Letterman having a hard time with Johnny Depp (Eng Sub)

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JohnnyDeppSan : Hi guys. Please know that I didn't intend to make him look stupid, which he is not by any means. He is an intelligent guy, you can't judge him by this video that I made for entertainment purposes only. So please, stop writing hatefull comments. They will be deleted anyway.

SWProductions : Big respect to him not giving a f***

CatspitProductions : LOL... that was awesome. I remember Depp on 21 Jump Street and Freddy. Pretty cool. Come get some Catspit~!

OffMeMeds : Why does he need to watch a movie he was in? He lived it..

beeinwinter NINE : OMG 1:07-ish – gorgeous man at that time.

percussion jamz : Atleast we know who can play Chris Cornell now in his movie

RhythmOvPain : Johnny "Consistency" Depp.

Slohands : I think he may end up being the last "cool" actor. The times aren't suited for cool, anymore.

The Infamous Yash : I love how Jonny dresses

Mc Pickle : depp is so fuckin suave

Anthony Clark : 1:00 if whattheehehehowcanit be possible??

Dylan Tomasi : this is when the world still made sense. David Letterman was still on TV. Johnny Depp actually cared about what movies he made. and people were generally happier

lilyosh1x : i think he intentionally avoids getting attached to the movies and roles he plays to maintain his own self, which a lot of actors struggle with. The roles can easily get into your head effecting your life negatively like it did to Heath Ledger..

BurdieFromHell : Fuck y'all depp is awesome

Belt Holder : It's not that he does not know.....He simply does not care.

Rockstar : He's dope

FRT 5NY : What a legend..

Mr Touchene : he doesn't watch any of the masonic spell ridden shit. he's aware

naycruzz : His glasses are always tinted like RDJ.. They are such best buddies..

Doha Doha : He dont know any thing haha


imt ad : rumours has it that johnny depp doesnt watch his movies. thats why he has no idea when asked

M Julian : That was fun and I was thinking when he said once a movie was done, it's none of his business what happens after...that's how I would think if I were a celeb. I would feel I did my job, got paid for my work and whatever happens afterward is out of my hands. I enjoyed this mix. Thanks for a good vid. I laughed.

Meike Marxen : :-DDD Johnny. Just joking. Jester.

Dragon's Den : You know nothing, Johnny Depp.

Derek Barriault : he don't watch his own movie....If I was an actor, I guess neither would I, it would be super weird and egotistical. like listening to your own voice recording, not aint me

Mayar Yaqoub : I love him OMG

Red Crab : He's the OG Jon Snow

BboyZoinks : i think it's an on going gag they had like damon and kimmel

Ron Mercer : He had a different personality or persona with each of his different styles.

Blackwolfsbane : mans got style

Spocklee : Johnny doesn't know anything, he's just cruising through life😂

Susan Wiggins - Simpson : Depp dont know shit lol and still cool asf

Franky Broadcast : I'd say probably the most talented actor in the business. Definitely in my top 3

Fire&Ice909 : Letterman would have a hard time with a ham sandwich.

canteen boy : These two are hilarious together!

KletoReese : The BEST talk show host of all time Mr Letterman!

Louis Paquette : I miss Letterman. Colbert's just attacks Trump every single show. It's not really even funny. When Letterman made jokes about US. Presidents, it was hilarious without sounding so mean spirited.

Bruce : Johnny Depp is for me one of the most natural actors at all. He really is like he is and has no airs and graces or a problem to speak about his weaknesses. Very charming guy.

Mink : Idrk I think it's a... boat.

luis chacon : he understands what hollywood is doing and he wants his part to be as small as pissible.

Par N : Depp´s future is behind him.

Átila Santos : You can tell how shy he is, so he always give those funny answers to break the ice. The guy is awesome.

3303jeri : Hes supper chill. He works does his stuff and moves the fuck on. My kinda guy.

Miss Enchantment : I can't believe how much we are alike I don't read directions I don't know anything because I don't watch TV go to the movies or read gossip rags,. I am totally media challenged and I didn't know who Johnny was until 2009 and it was just by chance we met because when the had a Facebook i stumbled upon some stuff he had secretly hidden on there I didn't know who this guy was but there was like a journal and pictures especially I remembered tattoos no one else posted as I did. I guess he was curious who had been posting on there and he popped up on chat and said hi and I said you're Johnny who??? I honestly didn't have a clue I finally realized I had seen some of his movies but didn't know the man in them was. I just found out that he doesn't have maybe 10_15 movies but over 50??! He is the second most popular person on earth?? Really!! I still have not watched many of them I have four in plastic that I bought months ago! I really love him and I can honestly say that it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he is famous! Actually that is the hardest part to adjust to! I am going to marry him. I am freaking out about winding up on a gossip rag with a camera up my butt like Brad and Angelina but I will still smart shop at Walmart not Versace why pay $2000 for a pair of jeans when you can get a perfectly good pair of jeans at Walmart for $20 see my old channel Karen julianjada 2009 I guess I left a space in there typing back in the day. All videos were totally spontaneous I am looking for John Vining years ago,its in a couple videos he was the one person who sent me a dollar for any birthday when I had nothing and I never forgot him j remember who is there for me. I have taken up enough room i just wanted to send this message. Have a wonderful day everyone Karen Lynn Crozier (Depp) love to all!

Steve p : Jonny Drip. what a waste of space

tulylcarnet : Jonny Depp has such an off putting personality

Tiki Rob : fake English accent, like Madonna.

81ackman : Can't he dress like an adult? Always looks like he was dressed for a part in a movie, I'm so good looking I'm going to try and make myself look like s***

tradehead : so funny!