245 people jump off a bridge together

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kristchan : that sound is what greets you at the gates of hell

A Nun Oh Mouse : Some mother somewhere: "If someone jumped off a bridge, would you follow?!" 245 people: "that's a fucking stella idea, let's go!"

Bro. Tolliver : bruh, I thought them niggas started flying. Then I realized they were tethers.


Nico The Rabbit : What language do bridges speak? --------- Spanish.

shark lover 23 : They dident die the had harnesses on them duh

dragoisadragon : i thought the wind was gonna push them to land but they were on teathers

Metaplayer : Too reckless. It looks like the right-most group who is out of sync almost hits the main group in opposite swing directions. At least they are wearing helmets, but Im sure it would not have been pleasant to high five at those speeds.

jsphotos : Pretty dangerous- one late drop and people below could have been injured. They are proud of themselves for accomplishing something stupid.Go figure.

Polar79 : lmao fucking idiots

quietspruce : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6Sz9Td7Vtw

Boomer Kingsley : This is really obnoxious