Just Dance 2 - Rasputin (side by side)

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comparison showing us how it's done ;p this song has been stuck in my head for days


Pretzel Body Varial : Teacher: what are you laughing at? Me: nothing My mind:

Eli Heger : Why does it look like they practiced years for this..

Stitchmeup : This is just all around wholesome family fun and entertainment coupled with some spot on dancing, I love it

XxOliver058xX : Ironman, captain America and Thor defeating thanos dance off style 2019 Colourized

X X Y : This is the kind of tomfuckery the Internet was made for

Wide Neck : Nobody: That .1% of germs that stay after u kill the rest lysol disinfectant spray:

Rheminecrafters : *youtube* : HEY HAVE YOU SEEN THIS VIDEO IT CAME OUT IN 1932

Elias Point : I see the algorithms have brought us all back together again

RaidGamer YT : Oompa lumpas when a child drowns in chocolate

Zachcarry : everybody gangsta until rasputin star playin

CannoliOverlord16 : They danced better then the friggin’ machine guy did (don’t know what else to call him)

FBI Guy : No one: Absolutely no one: YouTube: HAVE YOU SEEN THIS VIDEO

BoomPlaysGames : me sleeping at 3:00pm my upstairs neighbors: 1:34

feRda YT : 2011: Nah 2012: Nah 2013: Nah 2014: Nah 2015: Nah 2016: Nah 2017: Nah 2018: Nah 2019: So have you seen Just Dance 2 - Rasputin(side by side)?

Jack Brown : People: Dances to Rasputin perfectly Just Dance: *WAIT THATS ILLEGAL*

E Wilson : YOUTUBE : 2011 : nAh 2012 : NoPe 2013 : nOt yEt 2014 : NOoOoOo 2015 : uh NO 2016 : nOt yEt 2017 : wait some more 2018 : aLmOsT 2019 : YESSSSSSSSS

Ben Tester : First Elmo freestyle, now this? Why is YouTube recommending all these videos from 2011?? Conspiracy? I think not.

Busted Buffoon : Nobody: Literally not a single soul: YouTube: HEY LOOK AT THIS VIDEO FROM 2011

Jenna Kowalski : I cant explain how happy this made me

Oktay : Parents: *dances the shit out of this game* Kids: when is it our time

XxOliver058xX : Teacher: “Leave my class immediately” Girls reaction: 😭 The Boys reaction:

Lil_Hedz : No one: Nobody in the entire living universe as we know it: Recommendations: *ayo wanna see people dancing to rasputin?*

Daddy Devito : This is one of the greatest videos I have ever seen. The song choice, their happiness, and their ability to stay so in sync truly makes this a work of art 😌💖

Italian patatoe : Thanks YouTube for reviving these old videos. Imagine these channels just seeing their old videos blow up

dvmentedaudrxy : me: im going to sleep early tonight *also me and my two brain cells at 3 am:*

xXNeRd_NoOb_KiDXx _ : I did not know CJ from gta played just dance

Steelrainsniper _ : 2011: nah 2012: nope 2013: I don’t think so 2014: nah 2015: maybe a bite 2016: nah 2017: nah 2018: nah 2019: oh yes let’s put this in your recommended

sophie papp : nobody: the three (3) brain cells that i have:

• Night Of Wishes • : * Kid Dies In Chocolate River * *The Oompa Loompas:*

HAVOC WRAITH : YouTube been on a role with recommending random stuff

Kelly Rose : They did better than the actual game LMAO 🤣

A Crafty Boi : *this is how to summon the Russian Mafia in times of desperation*

Claire Olivia : no. guys. this is perfect. youtube thank u for the recommendation love u

Ashfall : Yes Youtube, I just so happen to randomly want to see this Just Dance 2 video from 7 years ago. And I'm not dissapointed

Bethany Rosario : No one: Absolutely no one: Not a single soul: YouTube: “jUst dAnCe 2 - rAsPuTin (SidE bY siDe)

Andrew : Why is this in my recommended *7 years later?!*

John Alford : Doctor: you have 5 minutes left to live Me:

Pesxo : Brings back memories of me doing this with the fam

Rezlav : My last 3 braincells working together to solve a basic math problem

Someone on the Internet : 2011: 2012: 2013: 2014: 2015: 2016: 2017: 2018: 2019: Youtube: *lEtS pUt ThIs In EvErYoNe ReCoMmEnDaTiOn*

HomieTheHomie : my last three brain cells attempting to do 8th grade math:

Hot Steaming Garbage : Nobody: YouTube recommendations: these people are better at just dance than you so get over it

GalaxyPlayz : Nobody- YouTube recommendations- Just dance 2011

Just a guy : Not sure when I liked this video, but it definitely deserves it.

Cameronic : I love how the entire YouTube community has gathered here in the past few days to watch some family dancing to Rasputin

TheOnly 0506 : These guys must be die hard fans. Great Performance!!

Harley Gomez : Just dance scoring be like “Ok” “Ok” “Good” “Miss” “Miss” “Miss” “Miss” “PERFECT” “Miss” “Miss” “Ok” “Ok” “Ok” “Ok

sen_dd : Me: Shit I haven't written anything on the test and it's been 30 minutes My brain:

Lily the nerd demon/wereolf : are you God of just dance?