#75 Candy inspired by Elon Musk and Warren Buffett
75 Candy inspired by Elon Musk and Warren Buffett

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To buy our candy: http://www.pd.net Go to http://www.ties.com and use the code LOFTY15 to save 15% on bowties. We make hard candy using 100+ year old, Victorian machines and equipment. Elon Musk launched his convertible into space and past the orbit of mars. He's also tweeted recently to Warren Buffett that he was going to start a candy company and people on twitter said he should collaborate with Lofty Pursuits. Since odds are against this happening we decided to do the candy on our own, and make candy of his car orbiting mars.


cooked Lemon : Lets get Elon Musk to see this video

Joshua Greenberg : Damn I remember seeing a video a while ago where Jessica was newer and cutting the candy a lot slower, she cuts it like a pro now. Keep it up!

Mackinstyle : Politics and all that aside, I love that there's still people willing to take such huge risks like Elon Musk. I'm also tickled by two super rich people finding the time and personality to do goofy stuff, sing, troll each other. Too often the super rich look like they've lost their humanity and relationship to the rest of us.

Michael Antonio : I can help you send your candy into space (and retrieve it) if you'd like. Message me.

NightWolf Animates : *-the candy kinda looks like it coca-cola inspired-*

Jinquis : the internet is a amazing thing. sitting here at home thousands of miles away from florida watching a candymaker make candy and talking about elon musk. i watched so many videos of him making candy, i almost feel like he could be some sort of uncle telling me fun stories. he has such a soothing voice.

Cecily Erker : Elon Musk is like Iron Man. He's also dating the super weird singer Grimes, so that's interesting. Warren should stick to investing instead of singing. I want a Tesla Model S someday. The Model S, Model 3, and Model X, with a future upcoming Model Y, all spell S3XY.

Finn, just Finn. : "... And *I've* been *Taking the Black* ..." Sugar Gathers, and Now My Watch Begins.

Justine-Paula Robilliard : Loony tunes had no idea about rockets, Tintin by Herge had it correct...

nick paz : he also launched a wheel of cheese on a Falcon 1.

Linus : I can't believe me and Elon are even the same species.. He's acomplished so much and I'm sure it's just the beginning for him. And I'm sitting here in my underwear eating salsa with a spoon because I ran out of chips.

WIS 40 : Make some poker chips, and a pepperoni pizza, a guitar, dart board... Grizzly tin

Prof. Nutmeg : The block chains just dissolved! hahaha, that was priceless.

Joe Curran : Warron buffet sounds like a northern Irish person trying to sing

majooismajor : Elon Musk is an evil Bond Villain, not a cartoon character ..... we are just waiting until he has built a lair in a volcano and then demands something insane ..... or he blows up the world , or the moon or mars.

Aaron Simpson : I'm crying over warren buffet crying lmfaoooo

Michael Manion : Warren Buffet is known as the Oracle of Omaha, not wizard.

Bae Platinum : yknow, somewhere over the rainbow usually makes me cry, but buffett sounds like he just got out of bed 30 seconds ago so it honestly doesn't bother me as much

Nicolas Dailliet : Candyman : *make candy to make an homage to Elon* Elon: IT SOUND LIKE A CHALLENGE TO ME!

Starving Film Critic : A rough day on night shift melted away after watching a delightfully relaxing and engaging video about candy, space, music, and investments. Thank you!

Set Qesu : Great Heavy Metal reference! Love that movie! Remember when it was rated x? :)

Westward Eggplant Studios : If space tourism ever becomes a thing...I have found myself a road trip snack!

Pyronious520 : At first, I had no idea how you were going to get the look right. But after seeing how it looks as candy, thats amazing! A true artist, and to figure out how to use such a tiny little "canvas".

Some Bloke : Mesmerised by the candy stretching, the goofy grin made me laugh.

critical shit : 2:56 "Dont panik" Thats a nice refrence

aldensquared : Be sure to let us know if Elon or Warren send you a reply!

Dandilus : I live in Nebaska, also good job! Edit: Omaha, NE

Dusk Wolf : Right before you put the car clip I was about to say it reminded me of that intro seen from heavy metal.

Culturedropout : It's like the high-calorie version of "Connections" with James Burke... ;D

Lean Mean Green Bean Machine : This madlad named his billion dollar company boring, LITERALLY.

Falcon1882 : I opened this vid in another tab and was getting tripped out by the double intros for a bit.

Icon Of Sin : I love that Heavy Metal (1981) intro. The 70s and 80s was just a time where rock music involved space and cars n such.

mumiemonstret : The outcome of the swirly planet surface exceeded my expectations - very well done! You could simply have made the car and put it on a Mars bar...

Jamie Joy : You win the Triple Geek Trifecta Award. Damn, y'all are good!

David Dylan : Knowing Elon and what he's done so far, he'll probably build his own version of the Willy Wonka chocolate factory.

Jade_is_too_monotone : 4:00 probably one of my favorite things said on the channel. “I think Elon deserves some candy, so let’s make him some candy!”

Kerbon Stein : Crypto candy guys, LETS DO IT!!!

Khaffit : Holy! This actually looked like a car approaching Mars!

no one : So this candy was inspired by Elon Musk and Satan. Okay.. Cool! 😊

Brian W : red/black candy for the rich ;) love it

Weasle 65 : "Don't Panic" still makes me laugh

Abhilekh Pandey : I love how he looks at the camera and smiles like you smile at children watching your work.


alex b : because of the thumbnail i was expecting more of a "no gods, no masters" kinda vibe

Ally Q : "He then followed it up with the boring company of Tesla, sending cars into space" lol so boring

Watch : I would be like 200 lbs heavier if I lived near you guys ;)

Hannah Kalter : This is such an amazing art. I don’t know how you do it. Love it!

Grumpy Ian : Awesome video as always. It looks like it'll be fun/ a good work out lifting those massive lumps of sugar.

John Benjamin Tatum : I was worried by the title that it was going to be Lithium and Gecko flavored candy =:0)