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2Siders Gaming : I instantly recognized the "Sicario" soundtrack. Great movie, great soundtrack, great choice guys :) The video is great as well! I'm glad your channel is getting new fans

Jon Valt and the Evil Robots : This is great. There are simply too many elements that were "done correctly" to even mention. Great cinematography, pacing, and comedy.

REZZA : another great video guys!!! wish there were more people watching this stuff its gold!

Oh Ducky Sketch Show : This is so so good! Such beautiful shots and great story.

This is Barris! - French History : Excellent use of camera angles. Actor positioning and inclusion, especially during a conversation, is so crucial when filming yet often forgotten by beginners so you clearly know your stuff. How did you learn? Practice? I recommend you build your description more. Important for YouTube SEO.

Carly & Friends : Love your video! It's great content!!

Raymando : Holy shit, dude! How did I miss this one out. I liked this the most. Just keep being just as creative with your videos, and you will get 100k subscribers in no time. Glad to be one of the first 100.

TyrdleGames : You need way more views!

Chillastrophic : dude these are golden

EPOCH : This was very good!

Chris Da Artist : LOL! You are underrated my dude! Got a good laugh from this! 😂

Pragya Jha : Seriously, how can anyone like pop tarts without frosting.

MrToucan : Nice video man, I like your style of video editing, humor, etc. I really see this channel hitting 10.000 by the end of this year. good luck, keep up the good work!