide the whole time - and it just felt kind of fake and him acting. Like don't look at me i'm on the stage.. he properly don't care about his movies but the way he says it sounds a bit showing off. I don't know where I'm going with this - but he should be more comfortable with the fame after being in the buisness for so many years - and if not then at least act like he cares.

Jocelyn Cordova : Love you Johnny Depp cute hotting Bautiful Nice guy Johnny Depp

chicken Fpv : This is why i love depp

tyler joyner : Gilbert is acting like arny

throathammer1 : dude knows exactly what hollywood is doing.. thats why he doesnt watch his movies. He stays the hell away from that programming.