Giant dancing baby gender reveal

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triscuit : that uncle at the end already doing freaky stuff with the baby

PoloSocks : I died when he started milly rocking

Playerz714 : WTF was that slap tho

SCE 2045 : This is no gender reveal that's Kool Aid bastard son

ladileelee1 : Best 36 seconds of my life!!

Ana Araujo : I have to know who the person in the costume is 😂😂😂

siwyjay : WillNE?

Israel Olide : EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS. DAMN STRAIGHT. Snapchat brought me here. :...D had me cracking up!

Stephanie Godeiy : This is the Best thing i ever saw!!!😂😂

ivan golik : damn he hit that BlocBoy JB

Sakha Arianto : Wow I saw this on Instagram and I just had to search it up! Best 36 seconds!

Esmeralda Hernandez : Holy shit that's scary

BossBen1017 _ : ok. this is epic

Teresa Gomez : Hi where can i buy that baby?

Leticia Aguilar : By far the best gender reveal I’ve seen! Luv the way the giant baby gets down on dancing! 🤗🤗🤗

Fin : YEET

Austen anderson : What happened to the lady closest to the box popper ? 😂

Rich : What’s the song

Jermaine Robertson : Best video out yet! That baby was jamming!

Vanessa Garcia : Where do you buy that costume!

Terry King : Hey if anyone know how I can get this dance baby from let me know cause I won’t it for my gender reveal

DJsmileyface1 : This shit had me in tears bro, whoever in that baby suit did not have to go that hard b

Couch L : Why am I dead at this

Lykan : The woman closest to the box is Kate to fire and she sees blue dust so she starts cheering lmao

_Its_Just_Mana_ : Name of song?

Boozer : This is so extra 😂

PaiN ExoTiC : LMAO! Litty

star Light : That me win school brak!!😅😉😔😬😍😂😂😂😂😂

josh harris : 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Hazel Alcantar : How was the box made?

Dieanna Adhikari : Wut

spencer rizzi : kill it

sarah tipper : 😭😭😭

Shopkins Pesky : They went too far on it!did they actually want a boy?

Jigsaw : That outta be a huge baby to pull out of her.