Letterman having a hard time with Johnny Depp (Eng Sub)

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SWProductions : Big respect to him not giving a f***

Liv : He really doesn't care, and doesn't try to pretend that it's important for other people, love it. I think a big part of it is that he doesn't like watching himself on screen, and he doesn't try to impress other people by talking about his movies.

Mars Lee : "Once my job is done on the film, it's really none of my business."----Johnny Depp

OffMeMeds : Why does he need to watch a movie he was in? He lived it..

BshaqIso : Why does Johnny Depp looks like Jack Sparrow ?

Jane Calero : It's sad when folks misunderstand the personal quirks of others.  It's clear to me Depp is an interesting and great guy with a fine sense of humor.

Sasaki Umiquema : Troll level: *Depp*

Bob Billings : My wife makes fun of me for being a fangirl and having a man-crush on Johnny Depp. I told her to get bent.

Átila Santos : You can tell how shy he is, so he always give those funny answers to break the ice. The guy is awesome.

BboyZoinks : i think it's an on going gag they had like damon and kimmel

M Julian : That was fun and I was thinking when he said once a movie was done, it's none of his business what happens after...that's how I would think if I were a celeb. I would feel I did my job, got paid for my work and whatever happens afterward is out of my hands. I enjoyed this mix. Thanks for a good vid. I laughed.

Bruce : Johnny Depp is for me one of the most natural actors at all. He really is like he is and has no airs and graces or a problem to speak about his weaknesses. Very charming guy.

UBF BELT HOLDER : It's not that he does not know.....He simply does not care.

Chango Chilemba : I don't know why he stays connected with Hollywood, he's better than Hollywood...

neo : Idrk I think it's a... boat.

DestroyerHD : I kinda feel like Depp could had played tony stark

SuperDubios : Johnny Depp knows nothing

tommy d u b b s : It's just a.......boat

BEANS! : I hate everyone in the comments

Tyler : 1:01 - 1:04 every old guy

Afternoon Dreamer : I thought this was funny and in no way makes Johnny Depp look bad or stupid. I think it just makes people like him more. So, enough with the negative comments :-)

Slohands : I think he may end up being the last "cool" actor. The times aren't suited for cool, anymore.

journeyquest1 : Depp, just another Hollyweird poser.

SegalEyE : man something about him makes me think he is an MKULTRA subject

MGTOW LOGIC : YouTube is amazing. Now everyone including celebrities can see regular people filming themselves to try and be famous too Johnny Depp is such a cool down to earth person.

Mariko : At least he is honest lol XD

Jay : He doesn't even watch his own movies? No wonder he doesn't realize that most of his movies are garbage and that he's playing the same character each time but with different makeup..

High Yoda : hes like real joey.

LonelyPianist : *I DON'T REALLY HAVE AN IDEA* a very genius quote by johhny

Proud American : He speaks with the accent of a Englishman but was born in Florida. Poser

scott newman : Self righteous pompeous overbloated ego manaic too hasbeen

Claudio Lavanderi : este hueon es una mujer.

D Rob : awesome. loved it.

Cat Benson : Not being mean, but Letterman deserves a hard time.. Letterman is an egomaniac and gives some men hard times more than not, so stick it to Letterman from time to time..Johnny...lol..

John Trump : Johnny Depp is another spaced out liberal.

Crispy Cookie : You know nothing, Jon Depp.

First Name Last Name : Total puppet

Par N : Depp´s future is behind him.

Spocklee : Johnny doesn't know anything, he's just cruising through life😂

Eccentric●Artist : us geminis always original


It's Me : He's got a disease, where he can't see the world in 3D as we all do. He sees everything in 2D, and everything is dull and less detailed which takes a lot of fun out of it. That's why he's doesn't watch his movies.

карма_ : Johnny deep is fine in his younger days💕,now he looks not normal. 🤦‍♀️

Anthony Clark : 1:00 if whattheehehehowcanit be possible??

Johnny Hero : It comes down to Depp doesn’t really want to give Letterman anything of himself that elevates Letterman.

Ronny Sterling : Trump Rules!!! MAGA!! Lotsa supporters, big pissed off supporters, that love Trump!

Jaz Simone : This was really incredibly awesome. I would eat this compilation video if I could.

Kenshobu Q : Depp should be in marvel...

lilyosh1x : i think he intentionally avoids getting attached to the movies and roles he plays to maintain his own self, which a lot of actors struggle with. The roles can easily get into your head effecting your life negatively like it did to Heath Ledger..

Not Michael Jordan : I bet he cares now that he’s broke.