Episode 1: Voracious (No Quarter Given, Stooge)
The Chronicles of Yilmaz

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Nik Nak : please tell me you gate crash house parties as Yilmaz

s1Lence : 1 fone kall = 50 lebs at ur doorstep, no mercy for stooges habibz


Drunken Deer : DOUBLE KEBAB, no wonder this guy is a champion!

Appalling Emu : plot twist jordan is yilmaz

BillyBowlster : i had an exchange student in my class who was from middle eastern can't quite remember where, well during our excursion in a jewish museum that kid started goading a jewish survivor who was telling us about what she had witnessed, one of his remarks was why didn't you fight back? The answer was that they had machine guns and gatling guns and hand grenades etc, well to his reply was so what we have the same fight in our country and we throw rocks to retaliate. Everyone almost pissed themselves laughing the jewish lady was so gobsmacked all she could do was reiterate that they had machine guns, while he kept saying well we throw rocks, just couldn't get through to him, had to end the tour early because of that.

Fifi Hudson : There are a few Yilmazes in every Western Sydney high school. Granville boys high is like all Yilmaz

bigpapadrew : the yilmaz in our year level was a murat, but he was a carbon copy. two incidents really stand out in the hilarious memory. first one: we were lining up to get lunch at the canteen one day. while the staff weren't looking, yilmaz, i mean, murat, grabbed all the straws that were sitting in a slurpee-style cup, turned to the people in line and said "orrrmuhgooord, i'm gonna sell these on the black market for fifty grand and buy a manta!!!!!!" and he was totally serious, until a bunch of people laughed at him and he threw the straws down in disgust and walked off. second one... murat loved to pretend to be 'gangsta' and was constantly discovering new phrases to try and show us how gangsta he was. his latest one at the time was "why you get smart for?!?", which he dealt out ad nauseam. one time he did it during a class, asking of a fairly well-learned guy, "why you get smart for?!?", to which the guy replied "because we're at SCHOOL, murat, that's why we come here!"... cue the entire class bursting in laughter and murat subsequently getting waaaay pissed off and cursing all of us... fucking classic!

Professor Booty : Id love to know what Yilmazs' theme tune is in the background of each video.

polyphony89 : You need to make a Yilmaz "No mercy for Stooges" t-shirt

Daniel Davis : Yilmaz disliked the video.

Sebastian Ho : "Double up booiizzzz!!!"

trinsicity : Just watched this whole series. Quality time on YouTube at its finest. Never stopped laughing.

Ponty : This guy sounds like a... mega baws. Can't wait to hear some more tales

Lyndal B. : I just wanted to let you know I watched the complete Chronicles of Yilmaz with my boyfriend and I really feel it has brought us closer together as a couple, thank you.

datsfantastic : Please publish the Chronicles of Yilmaz

Luke English : Is it bad or awesome that I've been using his "oh mah gurrrrr" in my own life? 

turxa : YILMAZ hahaha! Even funnier watching this if you're turkish

RandomSpongiform : Ahh, after a shit day there's nothing like a bit of Yilmaz therapy :)

Joram Adams : What a character! Although he may be an Australian hero I will do my best to make sure his legendary acts are heard throughout New Zealand. 

SirLeonnardofWaffles : Yilmaz - Unshirking, Brave or Unbeaten. I can see fanart of him now, atop a mountain with a broadsword along his shoulder, snapback embroidered with his creed: "No Mercy For Stooges"

Patrick Carter : 1:52 "Pack-er up boyz!!!"

berriliant : Please make more Yilmaz related content. You have talent, Yilmaz would be proud!

Psynapse Error : LOL, at Condell Park High school 80% of the guys there were Yilmazes. 

Coptah : One day I want to meet Yilmaz. 

Special K : When you go back to binge these videos and try to turn up the quality and the best is 480p

hypnotizeu : holy shit i laughed the whole way through. MORE YILMAZZZZ!!!!

DommerBoo : - I have officially added "stooge" to my everyday lingo.  Give me more <3 

Nixycat : Bahahaha omg this is gold. Mascara is running down my face from laughing so hard.

cicala. : Tales from the fully hektik friendlyjordies

Shawn Wallace-Anderson : I have returned in 2019. Still just as good. The classics never die.

WRETCHEDAVION : 'Reckon'-You've-Got The-Basis of-R [TV]-SERIES-There [FJ]!!! >(*U^)<

Sezer Sirin : Thats almost every Turk thats more on the wog side, you interpreted us perfectly mate.

Js äV : Definition(s) for Yilmaz - To [nail] a task comprehensively in [record] time. When you've [Smashed it]. Usage(s) - I totally [Yilmaz'd] that job. Had a weeks worth of [code] to write, Yilmaz'd it in [an hour].

joshpurvis20 : more yilmaz, more yilmaz

Ninjachicken1337 : 1 like = 2 kebabs on beach

Conor Magee : Over in Perth, the main newspaper is run by Channel 7, so Yilmaz might nit have been crazy afterall

Rydel Prince : WHY DON'T YOU BLINK!?!?!

Arlene Sanders : Why doesnt this weirdo ever blink? It's really creepy

Yasen : 3:23 YiiiiillllmmmaaaaaAaaaAaaZzz


Flufferz626 : I hope Yilmaz watches this and realizes how much we adore him


Elemeno : absolutely amazing :') left me in tears. I remember kids like this from school

turxa : Reminds me of myself in Highschool..

Pliant Impala785 : Put on subtitles. Someone needs to make a Trent from punchy vs Yilmaz video.

AUSonTehInternets : Double up boiisss. 10/10 would eat cababs with

Rex Hunter : Yilmaz is a great addition to this channel... Much promise sweet paddowan

Aussie Gamer : Sounds like a psychopath. Probably being watched by ASIO.., or should be