#75 Candy inspired by Elon Musk and Warren Buffett

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Mackinstyle : Politics and all that aside, I love that there's still people willing to take such huge risks like Elon Musk. I'm also tickled by two super rich people finding the time and personality to do goofy stuff, sing, troll each other. Too often the super rich look like they've lost their humanity and relationship to the rest of us.

Ken Schram : Greg is the most powerful candy wizard in human history.

cooked Lemon : Lets get Elon Musk to see this video

Cecily Erker : Elon Musk is like Iron Man. He's also dating the super weird singer Grimes, so that's interesting. Warren should stick to investing instead of singing. I want a Tesla Model S someday. The Model S, Model 3, and Model X, with a future upcoming Model Y, all spell S3XY.

Rachel Wilson : Someone needs to tell Warren that that is not his song.

Joshua Greenberg : Damn I remember seeing a video a while ago where Jessica was newer and cutting the candy a lot slower, she cuts it like a pro now. Keep it up!

nick paz : he also launched a wheel of cheese on a Falcon 1.

NightWolf Animates : *-the candy kinda looks like it coca-cola inspired-*

Justine-Paula Robilliard : Loony tunes had no idea about rockets, Tintin by Herge had it correct...

Michael Antonio : I can help you send your candy into space (and retrieve it) if you'd like. Message me.

Prof. Nutmeg : The block chains just dissolved! hahaha, that was priceless.

Linus : I can't believe me and Elon are even the same species.. He's acomplished so much and I'm sure it's just the beginning for him. And I'm sitting here in my underwear eating salsa with a spoon because I ran out of chips.

Pyronious520 : At first, I had no idea how you were going to get the look right. But after seeing how it looks as candy, thats amazing! A true artist, and to figure out how to use such a tiny little "canvas".

Saul Holguin De La Cruz : This video is so deliciously catty, hope Elon doesn't get cold under all that shade.

Finn, just Finn. : "... And *I've* been *Taking the Black* ..." Sugar Gathers, and Now My Watch Begins.

Joe Curran : Warron buffet sounds like a northern Irish person trying to sing

PumpkinsnBlackcats : I bet Elon Musks candy would be like Willy Wonka because he's always inventing/doing crazy stuff. That would be cool!

Michael Manion : Warren Buffet is known as the Oracle of Omaha, not wizard.

None_yo_business : That batch also doubles as an anarcho-syndicalist candy, pleasing both sides!

no one : So this candy was inspired by Elon Musk and Satan. Okay.. Cool! 😊

Jean-Paul Brown : You should attach some candy to a weather balloon and send it to space

aldensquared : Be sure to let us know if Elon or Warren send you a reply!

Pepp Boi : I just wanna eat it before it hardens.

Waylon Phillips : I just subscribed awesome vids!!

Aaron Simpson : I'm crying over warren buffet crying lmfaoooo

Set Qesu : Great Heavy Metal reference! Love that movie! Remember when it was rated x? :)

Who likes listening to sad music and has 2 thumbs : Lol omg that string of zingers at the end 😂

RGP B : Calls Musk a cartoon. Literally looks like a cartoon himself.

Trey Lee : Note: 'The Boring Company' is 1 of his companies. Its not "The boring company, Tesla" :^)

Iese00 : this is so cute

Sherbet Hoover : Warren buffet can’t sing very good

S U C C M Y M E M E : 14th like yayyayay

honey : i watch these videos all the time and every time i'm amazed

TheChumm : Hard to imagine two less inspiring figures on which to base some nice candy. Buffett made his fortune scamming mobile home owners and Musk made his scamming Paypal customers.

jordan : I just ordered a pack of them! I can not wait until they arrive!!!

G G : What an awesome idea!

Brant Young : Lol, Warren Buffet singing requires a shot of whiskey and a bullet.

Jason Smith : this is AWESOME

Baily Brittany McDaniel : His voice is like silk 😜

jigglypurin : damn, i got excited that these were iww inspired candies in response to elons anti-union sentiment.

Jiru Candy : Your videos are so soothing~~ I wonder, though~ if Elon Musk did offer to buy your company, would you sell it? It seems that your whole vibe is old-fashioned, single batch, handmade candy, and I doubt even Elon Musk could find enough old-timey machines to keep it historically accurate like it is now~

Zoe Alaina : Haha loved this!

George Rule : Its about time I show up first to a cany video! :D

Matthew Boles : Well, I'm gobsmacked. You've done an amazing job here, Greg. I hope you and your associates continue to make amazing candy and videos.

Ethan Thomas : I love how he called Tesla boring

Dave H : Some say he retired to orbit the Earth after the BBC ended Top Gear. Some say the Tesla was fast enough to overcome gravity. All we know is, he's called The Stig!

Newt Daily : Can you make a regular uploads schedule please like upload ever Thursday so when I don’t get alerts I know to check

Arnieee V : Fun fact, Elon musk wasn't the founder of tesla. He was a share holder and made his way up high in the board. Then both him and his friends kicked the real founder out. Ohwell

Puts 23 : The reason why the space x rocket looked the same as the cartoon it might be bc of predictive programming

Harold Zable : What flavor is the candy?