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Maybe Rayy : Tear drop for 'the troops'. Fucking hilarious.

Oh Ducky Sketch Show : This is so so good! Such beautiful shots and great story.

Jon Valt and the Evil Robots : This is great. There are simply too many elements that were "done correctly" to even mention. Great cinematography, pacing, and comedy.

REZZA : another great video guys!!! wish there were more people watching this stuff its gold!

Carly Cloer : Love your video! It's great content!!

Chillastrophic : dude these are golden

Golden : Woah this is really good!!

2Siders Gaming : I instantly recognized the "Sicario" soundtrack. Great movie, great soundtrack, great choice guys :) The video is great as well! I'm glad your channel is getting new fans

Chris Da Artist : LOL! You are underrated my dude! Got a good laugh from this! 😂

Tyrdle : You need way more views!

This is Barris! - French History : Excellent use of camera angles. Actor positioning and inclusion, especially during a conversation, is so crucial when filming yet often forgotten by beginners so you clearly know your stuff. How did you learn? Practice? I recommend you build your description more. Important for YouTube SEO.

EPOCH : This was very good!