#75 Candy inspired by Elon Musk and Warren Buffett

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Robert Miles : I thought it was an anarchist flag from the the thumbnail

Rafael Santos : I hope the candy is cherry flavoured, to match the midnight cherry paint on the car :p

Mackinstyle : Politics and all that aside, I love that there's still people willing to take such huge risks like Elon Musk. I'm also tickled by two super rich people finding the time and personality to do goofy stuff, sing, troll each other. Too often the super rich look like they've lost their humanity and relationship to the rest of us.

Sean Hogan : You create absolutely fabulous content

john darby : I hope he shoots your candy into space 😀

Trassel242 : Elon Musk reminds me of a real-life Lex Luthor. I’m just waiting for him to reveal he’s actually a super villain. This is such a cool and complex candy design, I love it!

trickstersGambit Teej : If you get a reaction on the delivery please let us know??

Trassel242 : The black you’ve used is so strongly associated with liquorice flavour in my mind that I honestly can’t imagine this candy to taste like anything but the liquorice-raspberry combo, a very popular Swedish candy flavouring.

Thekrygaming _ : I love ur voice so much

Baily Brittany McDaniel : Getting pretty ambitious with your candy images. So excited to see what else you are going to come up with next!

blazedxjan : I'm supposed to be asleep!

Hughes Enterprises : Warren should stick to being rich and keep the singing to himself.

smadronia : Welp, ordered a bag, along with a few others. I love giving people a black currant, and see if they can figure out the flavor.

Waylon Phillips : I just subscribed awesome vids!!

Clairianne C. : It would be so cool if Elon would get a response! The candy looks amazing

Em Owo : One of my life goals is to travel to America and visit you guys. I wanted to order the candy online but International Shipping is a killer

Faul McOmlete : Im really sleep deprived and the title looks like"the candy elon musk met at the buffet"

the one from K : have you tried to make japanese candy art? where they place it on a stick and snip it to make beautiful shapes. please try i would love to watch

Justine-Paula Robilliard : Loony tunes had no idea about rockets, Tintin by Herge had it correct...

Whitewingdevil : I'd say your face was pretty sweaty but as a cook I know exactly how hot that sugar must be, I could never do what you do, keep up the great candy and great videos!

HolayJose : I don’t know why, but your videos always put a smile on my face

Dr. Applesauce : Mr. Musk got burned there at the end.

Glenn Booker : Blockchain dissolved - I lost it. My stomach hurts.

David Cordeiro : My girlfriend and I are planning a road trip to come visit the shop! I can't wait!

G G : What an awesome idea!

McBong's Lab : its a shame you can't call them mars bars :P

Duke Togo : Thank you for mentioning Heavy Metal! That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw it. 🤣👍

Chaosdude7111 : I love Elon Musk. He's a supervillain in real life, and he's so much fun to watch!

Lucas Timmons : Something was really bugging me about this video. I finally figured it out. Greg! Where is the music? I love your videos in part, for the music in the background. You even mentioned it before in a different video. This time it just didn't right. Sweet candy nonetheless!

Samantha Burgess : I really do love these videos. Not only is the candy making process so interesting, but I always wind up learning something new.

Isaac Eiland-Hall : That's just fantastic. All of your candy is delightful, but this one is especially fun. :) Seriously. Anyone who finds this - go to Tallahassee and stop in. The candy is awesome, the ice cream / sundaes / etc menu is like eight small-text pages, they have EVERYTHING you can dream of. And the games/toys are awesome, too. It is a gem of not just Tallahassee, but all of Florida!

Ryan Kindt : I live in Omaha Nebraska where Warren Buffet lives.

nick paz : he also launched a wheel of cheese on a Falcon 1.

None_yo_business : That batch also doubles as an anarcho-syndicalist candy, pleasing both sides!

Uioman Cannot : He finally told us how he turns the amber candy white, now I'm gonna copyright it and profit off it. Bye!

Baily Brittany McDaniel : His voice is like silk 😜

Harold Zable : What flavor is the candy?

Zoe Alaina : Haha loved this!

alf beef : That Warren Buffett was horrible

Courtney K : i watch these videos all the time and every time i'm amazed

Arnieee V : Fun fact, Elon musk wasn't the founder of tesla. He was a share holder and made his way up high in the board. Then both him and his friends kicked the real founder out. Ohwell

Memeseum : I love this channel. Nothing else can be said.

Trey Lee : Note: 'The Boring Company' is 1 of his companies. Its not "The boring company, Tesla" :^)

Newt Daily : Can you make a regular uploads schedule please like upload ever Thursday so when I don’t get alerts I know to check

Jason Smith : this is AWESOME

no one : So this candy was inspired by Elon Musk and Satan. Okay.. Cool! 😊

Set Qesu : Great Heavy Metal reference! Love that movie! Remember when it was rated x? :)

Slade Darklighter : Hopefully ill still be ordering some super sour stuff for my wedding

TheChumm : Hard to imagine two less inspiring figures on which to base some nice candy. Buffett made his fortune scamming mobile home owners and Musk made his scamming Paypal customers.

Prof. Nutmeg : The block chains just dissolved! hahaha, that was priceless.